Soap Opera Fan Blog Talks with General Hospital’s Sonya Eddy.

It’s always interesting to me how easy it is for fans to forget that their favorite soap characters aren’t actual people.

To that end, I decided to do an interview series to help us all keep everyone straight! One of the actors I went to was Sonya Eddy, who plays gruff nurse Epiphany. (This was my first interaction with Sonya and I was thrilled to finally get connected with her.) Here’s how she differentiated herself from her character:

Soap Opera Fan Blog: Describe your idea of a perfect weekend.

Sonya: I am a very simple chick. I like to just wake up on Saturday morning and decide on what to do. I’d most likely choose to hop in the car, point it in a general direction and go. Stopping here and there on the journey when I see something that looks interesting. I’m that person who looks around, sees the World’s Largest Ball of String and says to my travel buddy, “Oooooh, let’s go check that out!” Consequently, on our trip, we’d learn a lot of useless information that would make a person a real ‘terror’ while playing Trivial Pursuit! Hahahaha!

Epiphany: Epiphany is more of a planner. She’d have the tickets booked months in advance, know exactly where she’d be staying, how long it would take to unpack and get out to enjoy the adventure that she’d come to experience. Yes, a little regimented, but with a method to her madness. I doubt that one would ever find Epiphany in Vegas, but she’d definitely be into Island hopping, or an excursion to New York! She’d be
the one reading from the Tourist book and leading the pack! To travel with her, you’d have to be willing to give up the reins, sit back and enjoy what she’s planned. But rest assured, you’d have fun and see things that you’d never have known existed!

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What regrets do you have?

Sonya: I am not a person who believes in regrets. You do what you do, and if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you expected it to, then that must’ve been the way for it to go. Fatalistic? Probably.

Epiphany: Epiphany’s biggest regret, I think, is that she never really took the time to get to know her son, Stanford. He was a genuinely interesting person. She was so worried about his future that she didn’t stop to listen to him about his life and why he made the choices he made.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What kind of pet most appeals to you?

Sonya: I am a dog person! I have a wonderful little Chihuahua mix that I just adopted this past October and he is on his way to being the most spoiled canine this side of the Mississippi! His name is Wyatt, and he’s absolutely wonderful.

Epiphany: I think Epiphany leaves GH every day and heads home to her Mancoon, which she has named Peaches. She likes that the cat is there waiting for her at the door when she gets home. Folks would probably be shocked to see how sweet she is on this cat! It probably has a room all to its own in her house.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: Your choice of comfort food?

Sonya: When I’ve had a challenging day, now don’t barf, I love a wonderful combo of Sushi and ice cream! Not on the same plate, though!

Epiphany: As she had mentioned on Night Shift, Piph can really get into some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. But not the usual flavors. Give her a bowl of coffee ice cream and all is well with the world.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: If you could change one thing about yourself (besides a physical attribute), what would it be?

Sonya: Hmmmmm, Let’s see, I am pretty happy with myself. Not to sound funky, but I wouldn’t be who I am if I changed anything.

Epiphany: I don’t think Piph would change anything about herself either. She’s a tough lady and likes herself just fine the way she is.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What do you and your character have in common?

Sonya: We are both women who go after what we want in an organized and focused manner.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What about your character drives you nuts?

Sonya: Not a thing. Epiphany is who she is.

Soap Opera Fan Blog: What, if anything, about your character do you wish described you?

Sonya: Wow. I am kinda jealous of how well she can do her hair!

This is fun. The next time we see Epiphany behind that nurses’ desk, I think I’ll picture Sonya taking pictures of the World’s Largest Ball of String! Come back to Soap Opera Fan Blog soon to see who else we talked to.

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