Days of Our Lives Poll: What’s The Story With Mia?

What’s the story with Salem’s newest blond?

Well, she hasn’t been around for long but the rumors about Mia (no last name) are already swirling. Some think she is Nicole’s sister; some think she is her daughter with Trent or someone else and others think she is a con artist. Since it looks like the actress who plays her could be sticking around for awhile at least, how could she be figuring into the plots? She certainly took a shine to the DiMera mansion the other day, so maybe she’ll move in.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, why not tell Soap Opera Fan Blog what you would like to see in the comments section below.

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    I just want Nicole to caught soon

    hopefully it is Nicole daughter the dna won’t match with EJ OR MAYBE SHE IS A CON ARTIST

  2. From Melissa Sommer

    I could really care less,I doubt I will be watching much longer after January 23rd,along with other loyal Days fans.John and Marlena being let go is the last straw for me.After January 23rd episode I am done with Days.Good luck with your ratings,as long as John and Marlena aren’t on screen the ratings will definetly drop.

  3. From Robert Zimmerman

    John and Marlena is to return in 2 months according to my source.Look at Steffanoe,Roman,Bo,Tony,John, Marlena……..How many times does the fans have too vote to keep main Charactors on the show! these actors and actress are disturbing,when they die you never see the body,because of Steffanoe he has risen from the dead at least 10 times.Let’s wait for the final show 2011,and everybody will make their final debut!

  4. From Grandma K

    Mia is a con artist working with the Dr. They will give Nicole back her own baby. Then Mia will move in with Nicole or tell EJ that it’s not Nicoles baby. But something will hapen and the DNA will prove it is EJ’s baby.

  5. From Cathy

    Mia… needs to go away. After Jan 23 I won’t be around much w/out John & Marlena…. Hope the ratings are so bad they have to bring them back!! So long days, thanks for NOT LISTENING to any of us.

  6. From joshsygirl

    i think it would be great if she turns up to be nicole’s daughter! now that would be drama! and about john and marlena…it’s sad that they’re getting the boot after all these years but i will not miss them. their story line has been done over and over and i will not at all miss their yucky, awkward make out sessions…ewww…


    I must say I feel the same way Days ratings will drop after Jan 23 rd

    As far as Mia goes she does look like a con- artist

    No Dr hands over a medical record

    some of the fans feel that it is Nicole’s baby no way

    She definetly lost the baby

    I think that Mia is working with the Dr at deliver time when they call Nicole up hopefully Sami is also in labor the Dr tells Mia that he has someone to pay even more than Nicole she goes with that person forget my comments on #

    1 lets go with this one

    Dorothy I

  8. From Maureen

    I think she’s a con artist.
    Knowing the writers and their ‘predictable’ way of doing things, she will not give baby to Nicole. Nicole will get a hold of Sami’s baby.

    BTW, if Nicole & Trent had had a baby, my bet is on Melanie. She’s got the same money-grubbing, lying genes as her ‘mother’. 8v)

  9. From RUTH VEACH


  10. From Casey

    I’ve thought for a long time that Nicole would end up getting Sami’s baby. Somehow she will end up going to the orphanage and adopt Sami’s baby but no one will know it till years from now!!

  11. From Deb

    Chloe was right when she looked in the mirror – she IS a slut! And what is up with all the men? They sued to be strong, now they are all whiners.
    Bring back the old characters that had humor and brains.
    And if Nicole doesn’t get caught soon, my interest will go from minimal to gone.

  12. From Deb

    P.S. Writers – please don’t rehash the “Gee, we thought the baby was dead but it isn’t.” plotline with Nicole (who, in my opinion, deserves no happy ending!) – been there/done that with Chelsea. And, speaking of Chelsea, are we all supposed to forget she used to date Max? I really enjoyed the old, stronger characters – Lucas, for example, used to stand up for himself and I still adore Stephano. EJ was great in the early days, too – now he can’t even tell his fiance is wearing a fake belly (groan).

  13. From Lucy

    I wonder if Mia’s baby is bi-racial…wouldn’t that throw a wrench into Nicole’s plan??

  14. From linda

    I hope Mia just leaves with Nick, John and Marlana

  15. From Melissa Sommer

    I am will Cathy.I will not be around without John and Marlena.Thanks so much for listening to what the fans want.Obvisously our opinion does not count otherwise they wouldn’t be getting rid of John and Marlena.

  16. From Pat

    I am with Melissa and Cathy. I too will not be around after John and Marlena leave. I remember taping the show and then watching it as I gave my daugher (now 25) her 6am feedings. But Days used to be fun and silly with the characters. Anyone remember Eugene and his trippy wife Caliope? The show now is boring. boringboring.

  17. From janice hatch

    please keep Marlena and John

  18. From Jackie

    Without John and Marlena the show is gonna suck you guys need to get some brains in those heads of yours.These new people you have on now are plum stupid talk about ratings going down yours will be out the door.

