The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 26 – 30.

Eric fixes Rick’s mess while Stephanie does some detective work.

Steffy was stunned after hearing Rick confess he stole the designs and gave them to Jackie M. She told him they were over and Rick set out to tell Eric the truth, thinking it would make a difference with Steffy. When Rick did confess all to Eric, papa Forrester angrily lashed out at his son and told him he would always live in the shadow of Ridge. A lot of conversation and rehashing of events ensued and even though Rick offered to leave the company and the family, Eric vowed to stick by him. They met with Nick and Eric told him he could keep the designs, but Rick wouldn’t be working for him as President. If Nick didn’t agree to the terms, then Eric would take legal action. Nick eventually agreed and after getting Steffy on board, they made a pact to tell no one else how Nick got the designs.

Ridge and Stephanie came to the conclusion that Rick was responsible for giving Jackie M the Forester collection and went to Eric. Eric told them it was a dead issue and he would seek legal action if Stephanie went to the press with it. Ridge and Stephanie then spent the rest of the week vowing revenge on Rick.

Eric summoned Steffy to his office to reiterate how important it was to keep mum on Rick’s actions and she was floored by his ability to forgive him. Eric told her Rick needed them and they had to support him. Steffy then went to Rick, in awe of Eric’s understanding nature. Rick berated himself for doing what he did for the sake of their relationship and called himself crazy for doing it, but Steffy said maybe they were both crazy – crazy in love. As Steffy and Rick shared a close moment, Stephanie came up to the door and witnessed it.

Jackie received a portfolio from an anonymous designer and was duly impressed. She contacted the designer via email and set up a meeting, whereupon she discovered it was none other than Bridget. Bridget confessed her love of design that she had been keeping secret since childhood. She wanted to try and make it as a designer on her own, without the help of her family and asked Jackie to give her that chance. Jackie was happy to oblige, but they decided to keep it a secret until Bridget proved herself.

Nick worried about Katie, who was intentionally ignoring his calls. When she finally did come to see him, Nick explained he only wanted to protect his family and that’s why he used Forrester designs. Katie understood, but was still wary about his feelings for Bridget. Nick assured Katie he felt badly about their breakup and would always care about Bridget, but he loved only her.

Stephanie took it upon herself to do some snooping and found an email exchange between Rick and Steffy where they decided to meet up at the beach house. Stephanie headed over there and fumed while spying on Rick and Steffy as they admitted they loved each other, talked about Rick stealing the designs and kissed.

Meanwhile, Ridge broke it to Brooke that he believed Rick was the one to steal Forrester’s latest collection, but she wouldn’t hear of it and accused him of being under Stephanie’s influence. At the same time, Bridget told her father she was taking a leave of absence from the hospital, which he supported. He then admitted he feared Rick was headed for a breakdown and Bridget promised she would make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

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