The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings for December!

With all of the drama going on in Genoa City these days, many are coming and going, so Soap Opera Fan Blog is here to keep you up-to-date!

Cassius Willis returns as Detective Gil Wallace during the week of December 1, 12, 16 and 19.

Yani Gellman will play Rafael Torres on December 1, 2, 19 and 23. Read more here!

Elena Lyons plays a social worker named Marisol Pena on December 1

Tonya Lee Williams will appear again as Olivia Hastings on December 2, 30 and 31.

June Squibb will appear as Pearl – a waitress – on December 2.

Bobby Hosea will play Burke Shay on December 2, 9 and 10.

Vanessa Marano will be recast into the role of Eden and will first appear on December 3. Read more here!

Larry Bagby will return as Frank Ellis on December 9, 11 and 16.

Karen Rao will play a doctor on December 9.

Debbie Cambell will play a nurse­ on December 9.

Kerrie Keane plays a judge on December 9 and 10.

Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) just renewed her contract! Read more here!

Jennifer Sipes will appear as a wedding planner on December 12 and 16. Read more about her winning the role here!

Jerry Douglas will return as John’s ghost on December 11, 17 and 19.

Danny Trejo will return as a bartender on December 19.

Kimberly Perez will return as a little girl on December 19.

Tiffany, Mickey Maxwell, Deborah Kee and Harrison Crenshaw will appear as Christmas Caroler­s on December 22.­

Louis Mustillo plays Joe Jr. on December 23.­­

Ric Cramer plays a Jail Guard on December 23.

Don Diamont has been let go and will be leaving his role of Brad Carlton in February. More on that here!

Hayley Erin will take over the role of Abby Carlton on December 29. Read more here!

Tatyana Ali returns as Roxanne on December 29.

Thomas Lumberg JR. will appear as Cop #1 on December 31.

Rafael J. Noble will play a Minister on December 31.
Michael Parnell will play a Pianist on December 31.
Zapato returns on December 29 and 31.
Mary Pat Green will play a Matron on Decem­ber 30 and 31.
SAM AYERS appears as Jail Guard on December 31.

Stay tuned, there will be more to come!

Do you like all the casting changes that go on with the show? Whether you do, or don’t, Soap Opera Fan Blog welcomes your comments below! Until then, check out our Y&R weekly summaries, news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, and polls!

Photo Credit: Brian Ross

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  1. From Lady Odeda

    I think Darius will do a great job and is a great choice. I am looking forward to enjoying his acting again.

    Shemar is a prettyboy and belongs on the hollywood screen.

  2. From Bruce Morgan

    If anyone was going to be replaced, it should have been that “DOOFUS” trying to be Mac. Worst actress I have ever seen. The new Malcom stinks! These people at Y and R have their heads up their asses!

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