Days of Our Lives Recap for January 26.

I See Bad Stuff.

At the convent, Sami wanders around, finds a nun and asks to be taken to see Sister Theresa. Meanwhile, in Theresa’s office, Nicole manages to give Dr. Baker’s card to her. Sister Theresa eagerly accepts it, believing she can give it to Sami. Nicole asks the nun to keep this conversation confidential. She promises to do so. They hear Sami knocking on the door and calling. Nicole panics and begs the nun not to open the door and asks to be hidden. The nun escorts her to an alcove as Sami barges in and demands to know who she was talking to. Theresa explains that she was just saying a prayer. Sami says she panicked and worried that she might have been killed. Nicole listens as Sami gushes about her plan to leave the baby there. The nun wishes she would change her mind and tell the father the truth. Sami repeats that that can never happen. When Nicole is about to run, Sami hears her move and jumps. Sister Theresa makes another excuse to cover and then tells Sami that she is becoming uncomfortable with all of these lies. Sami insists that these lies are a necessary evil. The nun urges her to put her faith in God. Again, Sami begs for her help. Theresa agrees to keep her secret but she’s sure that a better solution will come. She’s also found a safe place where Sami can give birth. Sami is thrilled and now confident that everything will work out for her. The nun ushers her out to pray. Once Sami is out, the sister tells Nicole that she has helped tremendously. “You have given me hope that everything is going to work out for my own baby,” Nicole says with a smile. When the nun leaves her, Nicole calls Mia to check in. There’s no news. When she gets off the phone, Nicole turns to the statue of the Virgin Mary and apologizes for her fantasy about using her to clobber Sami. “Why can’t Sami lose her baby while I keep mine? It’s not fair! I’m going to make things fair even if it kills me,” she vows.

In the chapel, Sami prays and tells God how much she misses her other babies. She worries about Rafe and flashes back to him confessing that he cares about her. When Sister Theresa walks in, Sami leaps up and announces that she has to run off and help Rafe. The nun thinks that’s a bad idea. Sami says she can’t stop her. “You wanna bet?” Theresa challenges. She threatens to call 911. Sami starts having contractions. Across town, Mia sits in her room and sadly writes a letter to her baby. She tells her baby that she never wanted to give them up but she could never take care of her the way that Nicole can. “How am I supposed to do this?” she cries as she looks at the sonogram. Meanwhile, Nicole visits Dr. Baker at the clinic and tells him a nun will be calling him. “What the hell are you up to now?” he asks. Suddenly, Mia calls and says that she is in labor.

At the safe house, the killer slaps Rafe out of unconsciousness. When he demands to know where Sami is, Rafe pretends not to know. The killer decides it’s time to kill him. Rafe taunts him and suggests that he vanish. The killer can’t do that, or work again, while anyone who has seen his face is still alive. They keep bickering while Rafe tries to untie his hands. Suddenly, the killer pulls out the taser he found and threatens to shock Sami’s whereabouts out of him. When he zaps him, Rafe loses consciousness. Suddenly, Rafe frees himself and attacks his captor. They wrestle around the room. When Rafe gets the gun, the killer tasers him again. Rafe collapses. The killer ties him up in the chair. He finds a maternity pamphlet and asks about it. Rafe claims that it belongs to his girlfriend. The killer threatens him again and Rafe agrees to come clean.

Steve, Kayla, Bo and Hope are at the pub toasting to the reunion of John and Marlena. Abe arrives and pulls Bo aside. He tells him that he hasn’t been doing his job. The old mayor’s assassin is still running around and an FBI agent has been killed. Bo barks back but Abe is under a lot of pressure. As they argue, Lexi and Theo arrive. Abe rushes over to his son and hugs him. Turning around, Abe thanks Bo for helping his son. Bo suddenly gets another vision. Hope asks him what’s wrong. He thinks he should start ‘thinking outside the box’ and walks over to Patch. He wants his help with the Marino case. The Salem PD is stuck following rules and can’t get things done. Bo asks Steve to do whatever it takes to crack the case. He’s still sure that Stefano is behind this. Patch would he happy to help bust his old enemy. As he gets beer, Bo has another vision of a shootout. Patch sees that he’s upset and asks what’s wrong. With some difficulty, Bo explains that since he bumped his head he’s been having visions. “You mean like that woman on ‘Medium’?” Patch asks. Bo isn’t joking. “I see bad stuff,” Bo continues. In his latest vision, Hope seems to be getting hurt. “It felt like death,” he says. With his visions of Theo, he thought that he might be able to help, but that turned out wrong. Now, he thinks that he should take Hope off the murder investigation before it’s too late. Back at the table, the mothers talk about how important it is to balance family and friends.

