The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Jan 30-Feb 2!

This is it, folks. The last day of Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), who we remember as first coming to the show as a sexy pool boy and winding up an executive! He’ll be missed.

Friday, from his car, Brad hears Noah calling for help. He goes to Noah and pulls him from the water, but he’s not found, afterwards. Nick and Michael find out Noah’s in emerg and the blame game goes around. Nick blames Eden and Michael, while Abby blames Eden. Later in the week, Michael questions how good of a parent he is. He shares a moment with Eden.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ashley have a discussion about Abby. He agrees with Brad, that he shouldn’t allow Victor to raise Abby, but will that matter, now that it’s obvious that Brad’s dead and gone? When Brad doesn’t meet the ladies for dinner, later, their worry grows. Colleen asks JT to help her find Brad.

Noah will wake up, wondering who saved him, while Nick realizes Sharon doesn’t know about Noah yet. He’s got to go to her! Course, Phyllis doesn’t like that. Her insecurities get so bad, she decides to dump on Jack and follow Nick to the cabin…but what’ll happen up there? Nick and Sharon get stranded together. Will they resist temptation? Do you want them to? Let’s hear it from all you Phick’s and Shicks!

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  1. From Barbara

    I think Nick will hold out until he read the letter she wrote. Sharon didn’t burn it she made a ball out of it and left it by the fire. After reading it he will finally get his memory back. Then they will give in too temptation of true love!

  2. From ashley

    ew dont put nick and sharon
    back together, ive never liked them together and i wont.

    nick and phyliss should stay together still, sharon seems way to despert and its just so annoying if i was phyliss i would be worried too, nick needs to man up and choice someone and stop being a cheater, does he not even care about his marriages or how his kids will take this, cause he didnt when he cheated on sharon, and sure doesnt seem like he will with Phyliss. He also has to think about how summer will take this, and also how noah will, sure noah will like his parents back together but he has grown close to jack and now hes gone, and now phyliss. wow is this like another victor/nikki type thing. wow

  3. From Latoya

    I want nick and Sharon back together so much phylis ruined their marriage and she should get hurt I hope nick leaves her.

  4. From Bonnie K

    I love Nick & Phyllis together but Phyllis has so many insecurities that it is to bad that she is pushing Nick & Sharon together. I always thought Brad & Sharon would get together. I have been a #1 fan to Young & Restless since day one.
    I think putting Nick & Sharon together again would be good. They always had such good chemistry together.

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