General Hospital Weekly Summary from January 26 – 30!

The hospital is in clear focus once again!

Okay, so it’s not exactly a mobster-free zone, but still, this time around the drama was all about the hallowed, yet toxic!, halls of General Hospital. But I digress, before everyone went to GH for Carly’s charity event, they all faced their share of problems on the home front. Nik went to Em’s grave and told her that he still loved her too much to move forward with Nadine. Claudia freaked out because she suspected that Kate found the DVD and was posed to report her to Sonny. Lulu and Johnny had the worst fight of their relationship. Lucky referred to Sam as ‘Elizabeth’ during a steamy hot tub scene and Sam told him that they should part ways. But that’s not all! Robin continued her downward spiral no matter how hard Patrick tried to help her and work at the same time. Eager to make amends, Winifred helped Spinelli out by giving him all the information she could find regarding the Equinox cargo that was hijacked.

Now, let’s get to the good part!

Spinelli convinced Jason to let him help out in trying to stop a disaster in the making. Actually, Jason had little choice because suddenly Spinelli was the one armed with all the info. Once they discovered that the man, Earl Bragg, who stole the Equinox cargo, had wrecked his car and transported to GH, they informed Rayner and took off! Guess who was driving the other car? Sam! She, too, was rushed to GH but only had minor injuries.

Patrick and Matt consult over Earl Bragg and decided to wait until X-rays came in before they opened him up. When Patrick was with Robin, however, Earl’s abdominal pain got worse and Monica gave the okay to proceed. She, Matt, Leyla and Elizabeth scrubbed in. When Patrick returned, he saw the X-rays and noticed something odd. At the same time, Jason and Spinelli called the hospital and informed him that the car crash patient is likely carrying toxins. Putting two and two together, Patrick raced to the OR to prevent Matt from cutting into the abdomen, but he was too late. All he saw was a floor full of unconscious people.

First Sam, then Jason and Spinelli found Patrick. They got Agent Rayner on the phone and did his bidding. Spinelli was given free rein to hack into the GH hard drive and learned that the duct from the OR went directly to the boardroom! Jason ran downstairs to inform everyone about what was going on. Patrick went back into the OR and retrieved the four remaining toxic spheres from Earl Bragg’s abdomen. They were intact, but the stomach acids had started to break down their containers.

Meanwhile, people were gathering in the boardroom for Carly’s event. Tracy, Edward, Sonny, Claudia, Nadine, Anthony, Ric, Trevor and others milled around. Kate arrived and tried to make a beeline to Sonny to tell him what she learned about on Jerry’s DVD. Olivia got in her way and the two women argued. When Kate finally made her way over to tell Sonny that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting, she passed out from the toxins before she could speak. Next Trevor collapsed and Anthony freaked out everyone in the room by taking bids about who was going to buckle next. Claudia decided to go tell Sonny about Anthony’s role in Kate’s shooting, but she, too, went down before she could speak.

Nik had been in the boardroom with Nadine, but he saw a girl who looked exactly like Emily and took off after her. She eluded him, however, and he ended up worrying that his tumors were back. He quickly found Lulu and told her what was going on with him. When they came upon Sam, they learned about the toxic fumes that were leaking into the boardroom. Nik was frustrated because he left Nadine and because of it, she was in danger without him to help her.

With Matt, Liz, Leyla, Monica, Kate, Trevor and Claudia down (among others), Rayner put a quarantine on the entire hospital.

While all of this was going on, Emma was crying in her crib and Robin nervously walked around trying to find anyone to baby sit. She told her daughter that if she picked her up, it would be much worse.

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