Days of Our Lives Galen Gering Hits Primetime! (Updated)

Days of Our Lives‘ Galen Gering Guest Stars on “10 Items or Less.”


Galen’s air date has been bumped. Viewers will now be able to catch his episode when it airs on February 24. Check your local listings for details.

Don’t miss Galen when he appears on the TBS comedy, “10 Items or Less” this week. In  the episode, titled, “Sesquicentennial”, he will be playing a polygamist named Dale. What will happen when he begins dating series regular Ingrid?

Original Article: November 25.

Although he only recently started to play Rafe, the unfortunate FBI agent assigned to protect Sami, Days of Our Lives Galen Gering already has another gig lined up. The actor has a guest-starring role on a Primetime TV series that will see him stretching his talents in new ways.

Gering will be appearing as a character named “Dale” in the second episode TBS’ “10 Items or Less.” The episode is scheduled to air in January 2009. The cable series concentrates on a family-owned grocery store. Already in its third season, the show combines scripted dialogue and improvisation. It was created by improv actor John Lehr and also stars Robert Clendenin (“That 70’s Show”), Roberta Valderrama (“ER”) and Greg Davis Jr. (“The King of California”). In an added bit of Days trivia, the series also features Erin Chambers, who you may remember as Lacey, Theo’s babysitter.

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  1. From Cora Guevara

    I can’t that Nickle lossed her baby. Why did she have to loss it? Nickle & EJ should be together. Nickle needs some good things happening to her. She sould have a baby with EJ , get married with EJ. If you guys that write the storie can’t do any better them we need NEW writers!!

  2. From Cora Guevara

    I love Days of your lives & anything that has to do with it.

  3. From Lisa

    Can’t wait to see it I hope I have the station though….

    Congrats to G.G.!

  4. From 10 items or less |

    [...] Days of Our Lives Galen Gering Hits Primetime. Days of Our Lives‘ Galen Gering Guest Stars on “10 Items or Less.” Although he only recently started to play Rafe, the unfortunate FBI agent assigned to protect Sami, Days of Our Lives Galen Gering already has another gig lined up. The actor has a guest-starring role on a Primetime TV series … [...]

  5. From linda

    i love galen gering, he’s the best looking hunk on days or any other soap. way to go days for landing him!

  6. From Casandra

    Isn’t Galen the guy from Passions? Well anyway, he is the sexxxiest man ever! I’m glad you came to work on my favorite soap opera because now I get to see you more often.

  7. From Freda M

    I think Rafe and Sammie should hook up- they have great chemistry, and I think it would spice things up around Salem…Please think about it since everything else doesn’t seem to be working-with the ax of John and Marlena

  8. From Freda M

    I think Rafe and Sammie should hook up-they seem to have great chemistry and with the crazy firings of a loving couple of John and Marlena, maybe Rafe and Sammie can have a chance to bring some sizzle to the show….

  9. From Kelly

    How on earth can they fire some of the main characters that have been on the show as long as I have been watching (since I was a child). The writers are insane! As far as Sami and Rafe, they would make an awesome couple.


    Well I guess keeping Sami with Rafe is coming to a end soon
    So what is next for Sami don’t put her back with Lucas

    I hope you can find a way to keep Rafe after all Sami is on the Biggest Loser Show

  11. From diania

    please don’t kill off rafe on days, he really would be the perfect match for sami!! I would love to see them together.

  12. From robyn

    This is great for Galens career. Hopefully he will become a regular on the show. Primetime get’s a lot more exposure than daytime, especially with how DOOL is being written at the moment.

    As for Rafe, I don’t care if the character stays or goes, but him and Sami as a couple are almost as boring as Lumi. They have chemistry like siblings not as a couple.

  13. From robyn

    Good for Galen. Hopefully he will become a regular. Primetime is much better for anyone’s career than daytime, especially with the way DOOL is being written right now.

    As for Sami and Rafe. They have chemistry like siblings. I see nothing romantic there and hope that tptb don’t force one like they did with Lucas and Chloe. “Safe” is boring!

  14. From yandrfan

    i take that means ