Days of Our Lives’ Comings and Goings for January.

Here’s the latest on the Comings and Goings at Days of Our Lives!

The mysterious young mother Mia is being played by Taylor Spreitler. The young actress has just been placed on contract with the series, though the details of the contract have not been revealed. For a glimpse of what could be in store for the character, check out this interview at our sister site!

Soap vet Sandra Robinson will be leaving the role of Dr. Charlotte Taylor behind on January 22.

There is a rumor swirling around that onetime Fancy Crane Emily Harper could be following her fellow former Passions stars to Salem. Her publicist has stated that these rumors are not true.

On Tuesday, January 27th, Maggie and Bebe Vose will be making their debuts as the baby Nicole has been wishing for.

Meanwhile, there will be even more babies in Salem. Sami’s baby will also be popping onto the screen. The child will be played by Avery and Cade Seger. Look for them on Thursday, January 29th.

Finishing off the Trent Robbins murder storyline, soap vet Marsha Clark will be returning as Judge Fitzpatrick on Wednesday, January 14, when she returns for Nick’s hearing.

And speaking of Nick, Blake Berris will make his final appearance on January 15. Our sister site,, caught up with him for an interview. “As an actor you don’t have the luxury to decide if something that happens should or shouldn’t; you just have to accept that it does and your job is to figure out how to justify it and have it make sense,” he explained. “The way I saw it was there really was this side to Nick throughout his entire time on the show. He was pretty obsessive with Chelsea. He wasn’t doing anything violent or anything along those lines, but there was some pretty obsessive tendencies he kind of displayed throughout. And then there was the episode with Willow where we did kind of see a more violent side of him and I think those two things kind of came to a confluence with Melanie.” To read more of this interview, please follow this link.

Beloved supercouple Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn‘s (John Black) last airdate will be January 23rd.

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    Well John and Marlena will be definetly missed on Days I don’t think they will ever be an actress or actor like them on Days ever!!!!!!!!!

    They where the most interesting couple between family and every day life situation’S

    I definetly enjoyed there roll on the show

    When is the Nicole think going to end

    I hope Mia has her baby same time as Sami, have Rafe call EJ up to tell him Sami had your baby

    Then he will run into Nicole

    That whole scene will finally end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From Mary Kaye

    Thanks for the date, the 23rd. It will be the last day I watch DOOL. I got hooked with Marlena and Roman’s wedding, and I will leave with Marlena and John. There has not been much to watch on DOOL with all the young story lines. I like the veterans.

  3. From Grandma K

    Nicole gets a girl, Sami gets a boy . Sami now has a phone she calls Marlena and tells her about the baby, Marlena and John take the baby and leves. Later Sami and Rafe adopt a boy. Stefano knows Sami is having a baby from the bootie he kills the hitman so Sami will come home.

  4. From Lisa

    To Grandma K,

    I think Sami will have another dauughter but the twins will be boys….most twins plays a boy or a girl

  5. From brenda jamieson

    who plays the role of Hilda,the FBI agent that was helping protect Sami?
    Is it the same actor that played the waitress at the diner with Kate?
    and is this Marlena’s real life twin sister?

    very curious.

    Thank you

    (Different woman, Brenda. Check our comings and goings for her info! Admin)

  6. From DC

    I sure hate to see the last day for Marlena and John… They will be missed very much (at least by this fan)… Nick’s character kind of played out (maybe he can get a character on another soap)..
    I know there is suppose to be more to leave but hopefully they won’t get rid of any of the “good” characters that are left…
    Can’t wait to see Nicole’s baby and how she will handle it with EJ and also Sami’s baby (sounds like it will be a boy).. OH NO another DiMera..

  7. From amanda

    Im so sad that marlena and John are leaving!!!! And why can’t they catch that killer and let Sami go home with her baby and let Rafe be with her and let her ignore Lucas and Ej as they have both hurt her!! Im sad about the story lines they are awful I’ve been watching for 26 tears now and i reeally hate that nicole is faking the baby let her get caught already lol

  8. From Lisa

    I think Sami will give her baby to the nuns and something is going to happen the girl Nicole tries to get and will end up adopting Sami baby. Without either of them knowing and then if some happens with the baby EJ will be a match for the baby and then Nicole will look into it and find out Sami is the mother.

  9. From April M.

    Its good to know the same baby isn’t being cast for Sammie and Nic., so hopefully there won’t be a baby swap/mix-up!!!! Thats hopefully!!! ……

  10. From Cathy

    I’m disappointed that there has not been more John/Marlena screen time, considering their days are numbered. Still don’t think I can watch without them….. but i’m wondering if they will be back soon… anyone see pictures of the traditional picture cakes…… they must be through filming….. i’ll look for any hope….


  11. From Carol

    I can’t believe that John and Marlena are leaving!! What disappointment. There had to be a way to save this great couple. I have been watching Days for over 30 years and it seems that much of that time has included Marlena. I hope they come to their senses and decide to keep them on the show. P.S. I hate the Nicole storyline!!

  12. From Gigi

    I have been watching DOOL for over 30 years and Marlena has always been my favorite. I feel that the writing has really declined recently and I will no longer watch when John and Marlena are gone.

  13. From BLexus973

    Marlena and John are leaving for now. You know how soaps are. Even if you die, you can still come back. So I predict they will be back by the beginning of 2010.

  14. From Jessica

    Is Sami leaving the show? I was reading the E! press announcement of her baby’s birth and it said \former Days of our Lives star.\ I don’t think I could handle John, Marlena AND Sami all leaving, then there’d really be no reason left to keep watching.

  15. From Jessica

    I HATE the Nocole/Sami stuff that’s going on. Stephano already all but admitted that he killed the mayor, which means he’s the one behind the hitman, which means that if he knew Sami was pregnant with EJ’s baby he wouldn’t have put a hit on her to keep her quiet because he wouldn’t do that to his family. If Sami would have just told EJ she was pregnant she never would have had to leave because Stephano would have protected her, and Sami and EJ could be together (like I’ve wanted all along) and stupid Nicole would be out on her bootie!

    Other than this story line the show really sucks lately. I used to not be able to go a day without watching and haven’t watched in over a week. I like the chemistry between Stephanie and Philip, but Dr Daniel is just creepy and nothing else interesting is happening. They need a new girl for Max because he’s already done the Chelsea thing.

  16. From NanaB

    I have been watching Days since the 60′s and as of the end of this month I will not be watching it any more. With John and Marlena gone there is no point in watching it. There is too much sex, foul language and stupid stuff going on now days. So — goodbye!!

  17. From Beth

    yep 1/23/09 I will be officially done w/ DOOL. I began watching when I was 13, 36 years now. I hope the officials a NBC look at these posts and realize what a mistake they have made. Due to work schedule I have to record the show daily and then watch that night, I fast forward thru the Nicole/ EJ/ Brady crap, and Lucas and Chloe—

  18. From Gina

    I agree with Lisa. I think Sami will give her baby to the nuns, and Mia will back out of the adoption. Then nicole will get a baby from the orphanage will turn out to be Sami’s baby (only on a soap this can happen).

    It is really stupid to let go of marlena and john as there are no older couples on anymore. Caroline mysteriously has disappeared, and so did Roman and poor dear grandma Alice in real life I believe and hope, is too ill to be on anymore. So that leaves who? Bo and Hope? Victor made his way back today and then there’s the occasional siting of Tony without Anna (did they let her go too?). Kate is the only other older person.

    DAYS ARE YOU AGEIST? WHAT GIVES? It’s good to have young people but you need older people to balance it out – who do they go to for advice and guidance? Where is the stability of Days yesteryear when there was Doug’s bar and the little french guy john leclerc? Bring back families to days – the problem was marlena was never interested in her kids and just consumed with john. she never had patients and everyone always spent time at the pub instead of at work.

    They need to refocus and realize moms and dads and grandmas need to be in soaps or all is lost…..

  19. From Mrs. John Sheppard

    this is sad to hear two loved actors being let go for financial reasons, why could’nt they let them stay with a cheaper salary?

    any how at least we know why they are being let go not like stargate atlantis the fans were kicked in the ass and never told why it was canned!


    I already posted my opinion earlier

    But I do have this to say

    John and Marlena will be well missed the fans are write if Stephano new that Sami was pregant she wouldn’t be in jeapody

    Don’t have the baby switching going on like I SAID BEFORE & BEFORE have Mia give birth same time as Sami
    then the whole Nicole thing is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. From Nads

    I thought I was the only one who thought Dr. Dan was creepy. He makes my skin crawl.

  22. From Sheryl

    I’ve been watching now for 25 years. I can’t go a day without Days. Due to changes in my work, I can only watch now on soap net at 11.
    John and Marlena are ikons. I hope that even though they have to go, they go out with a bang and John finally remembers his life.
    The Nicole thing, very tired. I hope she gets exposed soon and Sami and Rafe need to be the next super couple.

  23. From Nads

    I very confused with the timeline, sami sleep with ej about 2 months before ej and nicole. How are they due around the same time. when the lucas came back from jail, nicole was still trying to get her money/divorce from victor! Am I right or wrong?

  24. From Sheryl

    How about we keep John and Marlena and get rid of Nicole, Brady, Dr. Jonas, Cloe, and Kate. There story lines really bite.
    Maybe that will offset enough to keep John and Marlena

  25. From Nads

    I very confused with the timeline, sami sleep with ej about 2 months before ej and nicole did. How are they due around the same time. when lucas came back from jail, nicole was still trying to get her money/divorce from victor! ej was just her lawyer then. Am I right or wrong?

  26. From Tricia C.

    Having watched Days since its inception in the mid 60s, I have seen many actors/characters come and go. However, with the budget cuts and the loss of our beloved super couple, I sadly foresee the demise of Days. Originally, with the use of a VCR, I only fast forwarded through the commercials. Now with a DVR and drastic change in the storylines, I find myself whizzing through almost everything but Sami, Rafe, Marlena, and John. I will now be able to watch Days in about ten minutes if, indeed, I continue.

  27. From Anne

    Why does it say on the E!online announcement about Ali Sweeney’s baby, that Ali is a “former” DOOL star??

  28. From Granny

    Im disappointed that Marlena and John are going but, their storyline has drug on too long. I wish before they leave John could get all of his memories back.Please Keep the stories moving a little faster and let Sami and Ej find their way back to each other… fan for nearly 30 years!!!

