Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives.

John and Marlena leave Salem.

Days of our Lives this week was mostly about John and Marlena reuniting and leaving town. Other things happened, but it was really all more of the same in my opinion, so I don’t have much new to comment on other than Jarlena.

I wish they didn’t resort to another crazy person coming between John and Marlena in order to bring them back together. Why couldn’t it have just been a nice love story instead? How many injections, mind control tactics and craziness can one couple endure? Since Sandra Robinson is a good actress, why couldn’t Charlotte have just helped John regain his memories and then stayed on to replace Marlena as the resident psychiatrist? Instead, we just got another therapist obsessed with the too good too be true Marlena.

I know most of you are probably happy that John got his memory back, but I so prefer NuJohn. I would have liked to have had Marlena fall in love with John’s new personality and they could have sailed off into the sunset in order to free themselves of the past and create new memories. Or maybe he could have started to remember her, but retained some of the new, funny, stoic traits that NuJohn garnered. Yes, I know that’s not what the fans wanted, but I never really liked old John. He and Marlena were always a little bland to me, however, I am glad they got back together and maybe one day they will return.

It was disappointing to me that John didn’t get to say goodbye to Nicole. They had a cool friendship and it would have been fun to see them interact now that John was back to his old self. I was also disappointed that they left without saying goodbye to Sami. I know she’s in the witness protection program, but Marlena’s comment that her daughter ‘will live’ seemed a little callous considering her life is in danger. And why was Stefano so worried about John? Even though they are technically family, Stefano has never wanted anything but to ruin John. So his concern and salute to John at the hospital was quite bizarre to me. Just another example of Stefano going soft I guess. I would have preferred that EJ had gone to the hospital to see John, as they had more of a relationship then John and Stefano did.

That last episode was like a year’s worth all in one, wasn’t it? John regained his memory, he tried to push Marlena away, Marlena wouldn’t hear of it, they reconciled and then they got married. Normally that would have been stretched out for months on end!

Okay, so it wasn’t all about John and Marlena, there were two other things that made me think this week:

* Chloe and Daniel professed their love for each other. Um, okay. It’s only been a couple of weeks, they aren’t in love – they are in lust. All they’ve done is talk about how drawn they are to each other, so when exactly did they fall in love? Although, I would like to see Daniel just settle on one woman and be done with it.

* Now that John is gone, what will Brady do? I think since EJ has become a totally controlling bore, Brady should turn his attentions back to Nicole. They seem to get each other on a new level since Brady returned and it could lead to some great chemistry. Or maybe they could bring on someone new for him. Perhaps he could have a relapse and fall off the wagon. Or maybe, when Rafe finally gets out of the safe house, he and Brady can team up to do something. You know, give us a little Passions connection. Anything, just give Brady a storyline!

So that’s it for this week. Marlena and John are gone, but next week will bring us the birth of Sami and Mia’s babies and more of Bo’s psychic visions. Should be interesting!

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  1. From Heather

    Was I the only one kinda hoping that Charlotte would turn out to be Kristen Blake in disguise? I miss that crazy witch.


    Well to be honest with the writers I personally thought they good of put together a better farewell
    for two of the best actors on the show. I definetly thought that this was a little disappointing to me

    I hope Rafe is ok goes to the convent and Sami is giving birth
    Hopefully the writers aren’t planning a baby switch I just wish for once they can come with something orginal

    I hope Mia gives birth I don’t wish anything bad to her I want the Nicole deal to fall apart

    she doesn’t deserve a baby

    As far as Chloe and Dr Daniel if she stays on the show put them together
    send Lucas packing

    Give the fans some happiness put Sami with Rafe and her children

    The writers need to fiqure out a way for EJ to know about Sami’s baby and Nicole lies this has been going on to long

  3. From Diane

    I agree about John and Marlena, why get him druged again…just have his memory come back, get married and say goodby and then make a happy exit,,,maybe to return one day….can always use a new shrink on the show….oh well,,,,and Daniel, thought he was hot at first but he is just a pig now,,goes for all woman….

  4. From Baglady

    John’s & Marlena’s departure was more abbreviated than Shawn’s & Belle’s. One would think that after more than 20 years as one the show’s front-burner couples more of real story could have been written for them. Not to mention that we actually lost a day because of the Inauguration. I believe when the writers provide such a hatchdet jobjob its becauseit’s meant to be some kind of punishment.

