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You’ve Done Something.

In an alley, Brady has Dr. Baker by the throat. He makes him swear to stay away from Nicole. After he lets him go, Baker tells him that he wanted no part of this entire thing. Brady isn’t interested in listening to his excuses. “Why do you care so much?” the doctor wonders. They’ve been friends a long time, Brady explains. “When it comes to Nicole Walker, you, sir, are a fool,” Baker says.

In his room, Elvis is on the phone with one of his men. They tell him that Melanie’s numbers check out. EJ is thrilled. Downstairs, Nicole gets a shock when Mia calls her from a theater in Tokyo. She wants to know how her baby is doing. Nicole admits, “I can’t do that.” Mia is confused. Nicole reminds her that the child isn’t her baby anymore. Mia can’t stop thinking and crying about the baby, but Nicole forbids her to ever call again. “Who are you talking to?” EJ queries as he pops up behind her. She hangs up and claims it was a telemarketer. He runs out to take care of some business. Mia calls back and says that something is not right. “Maybe I should come home and take my baby back,” she suggests. Her dancing career isn’t going well. Once more, Nicole tells her again not to call anymore and hangs up.

Steve finds Kayla trying to climb out of her hospital bed. She wants to get to Hope’s hearing, sure that she can help heal things between her brother and Hope. Meanwhile, Bo runs into Fancy Face at the courthouse. She still doesn’t want to talk to him about what’s happened. “Maybe not for a long time, maybe never,” she adds. Bo admits he’s screwed up. She’s screwed up too and is sure she’ll lose her job for it. He promises to help but she doesn’t want his promises. Roman and Abe file in and she walks away.

In the courtroom, the facts of the case are quickly established and Bo is asked to testify. He is asked if Hope followed the letter of the regulations. Bo admits that she did not do so and acted without following orders. He tries to tell them what a great detective his wife is, but the board isn’t interested in hearing anymore. Before they can end the hearing, Kayla shows up, demanding to be heard. She tells them that Hope saved her life. They note that she is related to Hope and thank her before asking her to go. Steve wheels her out and her family thanks her as she goes. Bo complains about what a fiasco this is. Suddenly, a dejected Hope comes out. Roman and Abe leave the couple alone. She hands Bo her badge and walks away without saying a word.

Melanie bumps into Philip at the pub. She doesn’t want to stick around and talk to him. “You’ve done something,” he accuses before launching into a threat. Steph leaps up and gets between them. Melanie steps away as her phone rings. It’s EJ. He wants to meet her by the pier to ‘cement things’. She turns to Philip, reminding him that he fired her for being ‘a piece of trash’ and storms out. Philip is still sure something is going on and rushes off as Chelsea and Max arrive.

Steph tells Chelsea how cruel Philip has been lately. It’s a real turn off for her and they can’t seem to talk through it. When Max returns to the two women with drinks, Steph flounces off to avoid another argument with him about Philip. With her gone, Max and Chelsea argue about who is really ruining Stephanie’s life. She returns and repeats that she doesn’t want to listen to this. After she walks out, Max begins to rant, insisting that he only cares about Steph as a friend. Chelsea doesn’t buy it. He tells her that she can’t tell him how he feels. She thinks he’s stuck in his own little world, constantly obsessed over Melanie, Stephanie and Philip. He doesn’t like being accused of this and insists that he is only worried about his sister. When she asks him if they are just friends, the same way he is ‘just friends’ with Stephanie, he becomes confused and stumbles through some incoherent sentence fragments. “I shouldn’t have to spell this out for you!” she shouts. She wants more than friendship.

EJ meets Melanie at the pier and hands her an envelope full of cash. He wants the rest of her ‘formulae’. She won’t give him anything more until she has a deal in writing. He agrees, but asks her why she abandoned Titan. “I care very much about loyalty,” he says. She gulps and answers his questions evasively. Philip jumps out from behind a tree. “Now why am I not surprised?” he asks, accusing Mel of stealing corporate secrets. EJ tauntingly suggests he call the police but Philip doesn’t. After Elvis leaves, Philip tears open her purse and pulls out the wad of cash EJ gave her. He realizes she must have given EJ more than empty promises. As he squints and tries to guess what it was, she giggles. He gets angrier and throws the money at her. Laughing, she picks it up and tells him it doesn’t have to be this way. “You have to make a gesture of good faith,” she prompts.

As Nicole walks across the mansion, Brady arrives at the door, demanding to know what else happened with her and the doctor. She orders him to stay out of this but he refuses and tells her about his run-in with Baker. She’s special to him and he wants her to confide in him. Nicole cares about him too but is afraid that he will turn on her too. “Just be my friend?” she asks, hugging him. He agrees to do that and departs. Instantly, she calls Baker and tells him to stay away from Brady. “Why didn’t you tell me about this other guy you’re sleeping with?” Baker asks. Her jaw drops. She insists they are just friends and claims this is all idiotic. She goes upstairs to sit and talk to the baby about how everything is going wrong. Elvis returns. He’s barely through the door when she rushes into his arms. “Make love to me,” she tells him. He reminds her that they can’t do that; she just had a baby.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

“As if I’d give up Stephanie for you!” Philip groans. “Then your loss is EJ DiMera’s gain,” Melanie says.

“I have feelings for you and why wouldn’t I? I’m a normal person with normal needs!” Chelsea explains to Max.

“I can’t wait for Samantha to come back to Salem and ruin my life. Hey! I’ll throw her a freaking party!” Nicole rants to EJ.

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  1. From Cathy

    Tired of Nichole’s crap!! I hate her messing with people’s lives and people feeling sorry for her and helping her. She’s the snake!! Get rid of her!!!

  2. From Days of Our Lives Daily Recap. | |

    [...] Days of Our Lives Daily Recap. | [...]

  3. From dc

    brady is gonna get in way over his head with nicole and still not know the real truth about what she did. when will he learn? probably never since i think he has feelings for her.
    sure hope we see more of victor and stefano in the weeks and months ahead. ya know, it would be nice if victor could marry caroline and then she could leave the sole ownership of the pub to max.
    i can see stefano and kate together, maybe. i’m not sure what is going to happen with ej and nicole when sami comes back to town. but i sure would like to see sami with rafe. they had some chemistry.

  4. From jo

    love to see sami and rafe together. cant wait until nicole gets caught. hope it doesn’t go on too long

  5. From Gladys

    I would like to know how Brady is going to feel when he finds out that Nicole stole his step sisters baby. Even though they are not blood related, they sorta grew up together. That is his niece and I would think that would piss him off. When will Ej be the wiser. I am sorry I have been watching this show for 20 years. I am so over it, Nicole needs to go. The truth needs to come out.

  6. From Mary Oneschuk

    This thing with Nicole has gone on long enough.Ever since November. How boring. Isn’t it time for this thing with Nicole to be over. E j needs to find out very soon. My mind says find another chanel but my heart says see it through

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