The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For December 22 – 26.

The healing power of Christmas.

As Ridge decided Christmas should go on as planned, even without Phoebe, Brooke backed down on her decision to ask Rick to leave the country. Ridge was not happy about this, but didn’t put up much of a fight when Brooke became emotional about her son.

Donna and Eric had a romantic reunion on the jet, but when Eric expressed concern about how his family would take the news, Donna suggested they wait to drop the bomb until after the holidays.

Christmas rolled around and Eric played the piano while the entire family gathered to sing songs and open presents. Brooke was even welcomed by Stephanie. Thomas and Steffy came to the Forrester mansion for the festivities and informed everyone that they couldn’t convince Taylor to join them because she said she couldn’t pretend like Phoebe didn’t die. Ridge insisted that wasn’t what they were doing; they just needed a way to start healing.

Rick went to Phoebe’s gravesite and cried saying it should have been him who died. Taylor showed up and told Rick she felt the same way, but they had to find a way to move on. Rick left to give Taylor some time alone with her daughter and Taylor expressed her love for Phoebe and wished her a Merry Christmas. Ridge then showed up and told his ex that Phoebe was with the family in spirit and that’s where they should be. Taylor agreed to go with him, but changed her mind when they got to the door.

Rick came to the family celebration, which Stephanie was none too pleased about, but Eric insisted he stay. Steffy became upset Rick was there as well, but Bridget told her she ran some tests on the scrapings from under Phoebe’s nails and they proved Phoebe did indeed attack Rick, so the accident wasn’t his fault. After Ridge came back to the house, Rick apologized to him and thanked him for not sending him to jail.

As the family continued to sing and celebrate, Taylor eventually joined everyone. Elsewhere, Nick proposed to Katie and Marcus and Donna celebrated their first Christmas together.

After the family holiday gathering, Brooke and Eric discussed Ridge’s issues with Rick. Eric agreed that Rick should stay in L.A., but was still sensitive to Ridge’s feelings. When Brooke didn’t know how she would be able to stand by both men in her life, Eric urged her to believe in her and Ridge’s love. After Eric left, Ridge came to talk to Brooke and they had words over Rick. Ridge didn’t know how he would be able to get over Phoebe’s death, but he believed in his and Brooke’s love.

Steffy went to see Rick and told him she knew the accident wasn’t his fault. Rick was grateful, but still wanted to leave town. Steffy told him he should stay because he had suffered enough. They commiserated over their mutual grief and sealed it with a steamy kiss!

While Eric told Stephanie about him getting back together with Donna, Donna prepared for a night Eric would never forget. However, she was a bit side tracked when Pam came knocking on her door.

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