  5. From Cynthia

    Daniel hasn’t even been on the show for a year, but went from being “madly in love” with Chelsea, then flirted with the married Lexie, then went on to Kate, Then back to Chelsea until she found out about him sleeping with Kate, then back to Kate whom he claimed he was “in love with” and within a couple weeks of meeting Chloe, he is now “madly in love” with her. Oh Geez! Considering how fickle Chloe and Daniel are and how easily they fall in and out of love, I give their relationship a week before Dan moves onto the next sick female in Salem.

  6. From ElaineUT

    I have been a fan of Days since 1984. I must say, I sure miss the old days of ‘supercouples’ and the romance!
    What is with Days?? There has been NO romantic relationships on there for the last few years! As much as I still love the show, why is it that a couple can’t even go on a flipping date? They are really spouting out a bad message that all love is, is a roll in the hay with someone. What happen to romance? What happened to a couple going out and actually dating? They just jump in the bed or have sex in an elevator or something and boom, they are suddenly “in love”? Yeah right! No wonder the characters are so boring and one dimentional! They don’t DO anything but exchange ‘come on’ kind of glances and end up sleeping together. They don’t go to dinner, they don’t go to movies, they don’t share any kind of activity together,( except the horizontal kind) to get to KNOW one another! It’s so ridiculous!
    I wish the writers would start to make couples act like real couples!

  7. From Andy R

    John and Marlena deserved better and so did their fans. Too bad Days doesn’t have any real writers anymore. Who ever is writing are just wantabe writers! And Ken Coraday’s parents must be rolling in their graves for what he has let Days become. Shame on him. I know at least one fan that won’t be watching boring Days anymore.

  8. From Tracey

    I thought that was a horrible way to send out one of the couples who has been my favorite since I can remember! I was so happy that John had his memory back, and for them to get married, but to just let them leave without say goodbye to anyone but those people in that room. I mean you could tell the writers were just taking the easy way out. Bo and Hope werent even there and neither was anyone else who had been so important in their lives. Is anyone taking predictions on how long it will take them to beg them to come back to the show? I think all the plot lines are insane right now! I will try to keep watching, but at this rate, the show will be losing a lot of viewers!!

  9. From dc

    Well, today was a real tear jerker.
    It was so sad to see John and Marlena, this being their last day. Ken Corday really did something bad when he let these two people go. I sure nobody else leaves anytime soon. Maybe, Brady will find somebody. And from what I am hearing Philip is going to turn bad boy Kirakis. Wouldn’t it be something if Lucas and Sami got back together and Chloe ended up with Daniel (they could move to Canada, oops, then they would be gone). I can see Melanie trying to make a play for EJ or Philip over the fuel project to see which one she could get the most money out of. Oh yea, sure hope Chelsea and Max get together (they make a cute couple). Kate should go ahead and marry Stefano (she’ll never get Daniel). Hope we see Steve and Kayla more as well as Bo, Hope, Abe and Lexie.

  10. From twinny

    The J/M ending was dissappointing and not the happy send-off that we were promised. Shameful.

    Many of the current story lines are stupid and make no sense.

    I think the writers have been possesed.

  11. From Katy

    And my last week of Days. I’ve taken it off my tivo. Will check in at dustin’s site from time to time to see how storylines are going, but I got hooked on the show through John & Marlena, so only seems fitting to leave with them.

  12. From lgd

    i think that the scenes with daniel and chloe are “really, really hot!!” i know a lot of fans don’t like them together, or their story lines, but you have to admit that their “acting” together looks totally real! the expression on daniel’s face when he is making love to chloe is really something!! i look forward to those scenes in the middle of my afternoon……

  13. From Barbara

    I sure hope DOOL’S won’t have another baby switch-a-rue episode again. That would really be just to much.The last couple of episodes with Sammy & Rafe have been really good, let’s not spoil it….

  14. From Kittlicious

    Unless I completely missed it, why didn’t John say his famous line, which we haven’t heard for so long… “thats a fact”. I was waiting for it and it never happened.
    Overall, I agree with everyone else. It was a let down. We never got to see John’s reaction to being Stefano’s brother – only NuJohn’s. I would have liked a REAL reaction to that one.

  15. From theresa

    Now that John and Marlena are gone I’ll take a break from Days…I’ll start watching again if they bring them back…until then, GOODBYE DAYS!!!

  16. From julie

    I think I will stop watching also. I don’t think they should have left the show and also I think it was a rotten way for them to leave. The writers need another job. I had heard that other writers filled in while that big strike was going on. I believe they did a better job.

