Days of Our Lives Poll: What’s Next for Brady?

Now that John is gone, is it time for Brady to stand up?

It’s been awhile since Brady Black had much of a plot. He hasn’t been back long, but he’s been staying in the shadows, still recovering from his drug addiction. However, with a possible bidding war with the DiMeras looming, his ex-wife Chloe in disarray, his ex-lover Nicole more desperate and crazy than ever and a few attractive young ladies in the cast, he’s sure to have opportunities for action of some sort.

Why not vote in our poll or let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you would like to see in the comments section below.

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  1. From dc

    Like the guy playing Brady and also Rafe.. Ken Corday did something right by hiring them..
    Still upset with the Marlena, John thing.. And ya know, it’s about time they got rid of the killer that is after Sami unless they are keeping him to terrorize Salem..
    Maggie found Chloe with Daniel today.. I wonder if she will tell Lucas.. And the thing with the (2) babies, I just wonder if Nicole can pull this off with EJ..
    I think Mia will come back into the scene wanting her baby back or wanting more money.. And now Sami has that baby.. I wonder if EJ and Nicole’s baby will have a health problem (I read she does).. Sure hope Kayla is ok (she knows the killer and looked like he was trying to choke her).. Steve to the rescue.. I wonder what Salem PD has not gotten there yet (Kayla did call them).. How is Nicole going to get that baby back to the mansion before EJ gets home??

  2. From dc

    If Brady gets with Melanie, it would be to help the Kirakis company about the fuel project..
    I think he and Philip have something figured out about how to handle Melanie.. Brady might hook up with her…

  3. From Carol Crawford

    Sami’s dilemma is that now she can emerge from witness protection, she must leave her baby behind but now she’s seen the baby, so will she be able to give her up? Lucas knows she was pregnant; will he insist that she tell EJ the truth? That would only make more trouble between Nicole and Sami – meow! Betcha Nic will slip and tell Sami that HER baby is defective! LOL

  4. From Carol Crawford

    Oh and yes Rafe is a keeper! Maybe HE will persuade Sami to go back and get her baby from the convent, wait a while and claim it’s his?!?!?! LOL LOVE HIM. I also think Daniel and Chloe should go to Canada together and never be heard from again, leaving Lucas and Kate to realize they’re both better off, as we are! PLUS then Lucas will battle Rafe for Sami! HE’ll know that the baby isn’t Rafe’s!!!! haha

  5. From Betty

    If Mia does change her mind and wants her baby back or wants more money from Nicole…and Nicole has switched the babies, I think she will probably spill the beans in an angry fit and tell Mia that Sammy has HER daughter!!! Mia will then find Sammy and demand to get HER baby back and the whole thing will blow up in Nicole’s face!!! hehehehe

  6. From Betty

    Can anyone please tell me who the three people in the picture located at the top of this page are? I know one of them is EJ, but is that suppose to be Nicole? If so, she looks different…and who is the other guy??? Did I miss something??? lol

  7. From Grandma K

    The people at the top are EJ, Bellnot sure of the 3rd one. Could it be the new Eric? I hope Sami and Rafe get together.

  8. From Amanda

    The people at the top of the page are James Scott, Kirsten Storms and that guy, i can’t think of his name but he plays on one of the other soaps, i think as the world turns or something but he’s not on days!!!

    As for Brady, this brady has shown his sneaky/clever side by breaking into dr. taylor’s office and copying the files from her computer to marlena’s. Clearly, he has a nack for this type of storyline…I would like to see him shirtless lol. I watched passions for 9 years…the entire time it was on air and in nearly every scene he managed to be shirtless so that would be nice to see again…besides that i really miss Passions but anyways, clearly brady has potential to be a true john black so i would like to see him take over and battle the dimera’s…I really hope he doesn’t become intimately involved with melanie let alone a relationship with the girl because frankly, chelsea who is over 21 years old was constantly chastised for becoming involved with daniel and she is a young adult woman…melanie is only 18 in reality and on the show…brady is too good for her!!!

