The Young and The Restless Spoilers For December 23 – 26!

While Katherine starts to remember her real life, Adam tries to save his, and Michael faces what he means to those around him.

With Murphy and Katherine growing closer, Katherine will take a sudden fall on the ice and remember something very important about her life!

Still thinking Kevin had something to do with Katherine’s death, Amber, down with the cold, will have a dream where she proves to Daniel that her suspicions are correct! You can watch a sneak peek video clip of that scene here!

Look for Jill and Esther to open some very comical preordered Christmas gifts from Katherine!

Feeling like his life is over, Adam finally offers Victor what he wants the most – Jack’s head on a platter! However, Victor will appear amused by his son’s offer then let ‘someone’ in on some very important events, as he looks back on his own painful ones. Will Victor help his son or turn his back on the one who deceived him?

After months of back and forth mysterious text messaging, Billy will confess to Lily that he’s the man behind the screen name – Sonny Crawford! We know that Lily has warmed up to Billy, but will she be disappointed to find that he’s her mystery man? Lily will make a confession to Billy about just that!

In light of the holidays, on Thursday the show will take us back in time and air a classic Christmas episode from 1989.

All the stress will begin to consume Michael, especially after Gloria informs that she may have let it slip that he knew about the face cream,  leading him to look back on all the recent events surrounding the mess involving his parents. Fans can expect Friday’s ‘stand alone’ episode to be completely devoted to Michael, where he’ll have a major epiphany about those he loves – and what would happen to those who love him if he weren’t around! Watch a video clip of the show here!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish everyone a happy holiday! More to come and more to be seen! I’ll catch up with you on Friday! Until then, check out our Y&R weekly summaries, news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, polls and comings and goings, and please leave us a comment!

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