General Hospital Wardrobe Answers (New!)

Kirsten Storms’ hair stylist revealed!, our sister site, gets so many questions about who is wearing what that we’ve started going directly to the source for answers. Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital, always graciously takes the time to clue us in on all of the blingy details.

This week, you can find out about Nadine’s suit for the senate hearing, Maxie’s bow-trim sweater, Carly’s necklace, Robin’s plaid coat and much more. All you have to do is click right here! Please follow the link to find out how to send us your own fashionista questions.

Wouldn’t it be great to show up for work and have someone else dress you in designer clothes picked out just for you? I think I know the answer, but share your comments below anyway! Please follow the link to find out how to send us your own fashionista questions.

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  1. From Aarti

    i love Claudia’s shoes that she wore on April 5th.where did she get them?

  2. From Aarti

    i love Claudia’s shoes that she wore on April 15th.where did she get them?

  3. From Aarti

    where did Claudia’s red shoes that she wore on April 15th come from?

  4. From Patty

    Week of May 11th Worn by Maxie. The 3 tiered ruffled blue tunic one shouldered. Also beige cadigan with ruffled back and front edge.
    what band are these items?

  5. From Ashley

    In the week of June 22nd, Carly wore a white shirt (resembling a jacket) that had an attached belt. Who makes it and where can I purchase it?

  6. From Heather

    I absolutely loved the red satin shirt worn by Olivia in early August. She wore it with dark jeans and it looked great. i would love to know where to find the shirt.

  7. From sandy

    I wa wondering where I could purchase the tsirt that Maxie had on it had all different color lips on it

  8. From Kari

    Where can I find Maxie’s bow-trim sweater? and the turquoise sweater she wore after the black one?

  9. From Amy

    Two questions on Maxie:

    Where can I get the yellow rose bracelet she wore a month or two ago?

    Where can I get the black coat she is wearing NOW after Joslyn’s cristening?

  10. From Kristi

    Where can I get the Crocheted white jacket that Maxie wore, the one that was longer in the front than the back?

  11. From Joe

    Where does Sonny get his shirts?

  12. From tracey

    who made the shirt that carly on general hospital wore on may 17, 2010? The black with whitte one.

  13. From lorri

    Does anyone know where the white shirt that Robin was wearing on Mon. Aug. 23rd came from?

  14. From jo

    where is brenda’s white outfit from that she wore on 2/18/11 before she got changed into her wedding dress? I love it.

  15. From Patty

    Maxies blouse worn week of January 2013 white with print of birds perched on flower branches Love it and want one

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