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Robin’s (2nd) wedding dress revealed!, our sister site, gets so many questions about who is wearing what that we’ve started going directly to the source for answers. Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital, always graciously takes the time to clue us in on all of the blingy details.

This week, you can find out about a Lulu’s star-shaped earrings from Christmas Eve, Claudia’s red leather coat, one of Maxie’s layered looks, Winifred’s crochet cap and much more. All you have to do is click right here! Please follow the link to find out how to send us your own fashionista questions.

Wouldn’t it be great to show up for work and have someone else dress you in designer clothes picked out just for you? I think I know the answer, but share your comments below anyway!

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  1. From tmcgee

    How would I go about finding the resource of various clothing items seen on shows; ie, general hospital, etc.

  2. From holly

    Where do i find the tan doily looking sweater Maxi has been wearing??

  3. From holly

    Where do i find the tan doily like sweater Maxi has been wearing??

  4. From Elizabeth Reyes

    Hey did you ever get an answer on this question about the sweater maxi was wearing.

    Please send a note to contact at with the question and they can answer. :)

  5. From Malika Grande

    I love Olivia’s clothes. Where can I buy them? Thanks.

  6. From Mary Ellen

    Would love to know where Carly’s open striped sweater she wore on May 13th is from!

  7. From Laura Williams

    How can I get the sweater Carly was wearing last week May 14th…the black sweater with white horizontal stripes.

  8. From calaura

    I love the little embellished cardigans that Maxi and Liz wear…does anyone know what brands they are? I am specifically looking for one Liz’ wore that was navy with green ribbon zig-zagged across the front. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

  9. From Kat

    Hi there,

    Id like to know the the following:
    Olivia’s brown dress 8/4/10
    Brooke Lynn’s blue dress 8/4/10

    Thanks so much!

  10. From Bell

    What is the brand name of Vanessa Marcil’s eyeglasses? Where can they be purchased?

  11. From Jackie

    Would love to know where the babydoll shirt Brenda was wearing all last week came from….love it! And her jeans also.

  12. From Jen

    I am wanting to find out how to find out what some of the actresses are wearing on GH…..mostly Brenda but sometimes Maxi. Anyway please let me know where I can find this info from.

  13. From Claudia Giampa

    I would also like to know where to find Brenda’s baby doll tops. They are adorable!!

  14. From Sabrina

    Where can I get the black dress that Julie Berman wore on the 10/11 episode of GH?

  15. From Tiffany C.

    I love Abby the stripper’s clothes. On October 29, 2010 she wore a cute black jacket and teal top with bell bottom arms. I would like to know where to buy her black jacket with suede,leather, and some other shiny material on it. Also, on October 28, 2010 Abby wore a tan peacoat with splits in it. I want to know where to buy it?

  16. From Tiffany C.

    I want to know where I can buy Abby the stripper on General Hospital’s (Michael’s love interest) clothes mentioned above.

  17. From Kim

    I would love to find out who makes the leatherjackets (I’m not sure if they are faux or not)that Brenda wears? And her eyeglasses?

  18. From Mathew

    i know the newest leather jacket that jason morgan wears is a custom one designed by the set designer but is their plans to release a line of leather jackets based off that one and if not can you give the name of a line of jackets that looks the closest to that one

  19. From Alexandra

    Please, please , please tell me who the designer or where I can find the purple bridesmaid dress that Lulu & Mya wore for Luke and Tracy’s wedding. (12-21-10) I have to have them!!! Thank you kindly in advance!!

  20. From Michele

    December 21, 2010

    I loved Tracey’s wedding gown! Could you tell me designer or where to buy?

  21. From Jan

    Where were the bridesmaid dresses that Mya & Lulu wore on 12/21/10 from? Thanks.

  22. From Jan

    How do I find the bridesmaid dresses, purple, worn at wedding 12/21/10? Thanks

  23. From Sherri

    How can I find information on the bridesmaid dress that lulu wore for her father and tracy’s wedding

  24. From Melissa

    Where can I find info regarding Lulu’s purple halter bridesmaid dress?!?!

  25. From Nicole

    Please add me to the list of people who want to know who made the bridesmaid dresses!!!

  26. From Laura

    Me too – how can I get the bridesmaid dresses that Mya & Lulu wore on 12/21/10. Also, where can I get a picture? Thanks so much.

  27. From Heather

    Add me to the list!! Where can I buy the bridesmaid dresses Lulu and Mya wore on 12.21! Thanks :)

  28. From Remy

    Where can I find the purple halter dress Lulu and Mya wore on 12/21/10?

