Days of Our Lives Daily Recap for February 13.

You Are Going Down Philip K.

Brady strolls into Titan looking for Melanie. He asks Steph if she’s seen her. Philip walks in and tells them both that he fired her. Brady thinks he’s insane for firing the person who could make them millions. Philip explains why he fired her but Brady is sure that he must have ‘pissed her off’. “You went bungee jumping without a rope,” Brady suggests. Philip smirks and they bicker until he gets a call from Nicole and leaves. Philip turns to Steph and asks if he should take her off his speed dial after she dumped him last night. She’s scared of this new side of him. He refuses to be a mild-manner, unambitious person. She wants to like him for who he is and accuses him of pretending to be someone else so she would fall in love with him. He laughs and tells her that she fell in love with the ‘bad’ him and really doesn’t want him to change. She claims to want a kind and sensitive man. Philip thinks she’s delusional and has a huge ego; the good girl thing is all an act. She gets angry but he breathes deep. “It’s insane that you think you know me better than I know me!” she shouts. He asks her out for lunch. She turns him down and flounces off.

Melanie shows up at the Cheatin’ Heart to get the blueprints from Max. He won’t hand them over; Nick gave them to him for safekeeping. She tells him how tough she is and how she can take down the DiMera and Kiriakis families with her hands tied behind her back. Max finds this hard to swallow and claims he can’t trust her. She offers to cut him in on the cash she should soon have rolling in. “Forget it,” he says. When he leaves to let a delivery in, she slips over to the bar and looks over the blueprints. Max returns and barks at her. She claims she can’t understand any of it and nervously laughs before edging out the door. “You are going down Philip K.,” she giggles to herself.

At the mansion, Nicole feeds the baby and tells her how much she loves her. Elvis arrives with a newspaper in hand and a big surprise. Opening up the society page, he flashes their wedding announcement. She’s shocked to see that he’s officially set a date, March 18. He apologizes for being presumptuous and she wishes he had been more careful. She asks him to push it back a few weeks and he agrees and then sits down to write her a check for a bridal gown. He hands her the check for $10,000 and then takes the baby upstairs.

As Nicole goes to the door, Melanie pops up looking for EJ. He sends his fiancée off shopping and lets Mel in. As she checks out the mansion, he asks what she has for him. “Enough for you to destroy Philip Kiriakis and his daddy’s company,” she offers. After she sits down, it quickly becomes apparent that she doesn’t have the blueprints. EJ already knows about the injunction and the fact that she’s been fired. While she may have been fired, she left with all of her smarts, she says. That doesn’t impress him. She asks for a piece of paper and a pencil. Sitting at the desk, she begins to scribble while he drinks. He’s baffled. She hands over the first half of the formula. He’s skeptical since she’s a ‘pint sized petty thief’. She explains that she has a photographic memory and what she wrote is an exact duplicate of what Titan has. When she threatens to leave, he stops her, impressed. “Money now. The rest of the formula later,” she says. He doesn’t think that will be a problem.

Brady meets Nicole by the pier. To his surprise, she hands him the $10,000 she owes him. She just hopes that it’s over with Baker and Mia now and worries that the other shoe will drop; she can’t lose EJ and Sydney now. He realizes that there is more going on than she is telling him. She refuses to drag him into her mess anymore and walks away. He gets on the phone and asks Nico to track down Dr. Baker. Soon, he meets with him in the alley. After accusing the doctor of using Nicole as an ATM, he throws him against the wall and threatens to break his neck.

Nicole returns to the mansion and tells EJ that she hasn’t found the right dress yet. She’s no longer angry about the wedding date, but she needs to get all of her ducks in a row. They make out and then he runs off to finish some work. Suddenly, Mia calls her. She needs to talk about her baby.

Philip runs into Steph at the pub. She attempts to avoid him, but he tells her that he’s been wrong and she’s a sweet girl. He asks her if they can start with a clean slate and introduces himself, offering her his hand. She shakes and smirks. He tells her that he is insecure and becomes shy when he cares about someone. Holding her hand, he tells her how much he wants this to work. They start to kiss when Melanie stomps in and apologizes for earlier. She offers to ‘let bygones be bygones’ and walks off. Philip assumes this can’t be good.

At the convent, Rafe buttons his shirt and calls for Sami as the baby cries. He picks the child up in an attempt to soothe her when Sami walks in. Rafe has no idea what he’s doing so Sami takes the child away from ‘Agent Big Bad Wolf’. He admires her technique but she thinks she’s better at abandoning her children; she misses them all so much. He reminds her that she will be home soon and her baby will be in good hands. She still refuses to take her child back to town, sure that Nicole is capable of anything, even when it comes to children. Sami’s also sure that EJ would drop Nicole if he found out about her baby. Rafe offers her her his phone, but he doubts EJ would be thrilled to learn that she ran off and tried to hide his child. He’s sure that she would lose custody of both of her children with Elvis. “Whose side are you on?” Sami snaps. “Hers,” he says, looking at the baby. He leaves to get lunch, she picks up the paper and notices that Nicole had a baby the same day she did. As she stares at the wedding announcement, she imagines herself standing in Nicole’s place. Part of her would like to crash and ruin the wedding, but, for Grace’s sake, she can’t do that.

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  1. From Melissa McPherson

    I would like to know the title of the song and the name of the artist that sings the song from the February 3 Days of Our Lives. The scene I am referring to is where Phillip and Stephanie are at the Cheatin’ Heart. They dance and kiss during this particular song that I am thinking about.

  2. From melissa

    i’m so insulted! i hate nicole and she named that little girl what i named my son. i’m not going to watch. it’s much of a better use of time to read this blog instead of painfully watch these people be stupid.

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