The Bold and the Beautiful Interview: Kyle Lowder!

Kyle talks B&B, The Soup and Days of our Lives!

When we recently talked with The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Kyle Lowder (Rick), we learned how he felt about his character pairing up with Steffy. Considering she is his ex-girlfriend’s sister and ex-fiancée’s daughter, it’s been a pretty controversial move among the fans. To find out what he had to say on that subject, check out our sister site, but to find out what how Kyle feels about working with his onscreen nemesis Susan Flannery (Stephanie), what the future holds for both Kyle and Rick, and what he thought about appearing on “The Soup”, keep reading!

The feud between Stephanie and the Logans has pretty much been raging on since the show first aired in 1987, and from the looks of things, there is no end in sight. As the son of Brooke Logan, Rick has been passed the torch when it comes to battling Stephanie and the viewers have recently been treated to some pretty intense and volatile scenes between the two. Holding his own against Stephanie’s Emmy Award winning portrayer, Susan Flannery, Kyle is loving every minute of it.

“It’s amazing every time. I could sound very cliché and politically correct in our entertainment business and say (in his best pretentious voice), ‘Yes, Susan Flannery. Great actress. Love working with her,’ but I mean it. Every last word of it. She makes me a better actor, she makes me want to work harder and she just keeps me on my toes,” he enthused. “She’s always coming at me; she really makes me think, really makes me work harder and not to mention she’s like viciously ferocious in the delivery of her work and how protective Stephanie is of her family. Susan’s just so wonderful and it’s wonderful to be a part of that and to work with her.”

If you’ve been loving the battle between the two as much as Kyle has, you’re in for a good time, as he previewed there is a lot more to come. Even though he believes the show won’t ever directly address the fact that Stephanie knew Rick was manipulating everyone before it culminated in Phoebe’s death, Kyle acknowledged that it is something the writers use to fuel the flames between the characters.

“That happened a while ago and they don’t seem to be looking over their shoulders right now, but I think whether that was said or not, I think that was the basis for the feud between Rick and Stephanie and that will continue. I’ve been told that’s something they want to keep alive. There’s scenes coming up, very poignant scenes between Rick and Stephanie and she does touch upon that stuff.”

As for other glimpses into the future of B&B, Kyle teased, “Ridge and Rick’s relationship is still very much present and the future of their relationship is touched upon coming up as well. I’m happy to say, things that are going on right now are going to be explored further and in more depth, which I love. People complain that the show kind of glosses over some things. I can be happy to say the story points that are going on right now are continuing in more depth and continuing in the future.”

With Kyle’s future looking happily tied up on B&B, he had to turn down any notion of reprising the role he previously played for six years on Days of our Lives. That role was of course Brady Black, which ultimately went to Passions alum Eric Martsolf (ex-Ethan).

Of Martsolf taking over the role, Kyle stated, “I know the guy. I like the guy a lot, he’s a good friend. Knowing the role is being played by him, I love it. I’m happy for him and it’s good for the role. I’m hearing great things from Ari (Zucker, Nicole on Days and Kyle’s wife) that he’s doing well over there and the fans like him and the show likes him. She said he’s been fitting in just fine over there. I really am happy for him. The fact that he’s playing the role makes it all good.”

Passing around even more praise, Kyle couldn’t say enough good things about another of his onscreen B&B rivals, Ronn Moss (Ridge), especially when the discussion turned to their appearance on the “The Soup”. If you’re not familiar with the program, “The Soup” is basically a show that makes fun of and points out the absurdity of other TV shows. B&B has been featured a few times, but the episode where Ridge repeatedly says Rick’s name the day they fought on the rooftop seemed to have stood out. The clip came in at number five on their 2008 end of the year ‘Clipdown’ special and the producers called to see if Kyle and Ronn wanted to appear on the show in person.

Recalling their humorous appearance (click here to see the video clip), Kyle shared, “Of course I had a great time on there, but I’m just thrilled that Ronn had a chance to do that. Ronn is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He’s so funny and such an amazing outgoing personality; just a great guy to be around and I don’t think people know that because of the character Ridge that he plays on the show. Ronn’s appearance on “The Soup” just gave him an opportunity to show off how funny he can be and how much of a goofball sometimes.”

Even though “The Soup” ‘thrashed’ B&B, Kyle took it in stride and saw the humor and even the benefit in it. “If you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at,” he wondered. “And lets be honest, I’m not going to take some of the stuff on this show too seriously. At the end of the day you gotta laugh. It was an unbelievable experience for me personally, but I was glad we were able to represent the show on such a large medium like that.”

Although his acting career is solid and taking up most of his time right now, Kyle hasn’t forgotten his other love: music. “I’m always working and in the studio recording new things and writing music and things like that. It’s just hard to do that right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he declared. “I’m so busy [at B&B] and that is my first priority. When I have the time, whenever that may be, I almost want to say I don’t want the time right now, because I’m enjoying being busy on the show, but when I have the time, I’ll try to get something out there. It means the world to me that I have a lot of requests to get a CD out there or something on iTunes and I do want that.”

In the meantime, Kyle’s fans will have to settle for watching him everyday on B&B. Since his character has been front and center for some time and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon, that should keep them pretty happy.

Headshot photo credit: The Bold and the Beautiful; screenshot photo credit: Soap Opera Fan Blog

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  1. From Eula Verret

    I finally am able to rate Kyle Lowder on is acting — Kyle Lowder is an outstanding actor== –He would never really have enough air time in the past on the B&B to rate his acting abilities-Well has he shown fans what he has and more –Ridge definitely has some major acting competition from Rick-The producers created a lead role for him for several weeks. They will definitely prosper from it.He and Steffy are the future Ridge and Brooke—Awesome couple! continue to show us your acting abilities Rick-you’ll win well deserved emmy’s for it—

  2. From jennifer

    i love soap opera all of them and i love bold and the beautiful too

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