Days of Our Lives Recap for January 23.

You Are My Life.

At the hospital, Marlena kisses John and tells him how much she loves him. He gasps as his eyes open. “I remember all of it Doc…” he stutters. She clings to his hand and giddily listens to him tell her that he loves her. Kayla comes in and Marlena tells her that he’s remembered. “I thought from the tests I ran that he might,” Kayla says sadly. Marlena wonders what’s wrong. Kayla explains that John’s nervous system has had a catastrophic episode and he has to be moved to a different hospital or die. She explains that there’s a facility in Switzerland that specializes in cases like John’s. Marlena runs out and sends Brady in to see his father. As Brady sits down, he soon discovers that the old John is back. John tells him how proud he is of him and that he’s always been in his heart.

Elvis stomps around the mansion searching for Nicole. He complains to his father and threatens to track Nicole down and drag her back by the hair. Stefano has other things on his mind – like saving the fortunes of the family. He needs to rush off to Italy but promises to be back for the birth of his grandson. Before he can leave, he gets a shocking call. After drinking a glass of water, he tells his son that John has been attacked and may not recover. Elvis worries about his father’s health and offers to take this trip for him so that he can go and see John.

Back at the hospital, Marlena tells John that he can’t move his limbs. “Walk out that door and never come back,” he orders. She refuses, promising that there is still a chance for him if they leave for Switzerland now. He doesn’t want her to leave her life behind. “You are my life,” she says. Taking his hand, she refuses to leave his side. Being with him makes her deliriously happy and she will work harder than ever before to get him well. “Before that happens… will you marry me again?” he asks. His eyebrow arches and she cries, “Yes!” She kisses him and then leaves to make the arrangements.

Marlena walks into the corridor and tells Brady, Roman and Kayla that she and John are getting married. They congratulate her and she runs off to call a clergyman. Stefano arrives and tells her that he had nothing to do with this. “I don’t care. You can’t hurt us anymore,” she says, striding off. The minister soon arrives. Stefano watches through the glass as the ceremony concludes in John’s room. John tells everyone that they will not be torn apart this time. “John and I were simply meant to be together but there’s been nothing very simple about it,” Marlena says. Just from looking in his eyes, she knew that they would be together again. Every time they are reunited, their love grows stronger. Without their love, he can’t breathe. She vows to always be by his side. They’re pronounced husband and wife. A tear runs down his cheek as they kiss.

Kate goes to see Lucas at the cabin. Worried that his trip has suddenly been canceled, she asks him if something has gone wrong. When he tells her that Sami called, Kate gags. “You need to get Sami out of your life!” she shouts. He admits that he may have caused a rift with Chloe over her. They wonder where Chloe vanished to. He guesses she must be with a friend and suggests that it could be Daniel. Kate’s confused so her son explains his run-in with the doctor earlier. Daniel’s concern strikes her as strange but she decides to go and see him herself. She’s still feeling awkward with how things ended between them and wants to sort it out. When she leaves, he calls Chloe and leaves a message, asking her to come home.

Chloe and Daniel kiss in his apartment. They stop and tell each other this can’t happen again. He tells her to go. She stands in the doorway. They stare at each other and she shuts the door, moving into his arms. Starting up the fire, they make love again. Taking a break, she tells him that when she looks in his eyes, she can see that it’s about more than just wanting each other. He’s not ashamed of his feelings, only of the deception they are committing and suggests that they end it by telling everyone the truth. She reminds him that this is her life and decision. “You deserve to be happy and that’s why I won’t give you up,” he says. She gets dressed. They both feel bad but she admits that she loves him because he cares so much. The phone rings and there’s a knock at the door. He asks her to answer it while he grabs the phone. She’s reluctant to open the door. Kate stands on the other side. She decides that this was a mistake and walks away. As Chloe opens the door, she spots Kate leaving and then leaps back into the apartment.

Sami prays at the convent altar. Nicole walks in and spots her. She begins to scream at Sami, calling her a hypocrite and wishing she could rip Sami’s baby out and give it to someone who deserves it. She grabs a statue of the Virgin Mary and beats Sami to death with it. But this was only a fantasy. As Nicole moves toward Sami, the nun returns. Nicole hides and listens to Sami worry about Rafe. Sami asks her to take the baby until she can figure out something else. Sister Theresa agrees. Sami is grateful. The nun needs details about when and where the birth will happen. Nicole eagerly eavesdrops. Sami hadn’t planned that far ahead. She needs to give birth somewhere private where no one will know her.

Nicole goes to meet Sister Theresa with Dr. Baker’s card in her hands. Before the meeting, EJ calls and demands to know where she is. She claims that she took a walk. He apologizes for overreacting and then tells her that he needs to leave town immediately. “You’re not going to miss the birth of our baby?” she asks. He says he couldn’t stand to miss that. Sister Theresa walks in and greets her. EJ overhears. “Where are you? Why is someone blessing you?” he asks. She says it was just a nun and tells him to come home soon. After she gets off the phone, the nun asks her what’s going on. She admits that she’s made mistakes in the past. Sitting down, she tells the nun a sob story about being pregnant out of wedlock. She claims that she can’t have the baby in Salem because her family would find out… but she’s found a way to solve the problem. “What a coincidence! A young woman I know is in much the same predicament,” the nun remarks.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Mia calls Nicole to say that she’s in labor.

Sami thinks she’s having her baby.

“What did you see?” Steve asks Bo. “It felt like death,” Bo explains.

“Wake up! You hear me? You can’t die!” The killer yells at Rafe.

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From Binky

    In what state can you marry on the spur of the moment with no license?

  2. From Sunni

    How far fetched is this show. Mia and Sammi giving birth at the same time making it convienient for Nichole to have Dr Backer switch the babes so she really has a Demeria. I bet its a chick!!!
    lol Didnt they embamb Marlena at one time. A dead Marlena. Arnt they telling the story of an autistic boy!!! There is a very fine ling between reality and fantasy on this show. Will they still be dealing with Teo’s autisum in ten years or will he be Mayor!


    Well I hope that Rafe makes it back to the convent when Sami has her baby

    I also want Nicole’S deal to fall apart

    I feel that the Dr Baker will find someone willing to give him more money for Mia’s baby or something will happen during the delivery

    That will end the whole thing for Nicole

    If the writers do supposedly read the comments you all must know we are tired of the fake pregancy we also don’t want babies being switch ok

    As far as Dr Daniel and Chloe put them together they are interesting

    I would like to see Sami and Rafe together find him a job with the SPD OK


  4. From Days Watcher

    I think Sami and Mia will deliver at the same time and Nicole will realize it would be better for her to have a baby that is at least part EJ’s, so she will switch them. That way if Stefano or EJ ever demand any paternity test, it will still so up as EJ’s baby!

  5. From used to be days watcher

    I used to be a days watcher, but now with Marlena and John gone I will quit.
    The storylines are ridiculous, and all the bedhopping is pathetic, even for today’s world. I don’t know if the writers read what the fans write, but I highly doubt it, not from what I have been seeing for the last few years. Days used to be a great show, and it is sad to see that it has gone so down hill. When it gets cancelled maybe the writers will learn a lesson.

  6. From ben

    I can’t deal with this show anymore. Now that John and Marlena are gone I’m just done. I’m switching to General Hospital

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