The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For January 26 – 30!

Eden and Noah find themselves in trouble, Brad goes missing, Amber is questioned and Gloria strikes a huge deal…

Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel broke into the pawnshop but were interrupted when the owner returned! After avoiding getting caught, they managed to walk away with a receipt for Kay’s ring! Little did they know, the pawnshop owner later reported the break-in – and Detective Gil questioned Amber after finding her cell phone on the property! While Amber and the gang stuck by Katherine, Clint furthered his plan and had Roger propose to Esther – who accepted! Michael was furious by how Amber, Daniel, Kevin and Jana obtained Kay’s ring receipt but agreed to look at it – and was tricked by Eden, while distracted, and gave her permission to attend a made-up school event! After Michael contacted the gem dealer and set up a showing of the ring, the man was shocked to see Katherine!

Nick found Phyllis meeting with Brad, and the two argued about Sharon, until Nick ultimately punched Brad in the face for trashing his wife! When Phyllis continued to show her mistrust of Nick, he packed a bag and left! Though Nick spent the night at Restless Style, Phyllis convinced him to go home to see Summer, but neither knew where they’d go from there.

Later, with both Nick and Sharon separately out of town, and after checking with Michael, Phyllis trusted Noah and gave him permission to attend the ‘school function’ with Eden. However, even though Phyllis drove the kids to the bowling alley, Eden and Noah went to the lake and drank whiskey over talk of their family problems, having no idea that Nick found out that their was no school function, called Michael and laid into him and Phyllis for having been had, especially not knowing where the kids were now – with a snow storm rolling in! Back at the lake, Noah tried to show Eden how to ice skate but noticed the ice cracking and screamed for Eden to run for help!

Nikki took a jab at Ashley and claimed that Victor was only using her and Abby – and said they’d realize that when he allowed himself to think of Sabrina again! However, Victor reassured Ashley that they were not just a distraction to him then went to lash out at Nikki, who informed him that her sister Casey had cancer – and she was leaving to be with her! Victor and Nikki then shared a civil moment where he offered to bring in a specialist to help Casey.

Back at the jail, Victor offered Gloria an excess amount of money for her Jabot shares – and she took it, with the stipulation that it would be held for six months to prove her silent loyalty! After Victor summonsed Billy for a meeting, and offered him a job at Newman if he ever tired of Jabot, Billy turned him down – but didn’t feel the need to share the information with Jack! Later, pushing forward with his plan, Victor gave Gloria’s shares to Jill and demanded that Jack remain at Jabot – under Billy, who he wanted appointed as CEO! Jill had no choice but to agree!

When Victor needed to prove wrongdoing in order to have Brad removed from the Newman Board, Vikki admitted that Brad hacked into the Newman computers last year! After Brad reminded Vikki and Victor that he was promised immunity for his crime, he refused to step down – but Victor threatened him with Abby! Later, when Victor told Ashley about his issues with Brad, she warned him that his actions could hurt Abby – and begged Victor to let her try to convince Brad to resign quietly.

After Jack was served with divorce papers, and went to the cabin to briefly deal with a maintenance issue, Sharon and Jack parted ways, realizing their marriage was truly over. Still at the cabin, Sharon was later surprised by a visit from Brad, after he’d been urged by Traci to follow his heart! Though Brad professed his love, Sharon admitted her one true love had always been Nick! Once alone, although Sharon tearfully wrote Nick a letter about their past life and her current love for him, she threw it in a trash bin and screamed, “I can’t do this!”

Trying to beat the storm, Brad ended up having car trouble. When he got out to check his car, he heard someone screaming for help, followed the voice and ran to help Noah – who had fallen through the ice!

Later, when word spread about Eden and Noah’s whereabouts, Nick, Phyllis, Michael and Lauren were called to the hospital, where Eden explained how Noah fell through the ice, how she ran to a house to call 911, but when she returned Noah was laying on the ice unconscious! Though she said Noah was being treated for hypothermia, Eden had no idea how Noah got out of the water. Back at the GCAC, Jack got word about Noah and rushed to the hospital – and Abby, who was waiting for Brad to show up for dinner, blamed Eden for the accident! When Noah came to, he told everyone he had no idea how he got out of the lake!

Back at the lake, with his car covered in snow, Brad’s scarf rested by his flashlight near the hole where Noah feel in!

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