  29. From annemarie

    I have been watching Days for 34 years. But without John and Marlena it won’t be the same, just like losing Stephano made the show fall flat. It was great to see him come back. I was looking forward to a great story line,however robot John ruined what could have been a great battle beteen good and evil. I am so detressed over losing John and Marlena,think it’s a huge mistake. Victor is just weird. Stephano can’t possibly terrorized the younger crowd, they would just think he is an old joke. Please rethink John and Marlena.

  30. From Lois

    I can’t stand another baby switch it has happened to many times. Let Mia have her baby and give it to Nichole or let her own baby return after being kept alive by the doctor. Without Nicole knowing that the bay she get is really hers. Let Sami and Rafe raise her baby. Don’t let Nicole find Sami that is just wrong. I hate to see Marlena and John leave I have watch the show from the beginning, it will not be the sane without them, you better bring them back. They could take Sami baby away with them and come back in 3months with the baby and let sami tell everyone she adopted the baby with Rafe. Let Sami be happy for a change not always worried about the DEmires.

  31. From Kathy A

    Jan 23 I will cancel my tivo “season pass” for DOOL. I too will no longer watch or be a fan. The writing is terrible and the storylines are just ridiculous; I mostly (except for John and Marlena, Sami, Maggie and the other “oldies” just zip right over the scenes. I have to say the Chloe/Lucas/and that doctor guy is one of the dumbest stories ever. lon
    this will

  32. From Erma Brogan



  33. From Pat

    I guess the days of fans storming the studio to protest letting Marlena go are over.

    Does anyone remember when they fired Diedra and people marched up and down in front of the studio to protest. I will miss these two,

  34. From Debbie

    Im done with Days as soon as Marlena and John are gone. Lately, John has given me a chuckle or two and I enjoy his comments. Oh well, back to Young and Restless. They dont drag their storylines out so long.

  35. From Miami Dol-fan

    I think it’s time to pull the plug on DOOL. Somewhere along the line, years ago now, the writers got stuck on the Stefano story line and never let go. The show has been in a slow downward spiral for years. I hate to see it go, but the time has come.

  36. From MattG

    I am sad to see John and Marlena go, but I have been scratching my head about this show for the last year or so for many reasons. What happened to Steve and Kayla? They are my favorites (especially Steve), and it’s as if they aren’t even on the show anymore. I’m confused by the writers and how little regard they give to their viewers wishes. It’s sad.

  37. From Margaret

    I’ve been watching Days forever and I think its a big mistake to have Marlena & John leave. The show could loose Khloe, Daniel, & Lucas and concentrate on some of the veteran actors including Steve and Kayla and forget all the sex trash with all the youngsters and do something meaningful John’s memory & also create some comedy and mystery. Lately it has been a lot of cheap stuff and no \moral of the story\ . Sure hope the writers take the viewers oppinions to heart.

  38. From casey

    Of all the people that could leave the show and keep it entertaining, why get rid of John and Marlena?! Sooo stupid. I agree there needs to be some adult supervision with all the “kids” hopping from one love interest to another. The only substantial adults are Kate, Victor, Stephano, Bo, Hope Maggie and Abe. The only sympathetic ones are Bo and Hope with occasional appearances of Maggie and Abe. These young people need to see relationships that endure. Infact it might be helpful for the younger viewing audience to see a mature relationship on screen so they know what is possible. Who would want the life of Chelsea, Melanie, Stephanie, Nicole or even Sami? And the guys…ppick one you’d like to have a relationship with. Betcha can’t.

  39. From Brandy

    I’m really sad to see all the veterans go and leave us with all the unwatchable newbies. Dr. McPervert has to go. He should be the one in jail instead of Nick for assaulting all his female patients. How can he be the “best” in every medical field??
    Also I’m sick of so much cleavage. No one would show so much at work except in a brothel. I’m still deciding whether I can stay and watch this train-wreck or not.

  40. From Mary Ann

    Have you noticed that they keep mentioning Japan with the pregnant girl? How funny would it be to try to pass off a Japanese baby as EJ’s??!!

  41. From Denise

    I will be 50 on January 27th..and sadly, I will stop watching Days! my Mother and Grandmother before me were huge fans…we never missed a show.

    The departure of Diedre and Drake (John and Marlena) is inexcusable. One of the most beloved couples in all of daytime!

    It’s proved to me that the writers don’t take into consideration their viewing audience and are clearly taking the show down a course for lower ratings and possible cancellation…shame on them after all these years!

  42. From Denise

    By the way, I agree with many of the previous comments. With our country in such a state, we need true romance and stability to be the foundation of the show…not infidelity, heartache, murders, baby swapping, and deceit. For once, why can’t the writers understand that true love and happy endings and relationships like the love between John and Marlena are what we need to see more of…not kids jumping from bed to bed and wrecking homes! The Days audience is not children either. It’s housewives and grandmothers that have been loyal fans for many years!

  43. From Sharon

    I agree 100 percent with Denise. I am 37 years of age and have been watching Days for 25 years. I will also stop watching as it seems the writers only ambition is to have the show canceled!!!!!!