  19. From linda henning

    nicole tell ej the truth your not
    pregnant, tell the truth

  20. From linda henning

    john & marlena you will be missed

  21. From Antoinette

    I hope Mia is Nicole daughter.

    Without John and Marlena the show is gonna suck! I hope the writers wake UP!!!!!!

  22. From Antoinette

    I hope Mia is Nicole Daughter

    What is going on with these writers, Days is not going to be the same with out JOHN and MARLENA

  23. From Antoinette

    I hope Mia is Nicole daughter!!!!

    What is going on with the writers, Days is not going to be the same without JOHN AND MARLENA


  24. From Cory

    I will miss Marlena and John, but think that it is time. Afterall, I’m sure the actors are excited about broadening their careers. DH has been playing her character for over 30 yrs and is in her 60′s (and looking great!!). I wish her the best in her future career or retirement! She deserves it!

  25. From Melissa

    I dont know but i am so over this nicole. if EJ doesnt find out soon im gonna be done with days. this whole thing is beeing carried on way to long. lets move to something else already!

  26. From JR

    I think Nicole will get Sami’s baby but that her own baby is alive. Stefano probably has it in an incubator in the basement or something. Sami & EJ should get back together when Nicole is caught. I will not miss the boring, boring (yucky kissing) John and Marlena or her gross moaning and sighs at everthing. We have to let go. I miss Alice Horton but I still enjoy watching the rest of the cast.

  27. From tracy

    I thought she sucked and I hope she leaves soon. Very glad John and Marlena are finally gone. Thank God I don’t have to sit thru another episode of Marlena boo-hooing and John trying to pretend he’s a Clint Eastwood. Thank you! I do like Melanie, though. Very cute and funny to watch.

  28. From 30 Yr DOOL Fan

    Seriously, writers LISTEN to your fans. Days has been my guilty pleasure for a long time, but with axing John & Marlena you pushed me now if Nicole gets Sammies baby you should all be fired. And why do you make these guys look pathetic…EJ & Sami had chemistry now he is pathetic and can’t even figure out Nicole is a liar AND what about Stephano why hasn’t he had his “people” following her to check her out even if he doesn’t have suspicions isn’t that the type of thing he does – know everything about people esp. if they are living in his house.

  29. From mia

    What is Mia is Kim Brady (Sami’s aunt) and Shane’s daughter. She took a liking to the mansion b/c she lived there briefly a little girl. . .if/when they do a dna test on Mia’s baby she’ll be a genetic match to Sami but not to EJ,causing complications and stumping even Sami. . .

  30. From mary

    I think Mia will end up being someone’s daughter on the show. The story line is so predictable and boring these days. I don’t even care if I miss it. Chloe sleeping around (ewww), Melanie (hate her) Max is boring, Bo and Hope are boring. Get on with the storylines and bring back some excitement. EJ and Sami need to get together.

  31. From KatLady

    I think Mia is Jennifer and Jack’s Abby. I don’t remember hearing Nicole having a baby with anyone else? Mia is too young for EJ. Something will happen to Sami’s baby and they will HAVE to tell Sami cause Sami will have to give it blood or something like that. Hopefully anyway. Mia may not be anything other than later on she will come back and demand her baby and when she see’s the baby Nicole has she will know it ain’t hers. All may come out then, but knowing days probably not that simple or quick. I though will continue to miss days. boring as it is, it has its interesting parts.

  32. From KatLady

    oops. I will continue to watch days… (not miss) I should read before posting.. sorry

  33. From GottaLuvSami

    Personally, who does Mia resemble? She looks like Sami and Carrie in my opinion. It would make a lot more drama if she were Sami & Carrie’s sister (thru Roman – get him included in some action). This would mean the baby Sami brings home (Mia’s baby) is her niece. Maybe Roman got someone pregnant that he never knew about & she had Mia & gave her up for adoption herself or something? But personally I think Mia looks like a young Sami/Carrie. I hope she sticks around. I kinda like her.

  34. From missy

    mia will return and want her baby back she will tell ej everything and he will get test done to see if the baby is his afterall nichole told mia the entire truth and when the results are back it will prove ej is the daddy and nichole is not the mommy then sami will overhear and wonder, mia will see her daughter and then things will heat up.

  35. From Mary

    Has Stefano gone soft? In the old days he would have been one step ahead of Nicole. But maybe her is… He could have wanted Sami’s baby but be clean handed about it, and manipulated Nicole the whole time! I think that Dr. Baker was hired by Stefano, and Nicole’s baby is safe and sound under Stefano’s care. Now Stefano would be in control of all his heirs!!!….

  36. From Vivian

    I have thougth all along that Nicole would turn out to be Melanie’s mother…and still think that….

  37. From LaNyce Linde

    i hope nicole walker gets caught soon about her lies and a dna test about sami’s baby and a dnt test about mia’s baby and a dna test to prove of melanie and mia bioloigle mother of nicole walker and ej dimera.

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