Abe, Lexi and Theo sit together. Theo plays with a spoon and Lexi promises to be more relaxed from now on. Meanwhile, Steve and Bo join their wives. Kayla wonders what they were discussing at the bar. Bo talks about how important spending time with family is and tells Hope that he is taking her off the murder case. “Like hell you are!” she blurts out. They argue. He wants her to spend more time at home. She doesn’t want a desk job. He reminds her that he is her boss. Kayla and Patch decide it’s time to leave. They hurry out, giggling. As they go, Hope demands to know what Bo is hiding. She guesses that he’s had another vision. He doesn’t want to talk about it. As they leave, Abe apologizes to Bo for being so hard on him. Bo promises to do whatever it takes to solve the murder case and get Sami back home.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Kate asks Daniel and Chloe what’s going on with them.

“I get to pick what the bet is,” Philip says with a grin. Stephanie wonders what he has in mind.

“You can’t deliver my baby!” Mia objects. “I am bringing this baby into the world, now!” Nicole says

Sami is in labor, but something is going wrong.

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    Well I don’t want to wish anything bad to Sami’s baby but hopefully they will have to let the father know cause the baby will need a blood transfusion or something on that line.

    Nicole definetly won’t be able to deliver the baby so they will be problems there, lets hope the writers did read what the fans want no baby switching and Nicole ends up with no baby and no EJ
    I hope Rafe can get away from the serial killer finds Sami they will finally be together and have a happy ending to this whole scene

  2. From dc

    Sure hope Rafe gets out of his situation. I would really like to see him and Sami get together, after her baby is born. I wonder if he will be there for the birth. It looks like Nicole is going to take Sami’s baby and then the baby Mia delivers will be Sami’s baby. I just wonder if Nicole will get away with this. Yea, I also wonder if something is wrong with Sami’s baby (by the way she looks at the doctor).

  3. From dc

    These visions Bo is having are spooky. I hope it does not mean something will happen to his and Hope’s characters on the show.
    Looks like tomorrow will be good. I think Philip is going to turn into a “bad boy” Kirakis (trying to juggle two women at once). And I think Kate will find out the truth about Chloe and Daniel.
    But they should not be together. I would rather he be with Kate, and then Chloe get back with Lucas. I bet ya all four of them get canned.

  4. From Marseekay

    yes lets hope Sami and Rafe get together. Get rid of Daniel his is in love with every woman that looks at him. The Jerk!!

  5. From Sue

    It appears to me from the episode of John almost dying that “possibly” Stefano is becoming somewhat more caring. I think that things could be different if Sami has to tell EJ about the baby and hopefully get rid of Nicole. The baby switch thing has been way overdone, everywhere. Please don’t do this again!!

  6. From Melissa

    I am sorry. Rafe is great, but there is absolutely no chemistry as compared to Ej and Sami. Rafe and Sami have the chemistry of a brother and sister. The same Lucas and Sami have always had that is why there were never any hot moments with them. I hope Rafe stays around and maybe Sami and him can remain friends while Mimi comes back and maybe hooks up with him. I love Sami, but serves her right to have Nicole end up with her baby. Ej has changed and loves his children and would protect him with his life and Sami has no right to keep his baby away. I just can not wait to see what Sami does to Nicole when she finds out!

  7. From Sabrina

    I have to agree.
    Im hoping Sami and EJ will finally have there happy ending.
    I can only see a very good friendship between Rafe and her.
    Maybe Rafe with ?? Man Days need some older women cause all they have is kids. I cant imagine Rafe with Chels or Steph…I think Chloe is the only one in her late 20s or early 30s that I can think of at this moment..Nicole might be cute with Rafe..who knows.

  8. From Jennifer

    I don’t know why but I think Sami and Lucas are meant for each other. They have always had a very strong connection and they always will. Sami does not look right with anyone but Lucas. They have a lot of history together and share two children together. I DO NOT think that Sami and EJ belong together at all. I actually like EJ and Nicole together. I hope their relationship works out. I’d like to see Chelsea and Dr. Jonas get together. The bottom line is, I think that Sami and Lucas should get back together and make it last. I’d like to see their relationship finally work out. They should get remarried and remain married without someone or something splitting them up constantly. Let them be happy already!! Does anyone else agree with me? As for Chloe, part of me would like to see Chloe and Brady get back together and the other part of me would like to see Chloe and Dr. Jonas get together. What does anyone else think?

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