The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Jan 30-Feb 2!

January 30th, 2009 by Christine Fix

This is it, folks. The last day of Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), who we remember as first coming to the show as a sexy pool boy and winding up an executive! He’ll be missed.

Friday, from his car, Brad hears Noah calling for help. He goes to Noah and pulls him from the water, but he’s not found, afterwards. Nick and Michael find out Noah’s in emerg and the blame game goes around. Nick blames Eden and Michael, while Abby blames Eden. Later in the week, Michael questions how good of a parent he is. He shares a moment with Eden.

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New General Hospital Poll: Biotoxins!

January 30th, 2009 by Julie Clark Robinson

The situation just keeps getting worse!

We’ve got four spheres of toxins laying around waiting to fall into the wrong hands, a collapsed Chief of Staff, mobsters working with the FBI and Nikolas running around after ghosts again. But worst of all, some of our favorite characters are in sad shape! What’s got you the most freaked out at this point? Read the rest of this entry »

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General Hospital Weekly Summary from January 26 – 30!

January 30th, 2009 by Julie Clark Robinson

The hospital is in clear focus once again!

Okay, so it’s not exactly a mobster-free zone, but still, this time around the drama was all about the hallowed, yet toxic!, halls of General Hospital. But I digress, before everyone went to GH for Carly’s charity event, they all faced their share of problems on the home front. Nik went to Em’s grave and told her that he still loved her too much to move forward with Nadine. Claudia freaked out because she suspected that Kate found the DVD and was posed to report her to Sonny. Lulu and Johnny had the worst fight of their relationship. Lucky referred to Sam as ‘Elizabeth’ during a steamy hot tub scene and Sam told him that they should part ways. But that’s not all! Robin continued her downward spiral no matter how hard Patrick tried to help her and work at the same time. Eager to make amends, Winifred helped Spinelli out by giving him all the information she could find regarding the Equinox cargo that was hijacked. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Young and The Restless: Joshua Morrow On Entertainment Tonight!

January 30th, 2009 by Amy Mistretta

Do you want to see more of the sexy Joshua Morrow?

Great news, Soap Opera Fan Blog readers, The Young and the Restless actor Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman) will be appearing in Primetime for a special television spot on the weekend of his birthday, which is February 8!

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Days of Our Lives Poll: What’s Next for Brady?

January 30th, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Now that John is gone, is it time for Brady to stand up?

It’s been awhile since Brady Black had much of a plot. He hasn’t been back long, but he’s been staying in the shadows, still recovering from his drug addiction. However, with a possible bidding war with the DiMeras looming, his ex-wife Chloe in disarray, his ex-lover Nicole more desperate and crazy than ever and a few attractive young ladies in the cast, he’s sure to have opportunities for action of some sort. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 26 – 30.

January 30th, 2009 by Lori Wilson

Eric fixes Rick’s mess while Stephanie does some detective work.

Steffy was stunned after hearing Rick confess he stole the designs and gave them to Jackie M. She told him they were over and Rick set out to tell Eric the truth, thinking it would make a difference with Steffy. When Rick did confess all to Eric, papa Forrester angrily lashed out at his son and told him he would always live in the shadow of Ridge. A lot of conversation and rehashing of events ensued and even though Rick offered to leave the company and the family, Eric vowed to stick by him. They met with Nick and Eric told him he could keep the designs, but Rick wouldn’t be working for him as President. If Nick didn’t agree to the terms, then Eric would take legal action. Nick eventually agreed and after getting Steffy on board, they made a pact to tell no one else how Nick got the designs.
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The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For January 26 – 30!

January 30th, 2009 by Amy Mistretta

Eden and Noah find themselves in trouble, Brad goes missing, Amber is questioned and Gloria strikes a huge deal…

Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel broke into the pawnshop but were interrupted when the owner returned! After avoiding getting caught, they managed to walk away with a receipt for Kay’s ring! Little did they know, the pawnshop owner later reported the break-in – and Detective Gil questioned Amber after finding her cell phone on the property! While Amber and the gang stuck by Katherine, Clint furthered his plan and had Roger propose to Esther – who accepted! Michael was furious by how Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana obtained Kay’s ring receipt but agreed to look at it – and was tricked by Eden, while distracted, and gave her permission to attend a made-up school event! After Michael contacted the gem dealer and set up a showing of the ring, the man was shocked to see Katherine!

Nick found Phyllis meeting with Brad, and the two argued about Sharon, until Nick ultimately punched Brad in the face for trashing his wife! When Phyllis continued to show her mistrust of Nick, he packed a bag and left! Though Nick spent the night at Restless Style, Phyllis convinced him to go home to see Summer, but neither knew where they’d go from there.

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The Bold and the Beautiful Poll: Bridget’s New Career.

January 30th, 2009 by Lori Wilson

Bridget’s secret talent.

She’s The Bold and the Beautiful‘s resident doctor who cures everyone’s ailments from Katie’s heart failure to Beth’s dementia to Eric’s coma, but now Bridget is taking on a new challenge: fashion design.

As Jackie M’s newest talent, Bridget is tackling a new career with Forrester Creations’ competition. Is she doing the right thing or going against her core character?
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Soap Opera Fan Blog Talks with General Hospital’s Sonya Eddy.

January 30th, 2009 by Julie Clark Robinson

It’s always interesting to me how easy it is for fans to forget that their favorite soap characters aren’t actual people.

To that end, I decided to do an interview series to help us all keep everyone straight! One of the actors I went to was Sonya Eddy, who plays gruff nurse Epiphany. (This was my first interaction with Sonya and I was thrilled to finally get connected with her.) Here’s how she differentiated herself from her character:

Soap Opera Fan Blog: Describe your idea of a perfect weekend.

Sonya: I am a very simple chick. I like to just wake up on Saturday morning and decide on what to do. I’d most likely choose to hop in the car, point it in a general direction and go. Stopping here and there on the journey when I see something that looks interesting. I’m that person who looks around, sees the World’s Largest Ball of String and says to my travel buddy, “Oooooh, let’s go check that out!” Consequently, on our trip, we’d learn a lot of useless information that would make a person a real ‘terror’ while playing Trivial Pursuit! Hahahaha!

Epiphany: Epiphany is more of a planner. She’d have the tickets booked months in advance, know exactly where she’d be staying, how long it would take to unpack and get out to enjoy the adventure that she’d come to experience. Yes, a little regimented, but with a method to her madness. I doubt that one would ever find Epiphany in Vegas, but she’d definitely be into Island hopping, or an excursion to New York! She’d be
the one reading from the Tourist book and leading the pack! To travel with her, you’d have to be willing to give up the reins, sit back and enjoy what she’s planned. But rest assured, you’d have fun and see things that you’d never have known existed! Read the rest of this entry »

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General Hospital Spoilers for February 2 – 6!

January 30th, 2009 by Julie Clark Robinson

Next week looks like a doozy in Port Chuck:

No matter how you look at it, no one in town will be having anything but a disastrous week! Claudia, for starters, is relieved to finally get the chance to ‘out’ her father’s sins to Sonny. What she doesn’t know is that Anthony has decided to shut her big mouth up once and for all. Before he can act on it though, Sonny rages at him for shooting Kate at the altar.

Jason comes to the terrifying realization that the OR nightmare was only just the beginning. His unlikely bunch (Patrick, Sam and Spinelli) team up to do damage control. Ultimately, Sonny pitches in to help Jason, too. Read the rest of this entry »

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