Days of Our Lives Polls: The Criminal Life of EJ DiMera.

We know that EJ is no saint, but could he be worse than anyone suspects?

Recently, Rafe stated that Elvis DiMera was a gangster. While some people may object to the word, Stefano has always been an arch criminal engaged in everything commonly associated with the underworld. Is it just because he’s English that people don’t think of EJ in the same way that they do of, say, Tony Soprano? On a week to week basis, the young DiMera will become further embroiled in the family business and, considering what that’s involved in the past, it could be everything from drug and jewel smuggling, to arms trading and funneling money to terrorists. The darker side of the character has resurfaced lately; could this mean an escalation in the havoc he could wreak?

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    This scene would definetly be interesting

    For sure Sami will be lieing about the father of her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The scene today with Dr Daniel was a little over the top as far as I’m concern

    I hope that Lucas catches them in the act

    Put Chelsea with someone else enough going in circles for her

    I would like to see Sami and Rafe together

    I’m very tired of Nicole baby stuff
    she need’s to come clean

    For the fans there is no way Sami is giving her baby up

    like i said before have Mia give birth same time as Sami have Rafe call EJ (THE NEW GANGSTER) HE WILL SHOW UP AND CATCH nICOLE BY mIA BEDSIDE HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS LINE WRITERS ????????????????????????

  2. From Nancy

    After watching DOOL for over 30 yrs., I have seen just about every scenario there is. This particular baby storyline isn’t different than the others. I certainly hope you don’t have Sami put her baby in the church for safe keeping and then have Nicole adopt it. If you do, then I’ll quit watching. Besides how would she give birth without EJ by her side? Don’t do it!!

  3. From lisa

    first of all ej ain’t no ganster he’s a long way from being a ganster thats a stupid idea, I think when the truth comes out about samis baby hes going to try to protect the baby from stefano and do everything in his power to keep stefano from getting near it. they are dragging stuff on to long sami should be out of hiding already and nicole shouldve been caught already, and that whole thing with sami and rafe no no, they look terible together,undone she belongs with ej and they should hurry up and put them together, and another thing everyone knows that sami would never give up her baby know matter what.

  4. From Deb

    The baby plot is STUPID (are you listening, writers?) Nicole is so evil I have no compassion for her whatsoever. Sami would never abandon her baby – or are we supposed to discount about a decade of sharacter development? Stop “dumbing down” your scripts – I watch DOOL for relaxation; that doesn’t make me a moron. Your audience isn’t stupid! Try to remember that.

  5. From Lucy Ricardo

    Um, exactly how far is EJ from the definition of a gangster? When he and “daddy” turned on those illegal diamond brokers, I don’t exactly imagine EJ objected to whatever horrific ending they had. He’s not a saint. The writers are showing him being molded into Stefano. It’s not that far-fetched. One of his children was bround to carry on his legacy. I like EJ, too, but I think the temptation to capture his father’s success, legacy, and power is very tempting for him. That’s actually more realistic than some other storylines.

    I am finding the Chloe/Daniel storyline very sordid. Sure, people have had affairs on the soap before, but they’ve always been based on love, for whatever that’s worth, and this is nothing but lust. The writers aren’t doing anything to endear us to Daniel–he’s just a creep, a gigolo! To not be able to control himself in Chloe’s presence on the night of her engagement party, yuck, he’s no gentleman. Are we supposed to be rooting for him? He’s nothing but a predator.

    I wish we could have had more of the old John and Marlena before they disappear into the sunset. We viewers were definitely deprived!

  6. From Jamie

    Sorry but I LOVE DANIEL creepy or not he’s got passion also loving RAFE not so much on the new BRADY.

