Days of Our Lives: The End of Year Poll.

2008 is now over. Was it a good year?

…or was it the worst year you can remember? Can you remember much of it at all? I’ve asked myself all of those questions already, so now I’m asking you.

I thought it was a mixed year. When I was writing this poll, the whole year seemed to have even less coherency than I originally thought. With the writer’s strike, everything became chaotic and seemed improvised for a while. This could be, sometimes unintentionally, entertaining. With the continual firing and hiring of writers and producers, it’s no wonder that focus was all over the place. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. All the same, I’m not sure if any of that is why the year was what it was.

Please vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think about the year that was. Don’t see what made the year awful or awesome for you? Feel free to discuss whatever it was in the comments section below.

Happy New Year!

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  1. From Teresa

    I have to say I have been sadly disappointed in Days this year…especially the past few months. I have been a fan since 1970 and I can’t remember ever seeing so many different couples involving so many FEW characters. Also, I am disappointed in the writing, or the lack thereof, for the veteran actors. Characters such as Maggie, Mickey, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Tony, Anna, and the list goes on, have been pushed aside and used only in supporting roles for new names and faces. I feel much of the integrity of the show has been lost. After Shawn Brady’s death we were teased with the idea of Caroline and Victor rekindling their romance but the story was dropped. Mickey was replaced with a new and more age appropriate actor but nothing of any substance has been written for Maggie and Mickey. Stephano was brought back to the show and an interesting story was started concerning a power struggle between the DiMera and Kiriakis families but it now has been dropped. There has been too much bed hopping and rushed relationships and not enough substance.


    I would like to see Sami with her children this year

    Hopefully EJ fiqures out Nicole asap

    Chelsea needs to be with someone

    I also would lkie to see Stephanie with Max

    As far as Philip and Melanie either have them together or send them packing

    Brady could also need someone in his life how about Chelsea !!!!!!!!!

  3. From quirinogal

    I am so so so sick of Nicole’s big fat liar. EJ’s being a nice man and she’s going to turn him again into a bad man. I hope SHE pays for it at the end. When is this charade going to end???? Tire, tired, tired……

  4. From DaysAlways

    Age Discrimination! All the older Actors and Actresses are being pushed to the sidelines and let go! FIRE THE WRITERS!

  5. From DaysAlways

    Where are all the Actors over 45? Their Gone or very very rarely seen! However these Great Actors like John & Marlena, Victor & Stephano, Roman/Chris Alice, Doug & Julie kept us on the edge of our seats praying for the next days show to start. Now I keep 4 & 5 days on Tivo and fast forward threw scenes with Melanie or Lucas/Chloe (I love Chloe but not with Lucas) Do you think that the only people watching this soap is teenagers. Do you think that we (the hard core Days Fans are Addicts and cant live without our Salem Familys’. Heres a heads up to those ignorant writers who dont’ have a clue about the Salem Characters! FIRE THE WRITERS! FIRE THE WRITERS!!

  6. From DaysAlways

    FIRE THE WRITERS!! GET NEW WRITERS THAT HAVE DONE THEIR HOMEWORK AND KNOW THE CHARACTERS AND THEIR PERSONALITIES!!!!!!! If this has something to do with the economy TELL US. Maybe you could take it down to a skeleton crew and run a few really good story lines with the understanding that our Salem Characters will return soon & Return all the Present Salem Characters to their Original Personalities. Put John back with Marlena! If their Bad keep them Bad if their Good, Keep them Good, If their Complex Keep them Complex! If they can’t act (Melanie & Lucas) Get them Off The Show.

  7. From diane

    I’m so sick of the pig (nicole) and her lies…The writers feble attemps to make this a valid soap is pathetic, they have ruined a fine show…get rid of them…I don’t watch the show anymore…I check out what’s happened on this website about twice a week so I don’t have to lose my lunch every day…

  8. From Deb

    The writers probably don’t read these but I hope they soon get a wake-up call. The plots are rehashed, amoral and – even worse – boooorrring! I wonder if anyone with an autistic child is offended by the many times Theo has taken off and been injured – does his mother have no maternal instincts? How many times can she “lose” him? The fall down the stairs – right after the near drowing – was so far over the top, the top is gone! Make the men a little brighter, too – Lucas loves everyone (yawn), Nick went nuts (sheesh) and EJ is a wuss (so much so that I almost don’t find him sexy anymore and he is gorgeous). He and Sami sizzled, now he is so slow, he doesn’t get that Nicole is wearing a fake belly? Come on! Hey, writers! The woman who watch DOOL are a bit brighter than plankton.

  9. From Deb

    I don’t usually post so frequently but I tape the shows and watch them on weekends and this week is the kicker – I am sick, sick, sick of Nicole and the lame plot lines! I have watched this show for years but it is really tanking! Bo and Hope, Stephano, EJami, Marlena and John and often, Philip – these couples/plotlines have depth and meat. Lately – not only zzzzzzz but annoying! I liked Nicole (and EJ’s) characters when they were conflicted (good vs evil). Nicole is so far in the evil side, she really is unredeemable – that is a waste of a very good actress. If she confessed to EJ and they worked through it, both characters would gain credibility and likeability (although I still prefer EJami and hope they reconcile). If the baby swap, wandering Theo and Lucas loves everyone plots continue, I may finally opt out of watching – such a shame!

  10. From Connie

    I am sick of Nicole and EJ. EJ is smarter than that and he should figure her out soon. I want Sami and EJ back together. Lucas is so dense Chloe is Salem’s Slut and so is Daniel they deserve each other. I think it would be funny if Chloe and Daniel get together and discover she is pregnant by Lucas. Wouldnt that be a hoot. I hope they dont let Sami give up her baby. I want to know more about Charlotte I dont think she is as it appears. Something suspicious there. Anyway I hope the writers start reading our blogs we could give them ideas and helpful hints.

  11. From Connie

    I was very disappointed with Kate’s cancer story, it was totally unrealistic and she couldnt even take her makeup off for the scenes. Hello Kate when your fighting cancer makeup should be the last thing on the mind. And she wore the same pj’s in each hosptial scene. Oh well, not a good story.

  12. From Pat

    Get rid of the fake baby story. It’s so ridiculous! Move on and have EJ find out what’s going on.

    And, sometime soon, please have Sami stop wailing so much. My husband watches with me and he has had it with Sami’s crying and screaming. Let her mature, please, please, please.

  13. From diana

    i would love to see nikki boyer join the cast. she would be a great addition!!!

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