  29. From Jamie

    where can i find the new extra long sleeved shirts that brenda is wearing?

  30. From Larena

    I am also wondering where I can find that purple bridesmaid dress from 12/21/2010…Love love love that dress!

  31. From Christina

    count me in! I need to know where to find the purple bridesmaid dress that Lulu and Mya wore on 12/21!!! I need it for my sister for my wedding!!! LOVE IT!

  32. From jackie

    i really want to know where to find the purple bridesmaid dress worn on dec 21

  33. From Heather

    I too want to know about the purple bridesmaid dress that Lulu and Mya wore in Tracy’s wedding (12/21)!!!

  34. From ashley

    where can i find the white coat Brenda wore in DEC episodes? also the track suits that lulu wears?

  35. From Kate


    Do you know where I can find the dark purple jacket that Brook Lynn wore last week 1/10-1/14 with black buttons? It looked like wool however, I’m 100% sure:)

    Thank you for your time.

  36. From Assal Safa

    Hi I really would love if you can tell me where I can get Brenda’s wardrobe from.
    The one she was wearing on todays show Jan/20/2011 black dress pants with the suspenders and the man shirt. Please if you can email me I love that outfit.
    Thank you :)

  37. From Kathy

    I would also like to know where I could get Lulu and Mya’s purple bridesmaid dresses?? Please and thanks so much!

  38. From sara

    Who makes the white detailed shirt Robin wore when she, Crissy, Molly and Brenda were getting ready the day before the wedding?

  39. From Margie

    where can I find the purple dress Olivia is wearing to Sunny’s Wedding??

  40. From Debra

    Ditto to Margie’s question. Who is the designer for Olivia’s dress at Sonny and Brenda’s wedding? I would love to wear something similar to my son’s wedding.

  41. From Cheryl

    Let me in on it.I LOVED the purple bridesmaid dresses.Did anyone find out the name or where we could find them?

  42. From Cheryl

    That is the purple bridesmaid dresses from Tracy’s wedding.

  43. From Christina

    Where can I find the bridesmaid dresses that Kristina, Robin and Molly wore to Sonny and Brenda’s wedding?!?!

  44. From Arta

    I absolutely loved the dress that Carly wore at Brenda and Sonny’s wedding. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can tell me which designer it is and where I can find one?


  45. From Heather

    Ditto To Christina!! Who is the designer for the bridesmaid’s dresses from Brenda’s wedding??!! Would be great for my upcoming wedding!! HELP!!

  46. From Cassie

    Could you please tell me what brand and where I can find the boots Brenda wore on June 29th.

  47. From Alisha

    I am looking for the tank top that Elizabeth was wearing on July 20. I love the red and the swoop!

  48. From Lynn

    Maxie wore an amazing black dress on the 9/21/11 episode…it had multiple straps to create a “sleeve”… it’s great! Where can I find that?

  49. From Julie

    Where can I find the blue dress Abby wore to Sam and Jason’s wedding?

  50. From Heather

    where can i find the robins egg blue dress Maxi Jones just wore to sam and jasons wedding?

    Please contact us via email for this! contact at-

  51. From Teresa

    Where can I find Maxie’s red dress from 3/22/12

  52. From Adriana

    Where can I find Lulu’s black top and sweater from Friday 3/30/12?

  53. From Joey B. G.

    Who made the dress Lulu wore on the 7/24/12 episode?

  54. From Georgia

    Where to you see the answers tot he questions above???

    Click the link in the article Georgia. – Admin

  55. From D

    Who is the designer of the red shirt that Christina was wearing today and where do I find it? 9-19-12

  56. From sandy

    where can i purchase the actor sam mccall better known as kelly monico that plays on general hospital from

  57. From Robin

    Where can I find the pleated white floral shirt the character Maxie Jones was on GH on January 3rd and 4th? Love it.

  58. From Nicole

    where can i find the pink cardigan sweater maxi had on Monday, Janurary 7th 2013????

  59. From From Tana

    Where is Carly Jax’s NEW YEARS dress from? She looked fabulous!

  60. From margie

    hello, I would like to know where the light gray coat that carly was wearing on the march. 5th. episode of GH? and also the black sparkly coat Maxi was wearing on, I think the Feb. 19th. episode of GH? Thanks so much. Margie

  61. From Patricia

    Where can I find the black and white dress Brenda as wearing on the April 2nd and 3rd GH episodes

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