General Hospital Spoilers for January 28 – 29!

Here are some mini teasers for Wednesday and Thursday:

The doomed surgery begins with Matt, Elizabeth, Monica and Leyla among the team in immediate danger. Downstairs, Patrick takes a look at the patient’s X-rays and sees something that scares the heck out of him. He bolts to the OR but is too late to stop a catastrophe from occurring. He quickly puts on a hazmat suit and enters the OR to help his comrades. Matt tells him to save the others first.

Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli finally learn what Earl Bragg’s (the patient) has been up to. They, too, head for the hospital but are too late. When they arrive, Jason sees Monica and Elizabeth as they are carried away unconscious. Sam also ends up in danger because she’s rushed to GH after her car crash. Remember Maxie’s off-road incident? She doesn’t end up at GH, rather, Johnny finds her and they take shelter in a garage somewhere. They commiserate about their respective romantic problems while they wait for the storm to subside.

In case you thought that Sonny busted Kate with the DVD, think again! Not only does the minx leave with the goods on Kate, she goes to the fundraiser prepared to inform Sonny what she learned about his new so-called wife! With anesthesia floating through the hospital air, however, she passes out before she can do so.

Jax is in the clear from the chaos, however. A last-minute business situation will prevent him from attending Carly’s fundraiser. Nik, too, is elsewhere. He’s pouring his heart out at Emily’s grave. Among other things, he tells ‘her’ that he still loves her and that is preventing him from going further with Nadine. Later, he thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him as he sees Rebecca Shaw. He goes to Lulu with what he fears is going on with him – the return of his tumors.

Anthony is starting to suspect that Ric isn’t as loyal to him as he is to Claudia. Smart man that Anthony. Thanks to her sneaky lover, Claudia has new damming information on her dear daddy and is ready to turn it over to Sonny.

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