The Bold and the Beautiful Summary For January 19 – 23.

Stormy Seas’ identity revealed!

As Nick and Jackie received more Forrester designs from the mystery emailer, Stormy Seas, Clarke discovered what was going on and stated he was on board, considering he and Sally used to do the same thing back in the day. Nick was still apprehensive and wanted to figure out who was behind it before they moved forward with production. He and Jackie talked to the prime suspects: Stephanie, Thorne, Katie and Felicia, but still couldn’t figure out who was sending the designs. Nick received yet another email from Stormy Seas who said he/she would give them the entire Forrester collection if Nick would make him/her president of Jackie M. Nick was apprehensive, but Jackie felt they needed to meet this person’s demands in order to save the company. Nick reluctantly agreed and as promised, they received sketches of the whole collection.

Bridget ran into Owen in his office while she was looking for Donna. Owen fretted over possibly losing his job at FC because his swimwear line wasn’t doing very well. He soon switched subjects and told her she got the wrong idea when she came by his place the other day. He then planted a juicy wet one on her and although taken by surprise, Bridget responded with a steamier kiss.

Rick and Steffy discussed how difficult it was to hide their relationship from everyone. Steffy didn’t want to hurt her father by being with Rick and suggested that since they couldn’t have a relationship in public, they should end things. Rick, however, said he had a plan that would prove to Steffy how much she meant to him and that they could be together.

Just 24 hours after receiving the designs, the Jackie M preview for the press and buyers got underway. Nick nervously skulked around, while Jackie and Clarke drank in all the praise they were receiving. Katie stopped by and was stunned to see Forrester designs on Jackie M models. She confronted Nick and he confessed someone from Forrester emailed him the designs. Katie immediately called Eric to tell him and he rushed over to the fashion show. Eric confronted Jackie (who denied any wrongdoing) and vowed to make her pay for stealing from him.

Meanwhile, Nick received a text message from Stormy Seas who told him it was time to ‘pay the piper’. Nick went to his office and was stunned to find Rick there. Rick explained he couldn’t live under the constant persecution at Forrester anymore and saw being president of Jackie M as a new start for him. Nick welcomed him aboard, but thought they should keep it quiet until the dust settled.

Rick met Steffy in his office and told her what he had done. Steffy was stunned, but Rick said they would now be able to live out in the open on their own terms. Meanwhile, Brooke went to Nick to find out who did this to Forrester, but Nick told her she should let it go for her own good.

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