  17. From old fan

    Watched Days since its beginning- no more. So long John and Marlena- good by Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. From old fan

    Watched Days since its beginning-no more. So long John and Marlena-good by days!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. From AJ

    If I were writing the departure of John and Marlena, I would have done it so that John regained his memory sooner. If he had remembered a week earlier (without the medical crisis), they could have had scenes of him and Marlena that showed that he remembered everything, Old John and NuJohn. They would have laughed together at the thought of John forcing Rolf to lose his accent. There would have been a scene with John and Stefano. They would have gone on a trip to see Belle and Claire. Their last words would have been Marlena saying something about their love being forever, and John would finish with “That’s a fact.”

  20. From Julie

    What a disappointment for true Days and John & Marlena fans. How could two such beloved and dedicated actors have been treated this way? They deserved better, and so did we. Their hastily, poorly written exit did not live up to the expectations of actors who have meant so much, for so long to Days. As true professionals, they gave it their all. Their ever powerful chemistry made up for the lack lustre story line that was shabbily thrown in their direction.

    I can only hope that one day cooler heads will prevail and we will witness the return of these much loved characters. Until that time I will say so long to Days. I cannot bear to live in a Days of Our Lives world without John and Marlena.

  21. From Tasche

    I have watched DOOL for 40 years, my one and only soap. The ending for Roman and Marlena was too abrupt!!! And too contrived. I think the fans deserved better. And so did Roman and Marlena. I was totally shocked as I thought the storyline would last another month or so.

    I am sorry that Days is having financial trouble as well as fan trouble — but I think some of the old time values that were a staple in the original show have been replaced by trashy lines. (Even thought there was rape, infidelity, etc back then too — it was just handled differently.)

  22. From Carol

    I’ve watched for 30+ years and I thought the trite wrap-up in one day for John and Marlena was very poorly written. The actors did their best–tears again–but I was really disappointed.
    Is Nicole suddenly going to give EJ twins?

  23. From G

    I can’t believe that they’re getting rid of all the good actors. First it was Shawn and Belle and now Marlena and John??? They better not get rid of Bo and Hope because I would stop watching it. I hope that they get more time on the show. Bo and Hope are great actors! It would be nice to get an update on Shawn and Belle also. About the John and Marlena last days on Days…it was not good at all. They really rushed it too much.

  24. From Arlene

    Dustin’s Days Page need a change. The Black is Back is no longer the case, now that he’s history. Don’t know why Ken Corday couldn’t ask John & Marlena to take a salary cut, like he did the other actors. It’s better to let the actors that weren’t popular go and stick with the popular people. I suppose Mickey and Rolf are gone too, we haven’t seen them in ages.

  25. From callie

    I thought the John/Marlena send off was really really weak, down right terrible. They deserved way better then what they got. The whole week should’ve been about them or at least the last episode. Good bye Marlena and John and good bye Days of Our Lives. You have dissapointed me once again.

  26. From DIane LM

    Marlena and John had a very poor sendoff. None of the cast was even there. Abe and John were good friends and so were Marlena and Tony. what are the writers doing? How could Marlena leave with Sami in trouble and pregnant! If Bo and Hope go then they have lost me as well.

  27. From Marsha

    Thank you writers for ridding me of my addiction to “Days”! Without Marlena & John, the tramps and scheming,ruthless jocks can continue to pull the ratings down.I just hope that the writers lose as much of their salary as Days lost faithful viewers!!! At least most of us won’t wonder what happened when the show gets cancelled!

  28. From Judy

    Goodbye John and Marlena. Godbye Days. I have watched for 40+ years and John and Marlena were the only reason I continued to watch after some horrendous and stupid storylines. I will return when and IF Marlena and John return. Until then, this show really needs some major help. The storylines and most of the actors are just plain BAD.

  29. From Shari

    I think it is a very bad move to letvlong time Days stars go. I will not continue watching if that does happen.

  30. From Linda

    What a horrible send-off for two of the best people in daytime soaps (John & Marlena). The writers couldn’t even write a decent send-off. After 40+years of watching DOOL, it’s over for me. If Days ever brings J&M back, I’ll be back. In the meantime I’ll be watching for where they go. I love Bo & Hope, but I need more than them. Poor writing and poor decisions are destroying one of the best shows on TV. So long DOOL until things improve!