  44. From Lorna

    I agree with most everybody on the “comings and goings” of the Day’s stars. NBC is getting rid of the backbone of the show and getting all these young, unexperienced actors (btw none of the can act …….. send them all back to acting school!) who think they are the stars of the show. I know I won’t watch DOOL any more.

  45. From Virg

    I have watched for over 30 years John and Marlena leaving probably means I too will no longer watch…love Sami miss Patch and Kayla take Dr pervert and ship him off too bad but I guess I’ll find something else to tape and watch

  46. From Dana

    Like many long-time, LOYAL Days fans, I will be leaving with Deidre and Drake. Our loyalty to the show apparently means little or nothing to the head honchos; I understand their reasoning is money and ratings based, but come on – it’s time to take the blinders off. The reason the ratings are not what they used to be is because the storylines are not what they used to be. So, instead of creating new and fun storylines for the actors who have carried the show for years (by the way, it CAN be done), it’s toss out the old, in with the new. I can only shake my head in disgust.

  47. From Brenda

    When John and Marlena are gone so am I. I have been an avid fan of this show for about 30 years and have seen some of my favorite chartacter gone and recently some have come back but this is just to much.
    The story lines lately have been very poor and not enough to keep me any more.
    I am wondering about our beloved Alice and hope she is feeling better.
    May Nicole get what’s coming to her and that her secret comes out however with a twist where EJ really loves her and sticks by her and that this lovely couple that deserves each other leave town leaving Johnny behind for Sami to raise. May Stefano be put where he belongs behind bars for life.
    I really hope that we will be proven wrong that the writers are not trying to get the show cancelled.

  48. From Dianna

    It is rather obvious that long time fans of Days are fed up with where the writers have taken OUR show. They should be fighting to keep veteran actors such as Deidre and Drake. I agree with previous commentators that the writers have taken something precious to us and destroyed it and this will only lead to cancellation of OUR show. How dare you.

  49. From karen akers

    I am glad you told me when the last day for Marlena and John will be, and this will be the last day for me also. They should have gotten rid of Maggie Horton (sorry) and some the the others that we rarely see on Days. They keep bringing new people on, WITH THE MONEY THEY ARE WASTING ON THEM THEY COULD PAY THE PROS WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. From karen akers



  51. From Di


  52. From Joey

    Fear not. For those of you who are long-time viewers, remember John’s last “death” or when Marlena “killed off’ half the cast. This is a ratings ploy (and a vacation for Deidre and Drake). They will be back. And BIG ! Hang in there. Days is not done yet !

  53. From carolyn

    get rid of Dr Dan, he is breaking up everyones heart and doesn’t care who he hurts.

    Marlena and john we will miss you and hope you will be back. It won’t be the same without you.

    bring Sammi home and get rid of nicole.

  54. From Helen

    Who is doing the writing for dool? Whatever he is getting paid he is being paid too much. Hire somebody to bring the ratings up. All the junk on tv nowdays suck, not fit to watch. That why so many people rent dvds and play video games, nothing interesting on any of the stations. Most people have cable channels. Sorry to see John and Marlena go. Been watching since the late 60′s, I tape the show but I don’t get in a hurry to watch it, I also fast forward most parts that aren’t worth watching. I can get through a whole week in about a hr!!!!!!!!!!

  55. From Kim

    John and Marlena will be so very missed. Their story has come full cicle over the years. They have a relationship that is the “glue” in this show. It has taken him so very long to get his memory back and then to take them off the show seems so wrong. For those of us who have followed this incredible couple I can only HOPE that they find their way back to “DAYS” soon!!

  56. From Diane

    I am just going to hope that at some point they will bring Marlena and John back,,they have left before and come back…I sure will miss them :(

  57. From Gingee

    I am so sad to see John and Marlena going. It seems that the Days writers definitly think that all their viewers are under 25, since that is what age they are now focusing on in the show.
    Even Bo and Hope arnt getting as much air time(or good stories) I have watched for over 30 years, seen all the “Romans” and their disapearances, Marlena’s now I’m gone, now I’m back etc; so I am hoping that is just the case now, that we will see them again. And Hello?? Lucas and Chloe have been together 6 months, and he’s found the love of his life(again) We need to get LUMI back!!!Let Daniel have Chloe, then we can have some Chelsea, Chloe, Kate cat fights!

