Days of Our Lives Spoilers for January 29 & 30.

Killers, confessions and complications.

Things are getting more awkward for Chloe as the week ends. She tells Daniel that they need to talk but everyone seems to be bursting for conversation. Chloe joins Maggie at the pub to give her a tip on things to come. “Remember when you warned me not to hurt Lucas. I have a confession to make,” Chloe begins. Meanwhile, Kate is worried that Daniel isn’t taking their breakup very well. His gruff and stranger behavior strikes her as strangely out of character. Before she can reach into the bag of advice she usually reserves for her two sons, Daniel cuts her short and tells her to shut up.

Nicole rushes over to the clinic and eavesdrops on Sami as she worries about what could be wrong with her baby. Is this a false alarm, or could it explain why Nicole will be asking Dr. Baker to switch Mia and Sami’s babies for her.

Meanwhile, Sami and her babies could have even more to worry about than Nicole’s plans. The killer runs across town with Rafe in hot pursuit. He tries to warn her, but will he manage to do so in time. Maybe he should be warning a few more people as well. A startled Maggie discovers the killer at everyone’s favorite hangout, the Salem pier. Even Kayla gets a glimpse of the killer and can’t shake the thought that he looks familiar.

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  1. From dc

    It sure did take Sami a long time to have that baby.
    And I wonder what is wrong with her.
    This killer dude is a bad guy. Sure hope Rafe can take him down before he hurts anyone. Please put Sami and Rafe together.

  2. From dc

    From what I am reading the killer must shoot Kayla, at some point (next week)..
    Alot of people are seeing this killer, sure hope nobody gets seriously hurt..
    Looks like Nicole may pull off this baby thing (maybe)..

  3. From used2BAlumifan

    Maybe he’s saying something is wrong with the baby so that it will be easier for the switch??? I wish he was saying it so maybe Nicole wouldn’t do the switch. This is ridiculous!!! Nicole needs to be caught already. I love her as an actress, but this is outright mad, even for her!!!! If she would have told the truth to EJ to begin with, there would be no need for this. UGH!!!!

  4. From linda

    I want rafe to act as the babies single father and he and sami to live together and make lucas and dumb ej jealous.

  5. From Precious

    I think maybe he is going to say something is wrong with sami’s baby to discourage Nicole from taking it and switching …..
    I really hate that they always do the same old same old switch babies or play with dna samples .

  6. From Lisa

    I agree, Days is always doing the same ol storylines, but they have been since the beginning of time. Baby switching, Dna sample switching. Dead/alive switching. You’d think they should change their name to Days is switching again. I read or seen in a spoiler somewhere that Nicole or sami yells, “something is wrong with the baby” which hopefully will be the end of the secret, cause if the baby needs Blood help, Sami will have to be told the truth to save the baby. Or the truth will come out that the baby she has due to medical issues isn’t hers (mia’s) There is so many senerio’s, but you can bet your sweet butt, it will be the one that will take the story line to the ends of time. Not sure it will wrap up before i’m 6 foot under and I’m only 34… lol That’s Days absolute biggest draw back. The story lines last WAUY TOO LONG and they are repeats. But I still love days, and will continue to watch. Because its the best thing on at that time of day.

  7. From Grandma K

    Maybe if something is wrong with Sami’s baby the good side of Nidcole will take it so she can take care of it. EJ could give blood and no one would know it was Sami’s. Why did Rafe tell where Sami was?

  8. From Selena

    The baby belong to Lucas… Did everyone forget she was doing them both?

  9. From CMH

    Rafe didnt tell the Killer figured it out.

  10. From Chocolite

    OK, I’m done! Weeks ago one of the bloggers laid it all out about Nicole getting her hands on Sammi’s baby, and certainly looks like this is going to come to pass. Pissed hardly describes what I’m feeling. I cannot watch this anymore until this storyline is settled, and it better be a wonderful ending for the right people!

  11. From sundance

    Nicole is not the greatest but Sami pulled the same switch on alot of people when it comes to baby switching Sami is no saint either.Sami and Rafe are a great idea and hopefully Nicole does the right thing leaves Sami’s baby alone and gives Mia back hers and tells the truth for once. What a miracle that would be!

  12. From used2BAlumifan

    Sami and Lucas never did anything once he got out of prison. When Sami told Lucas that she was pregnant, I’m almost positive that he said “There’s no way it’s mine”, or something to that effect. I don’t think there is even the slightest possibility the baby is his. The only scene that we saw them being intimate, they just kissed while sleeping.