  31. From Precious

    I can’t put into words my feelings on how the exit of John and Marlena went, other than to say it was a TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!! Any writer who knows the history of this beloved couple would have never written such a “train wreck” of a storyline!!! No goodbye to Sami??Marlena would NEVER just leave like that, and not even a PHONE CALL to Belle?? The writers did a horrible injustice to these great characters in their last moments…so witout further adue…”Adios, Days” pissed off your last fan of over 40 years..!!!!

  32. From Disappointed

    Well I’ve been a fan of Days all my life. I grew up eating supper with my family in front of the TV watching that day’s tape. Now I sit in front of the TV watching Days on DVR, eating supper with my whole family. I would agree with just about all that has been said on here. For those of us who have sat through hours upon hours of commercials. Days has become such a waste! Lame writers, lame ____ and lame and predictable storylines. Is there anyone who would rather have the hoard of teeny boppers on screen rather than John and Marlena? No way! Blame it on the economy if you want, but I won’t fall for it. Days is being watched by fewer and fewer people because Corday can’t create a product that sells. It’s not that difficult to surround yourself with great people and ones that want to produce a great product. The only two people on the show anymore that acts with passion is ironicly Nicole and Sami. I’m about to move supper to the dinner table if things don’t improve!

    Edited to remove actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. SOF Admin

  33. From vera

    Lori, you never cared for Marlena, which tells me you haven’t been a long time watcher of DOOL

  34. From AB

    Can not believe that Marlena and John are really gone. I am totally disgusted and have no desire to watch any more. First Belle and Shawn and now this. Don’t you realize that true fans will not stand for this?

  35. From AB

    No way fans will put up with firing John & Marlena. Bring them back or we won’t watch!

  36. From Linda

    Drake Hogestyn’s last show on 1/23/09 was my last time watching DAYS. I miss Drake bunches but I don’t miss DAYS at all. Regarding Drake and Deidre’s last show…SHAMEFUL…only Drake and Deidre made it enjoyable (Drake’s tears killed me) but thumbs DOWN on the writing.

  37. From Lizzie

    I was sorry to see Marlena and John go and do think they (the actors) deserved a better send off.
    I am totally over Daniel and Chloe. Victor is correct in calling Chloe a s l _ t and Daniel is a male sl_ t.
    I am not that interested in the show anymore. The writers can’t come up with an original idea lateley…..

  38. From M

    I was just getting back into DOOL after a long absense, now there is yet ANOTHER baby switch, why couldn’t that doctor have some guts and tell Nicole no way, instead of us havin’ to watch the same story line AGAIN.. and J/M being sent off liek they were made no sense at all, they weren’t those kind of “people” on the show, sad, just plain sad

  39. From Kathleen

    I am just so terrible disappointed in John and Marlena’s send off. I really am just disappointed they left period but there send off was just horrible.

    The Storyline with EJ and Nicole is so absurd, to think EJ would not want to feel his baby move, oh my do you really think us the viewers will buy into that!

    You know we know it is a Soap Opera but dumb is dumb and Nicole storyline is just so way out there.
    Most fans wanted EJ to find out Sami had his child, but I think we all would have settled for Rafi and Sami to get together.

    Is Days just trying to get off the air totally, because they are headed in the right direction if so.

    I have watched Days for over 25 years and sometimes it goes off track ,but my Gosh now I think this is like a horrible nightmare that is not ending!
    Why would you do this to loyal fans that keep Days going. What a slap the face.

    It is such a shame to see Days just sink and sink, who is doing the writing, why don’t you put up bids for fans to do writing maybe that is what you need I know I would be willing. I think a fan would do much better then the so called writers right now. Especially someone
    like myself that knows the history of Days and that could offer quality writing.

    Days I really do not want to see you go off the air but my Gosh instead of it is drowning I would like to see it go off the air with dignity. Instead of out of reality writing.

    Oh Days you still can save it.

    Get Bo, Steve, Kayla and Hope a good storyline. Brady and Philip you can go in an excellent direction with Titian’s business.

    Get Lucas a new woman, Give Kate, Roman, Daniel a bon voyage party.
    Have John and Marlena come back have them have a detective agency.
    Get Stefano and Victor in an all out family war over the business.
    EJ Sami and Rafi rival.
    Oh Days do something

  40. From Pam

    I think that getting new actors on the show was a plus. The \new\ viewers do not want to watch a bunch of old people kissing, etc. Change can be good. Maybe they need to make a Days of our Lives in a nursing home. That way the old viewers can watch. Oh by the way I have watched Days for 44 years. Think positive.

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