  58. From Kamille

    Circa 1991 – I gave up 5 ABC & CBS soaps I’d been addicted to for eons – and started watching Days after seeing promos for John & Marlena’s reunion on the dock.
    Removing Drake & Deidre is like eliminating Leigh & Gable from Gone with the Wind!
    Days used to be fun – why do they bore us with crap like the Chloe/Lucas & Stephanie/Phillip pairings, but take a witty, exciting character like Patch out of the equation? And remember that nano second when Bonnie’s boy (Connor?) came home before being axed? That kid was a hoot! John and Marlena used to be fun too, before writers decided to make them “old” and boring. I especially loved John when he was invincible (not robotic), and when Hope was Gina the spy and in love with John.
    One of my favorite story lines was Eileen Davidson as Kristin and Susan. That was fun! (By the way, that ended with Susan hiding with Elvis where Stephano couldn’t find them – I never caught how that changed, or what happened to Susan).
    I want to see the Bo with ESP really played up right. It’s TV – not reality – and it should be surprising and entertaining. Young ppl dating and mating…? (Yawn). Doesn’t anybody have any imagination anymore?
    Chloe is boring; but with her, Dr. Dan is electric. If he is such a “perv”, I don’t see it; a single man has every right to date whomever he pleases: Chelsea is not a child, he didn’t cheat on her, and he and Kate had a mature understanding. (Oh dear, how creepy is that).
    I love Sami and Rafe together.
    Bo & Hope are their best as when a detective team.
    I wish they could have kept Kirstin Storms and Jason Cook (original Belle and Shawn) – both actors were charismatic and riveting.
    Tony & Anna were fun – I guess that’s why Anna is gone; I’m surprised Tony has lines – I mean, he’s over 30, right?
    If one more character gets a disease, I’m done with it.
    I could do without Victor K: no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Somebody please haul off and slap him. He humiliates Chloe constantly, and everyone stands around and goes “Oh Victor, that’s not nice” – and Chloe keeps going to his house for more! Now That’s fantasy! (But not the good kind).
    Stephanie, Chelsea, Chloe and Max are boring. They should get involved with a Vampire cult. Patch and Tony should have an X-Files-like agency and have mysterious adventures. Kate should marry Stephano, but develop a mental side-effect from the cancer treatment, then drive him crazy in a way that none of his enemies could ever do – turn the mansion into a gothic castle or a hippie den – bring homeless people in from the cold – mess with his mind, his business, his peace and sanity.
    Boring Abe should be killed saving Sami & Rafe; eventually, Lexie falls for a poor handyman who turns out to be a missing billionaire with amnesia – of a corporation Lexie has been battling with.
    Sorry to be so wordy; I get carried away. But seriously, DOL has become stagnant, and is cutting out it’s HEART on January 23 – to save money while sinking its ship! If this is another ruse, I think the fake firings and fake deaths hand has been played to… well, death, n’est pas?

  59. From cathy hill

    would love to see step and philip marry.

  60. From Staten Island fan

    I’ve been watching Days since 1969. I’ve seen John and Marlena come and go and come and go, etc. Hopefully, there will be new writers who will bring them back.

  61. From Bonnie M

    I’ve watched DOOL since 1968. Losing Marlena is going to ruin the show. John has gotten so out of hand I don’t even care if he goes. He acts like a doof and looks life a doof with that spiked hair somedays. I started watching when Susan Flannery was the doctor shrink and I’ve never stopped watching in all these years. BUT if you lose Marlena I may just retire as DOOL fan. The Nicole story line is ridiculous—–EJ rapes and is still a good guy. Where is the funny Nicole and ANNA DE MEARA—those two are the best at making daytime laugh. Oh and making Philip such a “tough” guy. HE was so nice when he was with Belle but and that doctor who can’t decide which WOMAN he wants. Next he’ll be after Kayla.
    Get a CLUE you all.

  62. From Maura

    For whatever reason, John has been written and re-written to the point where I am not surprised he has no memory. I don’t think anyone without a lobotomy could remember all they have done to him and who he is..err…was!

    Apparently the only thing important to the young characters is to become CEOs and top execs by age 18 because that is what happens
    in the business world. Qualifications such as savvy blogs are a must. When they aren’t CEOs they are jumping into bed or running around half clothed. In the current season, most people are layering. A man is redeemed from being a rapist becauase of his genial smile, suave British repartee, ample abs and constant blinking. AND he impregnates a woman who can’t stand him TWICE.

    Please give us story lines that utilize families – not just underrated actors who fit the budget. Corday says the fans are important and they need to just hang in there.

    It keeps promising and not delivering. Day is Done. Too bad – used to have good writing (except for most Reilly and anyone since.

    Time to find romance and intrigue between the pages of a good book.

  63. From Maura

    Dr. Jonas – gross and why do the women keep falling for him? Haven’t they seen his cast-offs?

    Strange, strange man with a strange, strange storyline.

  64. From Carol

    I have watched Days since I was a teen (my grandmother got me hooked) and will stop watching when Marlena and John go off. None of the story lines are interesting anymore and I will leave it to the teeny boppers to try to enjoy the current plot lines.

  65. From Charity

    There are no families left on Days; the Brady’s are pretty much Bo & Hope and the Horton’s can we identify them as a functional family? Not much family left.
    These stories either have the characters leaving town, dying and lastly we are left with a group of dysfunctional young adults.
    Not one of them have a solid job or a solid relationship.
    Bo and Hope are the only one’s left that seem to have a positive family.
    We can not count Maggie and Micky they have no real family. As for Victor he is as dysfunctional as the DiMeria’s.
    I am 46 years old female who have watched Day’s since I was 13. I too record and watch but my time is more valuable than this story line. Marlena and John leaving is a big mistake.. Is the ecomomy the cause of this decision???
    They were characters with great potential for an improved story line and when Brady Black returned as the hunk “Ethan from Passions I thought great!! But his return without family leaves me wondering???
    I am going to give the show until June and if it continues with such ignorance and lack of decent relationships I quit! Romance, and sex is good but shallow ignorance with repetitive dysfunction is not very good writing. Sometimes a viewer would like to have a positive feel good moment that was real and last. Most good evaporates and more dysfunction follows. Writers should feel the characters more and see a means to an end in several senerios. Nicole could have easily turned good what happened! The poor girl once in her life had a chance. Whatever.. This show is beginning to wear me out!