    I hope this babyswitching storyline gets over with fast…its gone on WAY too long…I hope sami gets her baby very very soon and the truth is revealed…these type of storylines are redundant and old!!!

    Lucas will soon find out about chloe and daniel and so will kate…I really think chloe needs to leave the show…Shawn Christian’s talent is being wasted with Nadia Bjorlin and Lauren Koslow. He and Rachel Melvin worked so good together!!!

    I think chloe, melanie and kate need to go though…they are useless. Especially after kate and her cancer storyline…why is it she looked like she was ready for a night out on the town and not sick with cancer??? So sad that cancer was portrayed like that!!!

    I love Rafe and Brady…WTH is Rachel Melvin…she has not been on for 2 weeks and according to spoilers on various sites she is not on even for the 2nd week of february. Max and Steph don’t appear to be over…her and phil’s relationship is not going to last!!!

  9. From Melissa Sommer

    You know it really doesn’t matter what us fans vote, because Days is not going to listen.They didn’t listen when we all pleaded for them to keep JOHN AND MARLENA.Why would they listen to anything we would vote for or say now? Days is going downhill fast and the only thing that will resusitate them would be to bring back John and Marlena,get rid of Nicole,Daniel,and that whiny Melanie.Then maybe Days would be worth watching again.Until then I could care less.

  10. From foxrocks

    It would be great if they brought Maggie’s youngest daughter back to the show. Have Maggie battle breast cancer or something. She could come back to help her mom and be a fiesty woman and maybe both Brady and Max could fight over her.


    Well if Nicole does pull this off
    hopefully Mia does come back for her baby or maybe Sami’s baby will have some complications then the DNA won’t match up so maybe eventually Nicole will get caught or maybe Nicole will open her mouth up to Brady aventually he will tell EJ or Sami the truth

    As finding a spot on Days for Brady he needs to be more honest I think if the writers have plans for him to run his father business
    He definetly is still very weak especially not telling EJ the truth about Nicole pregancy if he stays find someone new for him

  12. From Grandma K

    Are John and Marlena going on anouther show?

  13. From Flyer

    I think it would be interesting and ironic if Nicole found out that Mia was her daughter, and then realized that it meant Nicole had inadvertently given away her own granddaughter to Sami.

  14. From Long time fan

    Think Days writers should finally let some couples be actually happy. Chloe and Daniel great chemistry – should be together as she has zero chemistry with Lucas. Lucas should be with Sami or someone new. Sami should be with Lucas or Rafe (he is great). Phillip and Stephanie great chemistry. Brady needs new love. EJ and Nicole has good chemistry. Problem is no one is ever happy except the long time couples – Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla. Find some happiness for the new couples.

  15. From joyce

    Brady & Nichol & Lucas & Chole & Sami & EJ Kayla will be alright & Bo & Hope will get the Salem killer Sami can come home & her & EJ will find out that Nichol took Sami’s baby & Brady will help Nichol & Chole & Lucas will stay together


    Well this is my last comment

    Nicole has to get caught soon

    I can’t believe this baby switching has happen again

    Also I want to see Sami in a new realationship soon with her family ok

  17. From MitziLou

    I’ve been watching Days since it first started (I was a tiny girl and watched it with my mom). I’ve watched good story lines come and go. I must admit, I am desperately waiting for someone to breathe some fresh air into Days. I wish the writers would go and watch some old Days footage for inspiration

  18. From ZWINKY

    hi im a days fan

  19. From Mari

    I want him back with Chloe.

  20. From Kelsey

    I want to see Nicole happy – so if EJ is going to be a true blood DiMera A**, then let Nicole and Brady be happy together. He truly seems to care for her, not for Chloe. I think Nicole finally deserves some happiness and she is a brilliant businesswoman if you all recall back in the day………

  21. From KEVIN

    the should bring colton shires to to play chole and brady son

  22. From Missy

    let brady & arianna be soulmates in salem, let them finally WED PLEASE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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