The Young and The Restless: New Adam Poll!

He’s been left alone to face his actions…

Now that Adam’s behind bars, and Victor has been set free, what do you think will become of the wayward Newman? We’ve all seen Victor’s wrath against each of his children, so Soap Opera Fan Blog is eager to find out if Adam is worthy of forgiveness like Nick and Vikki were. Please take a moment to vote in our new poll and let us know what you think will happen to Adam!

Is there some other scenario you’d like to see play out? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From Pamela

    I want Heather to do some serious soul searching to find out just how deep her love for Adam really runs. Does she love him enough to stick with him through thick and thin the way no one but Hope ever has? I hope so (no pun intended), because I love the two of them together, and because Victor Adam Newman really needs in his corner now.SOMEONE

  2. From pinkrose4jojo

    Adam needs to be released from prison. I would love to see him get back into the swing of things. Instead of being with Heather, I think Phyllis would be better. Lets get the ball rolling y&r!

  3. From Joy Hall

    Adam is my favorite character on Y@R. I want him free and a part of the show. He is the best actor on the show. I also want him with Phyllis. They are the smartest two on Y@R. Love Adam.

  4. From Tim

    I would like to see Summer’s father be Jack and no Nick as everyone thinks. Also, the Adam story is dragging on too long, it is about time the truth comes out about him being the culprit with Ashley. It would also be amazing if in fact Ashley did not lose the baby. Furthermore, let Heather be wrong about Daniel, Amber Kevin and Jana……those kids have been thru more than anyone should go thru. Let Heather go down for a change.

  5. From Pat

    I am annoyed that they cast a new Adam at such an important junction in Adam’s storyline. This is ridiculous!! The old Adam was perfect. What were they thinking?????

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