  66. From CC

    Dr. Jonas’storyline=boring, Chelsea=boring, Max=boring, Chloe=boring, Kate=boring…… why waste our time with these silly stories and keep the backbone of DOOL’s….John/Marlena are 2 of the best actors DOOL has ever had. I have watched every episode for 20+ years and as of next week, I am finished.

  67. From Tracy

    I think Nicole is going to get sami’s baby and replace it with Mia’s baby, that way her baby will have Ej’s dna. They wont check hers unless something happens to the baby, which is how they will find out later.

    The whole John and Marlena thing makes me mad! They are 2 of the best actors on the show! I could think of a few other Veteran stars they could get rid of and keep J & M.

    Who will Stephano go after if john and marlena are gone. I guess he will be up to his eyeballs in babies! Just my opinion

  68. From Lucy

    I’m also a fan since the 60′s, but I stopped watching right after the announcement that John and Marlena were being cut. The show is down right stupid, such poor story lines, no family feeling like it used to be. I’m tired of losing my favorites, the people who didn’t have to, but stayed with the show so many years. I’m only checking back to see if perhaps someone changed their minds and started listening to the viewers…guess not.

  69. From Teresa

    I can’t believe Days is really swinging the axe on John and Marlena. I mean, could they be pulling a “John” and have them leave for a bit, but come back just to say “GOTCHA!”? If they need to cut the “fat” they can let Kate, Lucas, Chloe, and Dr.CreepyHands go.

  70. From Susan

    As I have said many times. Why not just write a grand finale and get it over. With John and Marlena leaving Allison Sweeney becomes a \VET\. End DOOL and start a new Soap and call it \Passionate Days in Another World\ and bring in all the actors we have been and will be missing!!

  71. From Sherri

    Today will be the last day I watch. I can only hope that everyone that says they will quit watching with the departure of John and Marlena, hold up their end and really quit watching. It is the only way to get through to Ken Corday and the writers that the fans won’t tolerate axing the vets and cramming the young storylines down our throats. DOOL has went down the tubes and getting rid of the Veteran actors will only get rid of the Veteran viewers. The powers to be don’t reaize that the long time viewers are the backbone of the soap. They believe they are attrating new younger viewers. Well sorry to disappoint them, but today’s younger crowd has too many distrations, with all the new gadgets these days. I am really sad that the writers wasted the last two months with Dee and Drake. As soon as the work came out about the firing, their story went to the backburner instead of giving us long time viewers a GRAND FINALE, we get a rushed week of them reuniting, then goodbye!!! What a BLOW to their fans. It proves they don’t care what we want. I urge eveyone that has vowed to stop watching to follow through. Today is a sad day for Fans of J&M and a sad day for DOOL. Good bye!!!

  72. From gary

    been watching days for years. just want to let you know without john and marlena show will not be the same. nicole,s dilemma is boring. not enough excitment in show anymore. please bring back john and marlena when john is well. don,t leave us hanging with their last show on january 23rd,2009

  73. From Susan

    Well, it is over. It was a good run, March 1969 through Jan 23, 2009 but I’m done with DOOL. So many unresolved issues with John and Stephano – take my memories, torment me and then I’m paralyzed in a bed while you salute me and walk off? No way!

    It was a great show while it lasted but with John and Marlena gone I’m done. Just retired so will have 5 more hours a week to enjoy. Sorry NBC – you blew it big time on this decision.

  74. From janet

    Personally, I could care less about John and Marlena leaving. Talk about a boring character – did Marlena have any flaws? But, just keep Bo and Hope together and on the show. Their chemistry is truly amazing.

  75. From Mandy

    Who ever wrote Nicole’s story line {her losing her baby} must be working for a different netywork. They are not working for DAYS-Fire them. This had great potential, the fight between Nicole and Sami could have been great and different.Was friday’s story line wrote to make fans mad? If it was, you succeeded. It is time to STOP WATCHING DAYS.

  76. From Sandy

    Well, it is good-bye for John and Marlena, and as I said in one of my posts, “When they leave, so will I.” So good-bye Days. Corday and staff, you made a big mistake in your irrational decision. Hope you can live with it. So long Days! ‘Nuff said!!!!

  77. From Mare

    Ok, I am in the minority, but I am glad John and Marlena are done. At some point it is just rehash, rehash, rehash. I do have to say I loved the “new” John. May their ride into the sunset be a nice long one!

  78. From Michele

    I just watched the last show for John and Marlena and thought it was awful!! After all those two did for this show for decades and they get that kind of send off??? No wonder this show is going down the tubes. I will not be watching anymore.

  79. From julie

    I think Days did a crappy job with John and Marlena’s farewell storyline. Days could of let the couple say goodbye to all their families and friends. How can they have a couple leave and go to another country without saying goodbye to your family and friends. But in a way why would they,I never saw Marlena with her children or her grandchildren. I am so glad they are off.

  80. From syl

    I will longer be watching Days. John and Marlena were the only reason to watch Days.

  81. From syl

    I will longer be watching Days. John and Marlena were the only reason why I watched Days.

