General Hospital Weekly Summary for January 19 – 23!

General Hospital Weekly Summary for January 19 – 23!

What is going on?
That is my big question. So much is going on in so many different directions that I’m afraid to turn my head for a second. Spinelli’s trying to make deals, Claudia knows almost everything, Robin’s about to break down and what’s with all the black-and-white weirdness at the beginning of each show? It’s all leading to something – and I want to know now!

Here is what we know: Patrick tried to stop the surgery, the Feds know more than they are saying and Winifred has confirmed that both Sonny and Carly were in the hospital at the time of The Big Event.

Jason and Robin have had a meeting of the minds where Spinelli is concerned: they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. For Robin this means (hopefully) getting a job with Anthony Zacchara. For Jason it means working with the Feds, in what capacity we still aren’t completely sure. Spinelli, though, isn’t taking this lying down. He doesn’t want anyone rescuing him – so he goes to Agent Raynor himself! He basically threw himself on Raynor’s mercy this week, telling him all of the cyber secrets and offering his skills in exchange for Raynor releasing Jason from his promise. Raynor, of course, tossed Spinelli out. Spinelli ran to Maxie and told her everything, upsetting her because she doesn’t think Spinelli should risk his life for anyone!

Speaking of Maxie, she did her best to plant seeds of doubt with both Lulu and Johnny this week. She suggested to both of them that Lulu was only with Johnny because she wanted to live out the ‘fantasy love’ that Luke and Laura had! Will it work?

As for Johnny he’s doing a good job of staying away from both Anthony and Sonny, but how long can that last? As far as Anthony is concerned, he just keeps pushing his kids! He threatened to hurt anyone close to Johnny if he doesn’t return to the family business. After Ric told Claudia that Anthony shot Kate and is trying to get Sonny to kill Jason so that he can kill Sonny, she tried to manipulate Anthony into coming clean. Anthony was too smart for her and played his cards very close to the vest.

Sonny is about to catch on to just how duplicitous Claudia is. Max barely kept him from walking in on Claudia and Ric in bed, but he knows there is more there than meets the eye. Kate did her best to stay away from Sonny – by having Olivia deliver his wedding present – but Sonny tracked her down anyway. He continues to vow to find her attacker and Kate continues to tell him that it doesn’t matter.

New-girl Rebecca is skulking around the hospital and so far has run into only Matt. Elizabeth, Lucky, Patrick and even Nikolas had near run-ins with her but she always manages to get on the elevator just in time. Speaking of Nik, he admitted to Robin that he still has feelings for Emily and probably always will. Patrick, meanwhile, is still worried about Robin but unwilling to confront her. Carly told Patrick in no uncertain terms that Robin was most likely a victim of post-partum depression after seeing her ignore Emma at home. Patrick continues to make excuses.

Jason tried to convince Carly not to go through with the benefit but she wouldn’t listen to him. He even asked Patrick to intervene but Patrick stuck to his guns, saying a lot of family could be helped. Tracy isn’t interested in helping Carly but both Edward and Monica have agreed to attend the benefit because of Michael.

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