  13. From Susanne

    Here it goes….
    Poor Nicole…her plan is going to backfire in her, Mia will begin to pressure for the return of her baby, and withthe help of Tony and Brady Mia will get a DNA test done and Nicole will think she has fooled everyone. But aaah the plot thickens, the baby is not E.J.’s and Nicole will be arrested for her deed, dumped by EJ and the Baby switch plot will work itself out to finally find it’s way back to Sami and Mia switching babies. Lucas is the daddy! Sami and Lucas will re-unite and EJ will be left empty handed to find a new love. I hear Carrie might be returning to the show? Hmmmmmm?

  14. From April M.

    Sami’s baby girl is NOT Lucas’s baby, she is E.J.’s baby. After Lucas got out of prison he was NOT with Sami, cause he new Sami was with E.J….. so Lucas def. is not daddy.

    If something is wrong with Sami’s baby then maybe she will have to let E.J. know that he is the dad so he can help. That would be cool….. but I don’t think thats how it will play out. I think Nic. will get Samis’ lil girl and give Sami Mias’ lil girl…… Very original, not.

    Oh, and I hope they don’t kill Rafe off.

  15. From Grandma K

    OK so Nicole isn’t nice she just wants EJ’s baby. So Sami returnes with baby EJ has a test none on her, not his then Sami starts looking into it and finds out Nicole’s baby is hers. They should be teens by then. Sami and Rafe together I hope.

  16. From HotrodGirl

    Ok, so I am not watching until Sami has her baby back and Nicole gets what is coming to her. It would be great if for once someone could have a happy ending with their child. I am tired of baby stealing, switching and dna. It was done with Sami, Marlena, Hope, Lexi, and how many others before. We the viewers are smarter than this.
    Please let Rafe stay on the show and maybe find some happiness on the Salem PD force. He is a great and I love that he wants to always do the right thing.

  17. From Stephanie

    Sami and Rafe need to be together!

  18. From CMH

    Carrie is coming back to the show? With or without Austin? Isn’t Will living with them abroad?

  19. From ItsJustme

    I agree with HotRodGirl – I’m tired of seeing Nichole get away with EVERYTHING and the baby switching – please – I find it to be very boring and actually turned the channel to watch Jerry Springer instead.

  20. From daytimefan

    This is what I think is going to happen or at least should happen to the Nicole/Sami/Mia/EJ storyline.
    Nicole swaps babies and takes Sami and EJ’s baby while Sami gets Mia’s. Mia ends up having a change of heart and decides she wants to see her baby. She knows where Nicole lives because Nicole took her to the DiMero Mansion to let her see it awhile back. When Mia shows up and demands to see “her” baby, Nicole tries to hide the fact that she doesnt have Mia’s baby. Once Mia holds the baby she decides she wants her back or she’ll spill the beans on Nicole. EJ overhears things and it will come to blows. Mia will confess to EJ about the whole plan and Nicole will try to say Mia is crazy and it will end up coming down to EJ taking a paternity test to see if this baby is his. Which it being his and sami’s baby will turn out to be his biological child. Things will seem ok after that until Mia learns the truth about where her baby is and turns to Sami for help. The whole truth will come out about the babies and Nicole will lose everything!

    Anyway..this is what should happen. It would make for a good storyline.

  21. From Cassandra

    I agree with Suzanne! That would be a great twist. You never really know what happened between her and Lucas at the cabin. I want Sami and Rafe together. I want things to blow up in Chloe’s and Nicole’s face. Chloe because she is walking around like she is “holier than thou” and Nicole because she is tricking off Mia’s baby, when she made Mia think that she really loved her baby. It was not about the baby or any baby, it is all about HER (behind) and EJ. Even though she was told she could not have another baby, EJ has enough money to make sure that she can. Does she not faith in her man?

  22. From Charlene

    I like EJ and Nichole together they are both are tall and a very nice looking couple.Sami belongs with Rafe he is a man and not Lucas who looks and acts like a kid. This switching babies is old and worn out.But looks like it has happen again… boring. Miss Marlena and John.Can’t stand Chloe and Doc Dan they are sick..

  23. From Mary

    Last week was awsome can’t believe nicole just might pull this off I almost feel sorry for her but he’ll will break loose when she is caught she better hve a fast getaway cuz e.j and Sami will gt her

  24. From Melthatsme

    I love Sami and EJ together, when are they going to sort them out? They are great together…

  25. From April M.

    Dose any one know what happened to Rex and Cassie, for the life of me I can’t remeber!!! – thank you

  26. From Marsh30Melanie

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