  82. From rose castillo

    really i always wonderd why marlena didnt seem concern about her kids. like sammi whats she going thru right now. to me in the story line she wasnt a good mother. and she should of stayed with roman. she had the affair first as i recall. i wont miss marlena or john. thank you

  83. From Shannon

    I’m 40 and have been exposed to DOOL as long as I can remember. Im heartbroken of the sendoff they gave John and Marlena. Its bad enough they were leaving, but to send them off like THAT? None of the other story lines are strong enough to keep me watching, so I will no longer be watching. Shame on the writers.

  84. From Dottie

    This is a nice idea, but I don’t think Days really cares what the viewers think. How sad that they let the writers do away with two of the viewers favorites and bring back someone like Nicole. I only watch occasionally now and once wouldn’t miss it.

  85. From Jackie D - Onario Canada

    I have been a loyal DDO fan for over 30 years and the idea that Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn got let go just makes me sick…They were the 2 that made the show. Who will be next Sami, Bo, Hope ? Instead you prefer to replace them with younger actors whose most major scenes are in the bedroom…I am truly disappointed with your show and am now starting to understand why the ratings keep on (and will continue) to plummet. You’ve lost other great actors: Farah Fath, Kristen Storms, the 2 form Shawns….You keep getting rid of the good ones. YOur competition is sounding better and better every day….I must say that I watch less DDO’s and more of Y & R which I never used to watch….Sad that you cannot recognize something good when you have it !!!! Your loss will be someone else’s gain !!!!! (that includes actors and fans)

  86. From Harriet

    I’ve watched “Days” since its premiere in 1965. I arranged my college classes around its air time before the day of VCRs! With the loss of characters John and Marlena and the rise of so many younger characters, I’m afraid “Days” is being deleted from my DVR. Give me the “good old days” of Jack and Jennifer, the other Hortons and Bradys.

  87. From Michael

    John and Marlena will be sorely missed…..

  88. From Sarah

    Hi I just wanted to say…I have watched dool for many years..I think it is a big mustake to let John and Marlena go…Sll you have now are a bunch of teeny bopers. I can see why dool hasn’t won any day time awards for a long while…This show just isn’t the same…I am not watching anymore…did i mention we are a neilsen family?

  89. From gayla

    Like the rest of us . the tv stations are having financial difficulty to i guess. Everybody is hurting. Days has been an escape for me to forget about the jobs shutting down and people losing their homes and cars. Just pray that things will pick back up and they can afford to pay Ms Hall to come back. I am sure she needs a job just like the rest of us.

  90. From Ann

    I don’t see why we have to watch the baby switch again we already watched it with Bo & Hope Lexie and seams lately days keeps repeating story lines we all knew Nicole would end up with ej baby why can’t days be like it use to be and keep us always guessing instead of knowing whats going to happen before it ever happens

  91. From dc

    Ya know, the money they are paying these “new” actors should be going to keep the veteran actors on the show.. DUH!!

  92. From Ranni

    2008 and the stuff now airing has been the worst Days has ever produced. The trend toward new bad characters overtaking loved characters only means Days is dying and its not pretty.

    I am here only the glimpse of Steve and Kayla and if that is taken away NBC is gone for me

  93. From David

    Haven’t watched Days In nearly 6 years, I honestly don’t think it will be on too much longer. But quite frankly the character of Marlena always disgusted me, all she ever thought about was John John John. Never about her children, grandchildren or job at the hospital. Plus Drake Hogestyn’s got to be the worst actor on daytime television…maybe in television altogether. Maybe once Days gets cancelled, they can play the repeats on SoapNet… I’m talking the ones in the late 80′s all the way up to 2000. It seems the more years go bye…the kore absurd it gets. I will never watch days and GH as long as I live. I strongly encourage everyone to watch Y@R, now that’s a show where people know how to act and has a place for the young and the older and the in between.

  94. From WHTTAILTX

    There may be hope (that is if any-
    one in the front office has a brain
    or collectively there’s a brain….
    Remember the DALLAS night soap?
    Granted, for awhile I wasn’t an avid fan, but it seems to me they
    had one really bad season. Talk
    about writing genius…the writers
    got together (something DOOL does
    not have the writing talent to do)
    and rescued a sinking ship, so to
    speak. They came up with a brill-
    iant idea to turn things around
    and that was to make the entire
    previous “bad” season nothing more
    than a “bad” dream. Presto, cer-
    tain things never happened!!
    Point being, not only can Days be
    saved it can be vastly improved upon if the Network and Corday care
    to do so! But that would require two things from both of them.. 1)
    caring about Days and 2) listening
    to their fans; something they have
    consistently failed to do!
    I have been a fan of DOOL since the
    very first episode. I have watched
    Sami, Hope, Bo etal grow up. I
    remember a pretty young red-haired
    farm girl, that could not walk then, dream of having a pair of ruby red dancing (slippers)shoes.
    Maggie has grown into quite a love-
    ly and charming lady.
    Further, I feel that losing fans
    such as myself (45 years+) are no-
    thing more than collateral damage
    for NBC and its advertisers.
    Maybe, we should consider a write-in campaign to Days current advert-
    isers, since NBC obviously has no interest in Days or its fans?