  7. From soapsrock24

    ICAM, Daniel is a creep. First he
    goes to Chelsea, then he goes to
    Kate, who is the girl’s grandmoth
    er which is just sick I mean he w
    as too old for her anyways she’s
    a college girl, and now to Chloe
    who isn’t even old enough for Luc-
    as to start with, because Brandon
    Walker (Nicole’s brother) was clo-
    se to Sami and Lucas’s age and he
    turned Belle down back in the day
    because he thought there was too
    much age difference and she was j-
    ust a kid. Apparently that doesnt
    make a bit of difference if youre
    over 18 I mean Chloe was one of
    Lucas’s ex fiances kid sisters fr
    iends. I want Sami and Rafe to
    end up together too I mean how do
    the writers keep writing this Sa-
    mi looses another guy and everybo
    dy hates her then Sami feels sorry
    for herself and tries to be good
    to have it blow up in her face ba-
    bble without wanting to hit their
    heads on the conference tables?
    The whole Sami/E.J/Lucas/Chloe/Da-
    niels thing has about as much int-
    elligence if someone were to write
    down everything they’d sat and wa-
    tched their pet hamster do and de
    cided to call it a script. Rafe is
    gorgeous, and aside from not being
    an imbecile he is cocky and seems
    to enjoy catching Sami in her game
    s and getting her flustered trying
    to walk her into ‘growing up.’

  8. From soapsrock24

    A thought just occurred to me. Did
    anyone remember it being mentioned
    whether Susan, EJ’s mom was English
    or not? I knew she left Salem and
    moved to England with her husband
    Edmund Crumm, who was English, but
    he was not E.J’s father. Yeah, it
    was likely that he picked up the a
    ccent and English traits from bein
    g in the country so long, but also
    how did Stefano manage to have inf
    luence on E.J and when is Susan go
    ing to show up and knock some sens
    e into him and remind him of the b
    etter life she wanted him to have?
    If that did happen, would it be Su
    san, or would Kristen have somehow
    managed to impersonate Susan to try
    to get revenge on everyone that ke
    pt her from John, or would she have
    decided she wanted nothing more to
    do with the Dimeras because of the
    trouble being one caused her? Hard
    to tell these ‘days’. Charity never
    returned to Passions towards the e
    nd of the series or for the finale
    so I’m not thinking too much that
    NBC will do the same with this stor
    yline and it’ll continue to be rew
    ritten history (E.J wasn’t even on
    e when Sami was in her early 20s b
    efore the massive teen aging who w
    ere older than him) and leave a lo
    t of plot holes.

  9. From Sheila

    The only hope of keeping EJ even in the middle of good & evil is Samantha. Nicole has driven EJ right into Stephano’s web and her lies will send him into the dark side once he learns the truth. Bringing Sami back is his only hope of salvaging the good part of EJ. That could be a struggle for her if she keeps his child from him.

  10. From SABRINA


    As per guidelines, we ask for constructive criticism.

  11. From DeeDee

    Ditto all that Sabrina just said! Also, I HATE it that John and Marlena are going to be written off the show!!

  12. From WHTTAILTX

    I have watched DOOL from the very
    first episode (my Senior year in
    High School) and I have seen it all
    but never before have I seen a Pro-
    ducer and a Network sit back, watch their program go down the drain and do absolutely NOTHING to
    save it!!
    The fans have been writing story-
    line ideas for the writers for some
    time now, good and appealling story
    lines that would salvage DOOL but
    no one seems to be paying attent-ion. The fans are actually telling
    the producer what they want to see
    and he is not paying attention.
    As I see it, this is really a no-
    brainer. I have come to the con-
    clusion that both NBC and Ken Corday want DOOL off the air! That
    is a shame because it (DOOL) could
    have something for many demigraph-
    ics; the long-time fans, such as myself, fans in my children’s gen-
    eration and younger. There can be
    something for the late teens headed
    to college etc. and let’s not for-
    get the ever important comedy and
    resident villian(s). Writing off
    John and Marlena was like cutting out the heart of the show… love,
    passion, comedy, mystery, suspense
    and more. John’s getting his mem-
    ory back alone has numerous story-
    line possibilities involving family
    and getting involved in Melani’s
    creating a bidding war between
    Stefano and Victor for Nick inven-
    tion etc.
    Daytime Soaps is NOT just about
    mutliple romps in hay with anyone/
    everyone (bed hopping), teen-age jealousies and insecurities. Day-
    time Soaps, in recent years, have
    dealt with real life issues. DOOL
    has not had not much that lately
    (Theo having Autism is like a post
    script on life); they are too busy catering to video game shoppers!
    I used to watch Days religiously
    each and every day until John and
    Marlena were written off. Now I
    tape it and watch 2 or 3 days at a
    time. I predict, I will end up taping and entire week and the watch it all at once and watch Maury or a movie instead.

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