The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For December 22 – 26!

Amber creates a scenario implicating Kevin, Katherine starts to remember, Victor puts Adam in his place, and Michael gets a glimpse into his future!

When Daniel brought a sick Amber a copy of Katherine’s memoirs, she became emotional and expressed how Katherine was supposed to be there celebrating her big release! Still feeling as though Kevin had something to do with Katherine’s death, Amber dreamed about being able to prove it to everyone, especially Daniel!

Everyone back at the Chancellor mansion continued to miss Katherine and got a kick out of the gifts she had preordered them: lingerie to help Jill find a man and a blue nurses’ uniform to change up Esther’s constant black attire! Cane also admitted how much he looked forward to his new baby – no matter what he’d lost to get her. Later, Esther found another gift under the tree and anxiously called out for Jill!

Katherine and Murphy continued to bond over Christmas but on Katherine’s way out to prepare a special treat for Murphy, she slipped on the ice – and later had visions of her family then announced that she was Katherine Chancellor!

Though Nikki and Victor appeared to be getting past the tension between them, Victor ordered her out of the jail after she insinuated that Victor and Walter being in the same town in Mexico was no coincidence! Later, the Mexican bartender paid Victor a visit and assured him that what happened in Mexico stays in Mexico! After Adam was denied bail, he gave Rafe Jack’s name then later offered his father the goods on Jack as well. However, Victor turned his back on Adam – but not before slapping him across the face and urging Adam to find some inner strength! Once Victor was released from jail, He arrived at the ranch to find that Ashley had decorated for the holidays and entrusted her with the truth about Walter Palin – and how he beat him then left Walter on the boat, begging Victor not to leave him when the storm hit!

The Winters tried to celebrate the holidays without Ana and were shocked when Ana arrived to spend it with them! Though Karen and Neil talked excitedly about their wedding, Olivia appeared reserved and made eye contact with Tyra!

Totally distraught over the current state and deception in his family, Michael hit a local bar and began drinking, feeling as though life would have been better had he never been born… However, after having an epiphany, during a daydream of sorts, where Paul gave him a look into the future, and into how the lives of his loved ones turned out without him around, Michael realized how much he was loved – and needed – and wanted nothing more than to hold on to the life he had, through good times and bad!

Jeffery showed up at the jail with some Christmas bling for Gloria – and divorce papers, which he claimed were in her best interest. However, Gloria screamed for a guard to take her away – away from Jeffery’s taunting conversation!

After setting up a meeting with ‘Sonny’, Lily was shocked to find out that Billy was her mystery man and admitted that she’d secretly hoped it was him!

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