  95. From ange

    I think good riddance to marlena’s intakes of breath and john’s weird facial expressions. the show will definitely be better with new blood along with the old. as in real life, people move on and die. i don’t want to watch a bunch of old people trying to be sexy and intriguing. it doesn’t work for them anymore.

  96. From Trina

    Without John and Marlena on the show, I, too, will be cancelling my season pass on tivo for Days of our Lives. I have been watching the show for 30 years and it just will not be the same without these two characters.

  97. From Bobbi

    I guess I am the only person who is glad that John and Marlena are leaving. They are sooooo boring!

  98. From Soap Fan 32

    I have to say Im NOT happy that Nicole is taking Sami’s baby she was so desperate for Mia’s baby got it and abandon that baby even though shes going to Sami Nicole has no heart and neither do the writers I want Nicole to pay for what shes doing and PLESE dont drag this story line out!!!! Days you drag your story lines for TOOOOOO long its old come up with some new stuff take some advice from writers on General Hospital that soap is so good Im on the edge of my seat everyday!!!

  99. From Soap Fan 32


  100. From Hindsfeet

    I’m as old as DOOL and I’ve been watching it as far back as I can remember. I can’t say I’m sorry to see Marlena leave (again), but I liked John’s new personality.

    I, too, fast forward through almost everything except the Sami storyline. I’m so sick of Nicole. I used to like EJ, but since he joined up with Nicole, he just turns my stomach.

    And I don’t get it… in my humble opinion, Passions died because of all the bad acting. Why are they bringing all those actors over to Days?? Though I have to admit Galen Gering is doing a much better job on Days than he did on Passions.

  101. From Garbos

    I watched for almost 30 years and J&M were the reason I stopped watching back in 2004…I couldn’t take them anymore. I might check it out again…I am sorry to read that Patch and Kayla have been let go though.

  102. From travel wiz

    Wow, this show continues to amaze me. If this were a nighttime tv program, it would have been cancelled 4, maybe even 6+ years ago. How does CRAP like this stay on the air? Story lines based on twinks won’t be able to sustain an audience – although I do like looking at Shawn Christian – it seems like he’s always taking his shirt off…and it’s all good.  But I miss the veterans – Julie & Doug, David & Trish, Liz & Neil, Shane & Kimberly, the early years of the John/Marlena/Roman triangle…..not to mention those crazy kids Calliope and Eugene. All were great to watch. When Trish/Patty Weaver and Liz/Gloria Loring got to sing, it was even better. But those DAYS are gone. So, I’m off to explore Genoa City or Pine Valley. I have better things to do with my hour. Ba-Bye DOLS.

  103. From Dianne

    I’ve been watching Day’s since I was 17 yr’s old I’m going to be 60 and I still watch, thank you vcr’s.I must admit the show isn’t like it used to be, too many kid’s not enough adult’s. There used to be humor, what happened, too serious give us some fun in these trying times. Do not let Bo and Hope leave, and that looks like where your headed. Iv’e always said, heaven just won’t be heaven unless Day’s of our live is on. Bring back John and Marlena the only couple with a sense of humor. I have a few good years left, come on Mr. Corday get with it.

  104. From TEK

    I was devastated that Marlena and John have been released from Days. They say they are in trouble but getting rid of all the good people is not going to help them. Now I understand Kayla and Patch are leaving and bringing back a new Will??. At this time there sure are not many good lines going on… I do like Raef and Sami but I sure hope they don’t drage the baby episode…

  105. From Mary

    I miss John and Marlena. They were the rock of the show much as Tom and Alice were back in the beginning of the show. They were a supercouple along with a few others. Its a shame that they didn’t work harder to keep the vets. Hope they will be returning soon.

  106. From Watson

    Glad Doc is gone, New John was neat but since he got his old self back there really was no point for them anymore. I thought they both should have gone out in an Epic battle with Stefano and rode a chariot to heaven together. Now that would have been classic.

  107. From cotton

    looks like someone would update the comings and goings. steffano should be on his way out of the show. need to let E J know that the baby nicole got isn’t his and hers. getting alittle boring, needs to speed up alittle. thanks for letting me have my thoughts, which probably won’t be shown on here. cotton

  108. From Donna Honeycutt

    The absence of John and Marlena has brought Days of Our Lives from a BMW to a Voltswagon. Hope and Brady are good but John and Marlena were GREAT – No chemistry like theirs. Please, please bring them back.

  109. From Shirleuy Gottas

    I have been watching days since it started . Keep up the good stories. Today shows Jan 7th 2010 was inetenterrupter..

    Shirley Gottas

  110. From Debbie

    I think Carly looks nasty and is a horrible actress. Drama Queen. Hope looks like a skeleton and has not been her best in the acting arena either. Bo is silly and a pity party. Give the good actors some terrific story lines PLEASE!!

  111. From janice hatch

    let Vivian finish off Carly…please.

    so good to Vivian back. she is terific as a villian. watch out Kate!!! she’s wonderful working with Victor. great team!

    is Hope ill? if not…please put some weight on her. she looks bad!

  112. From Dasie

    OMG! I thought it was just the cutest thing when Sydney smiled at Daniel. Why doesn’t she smile at her Auntie Anna like that?

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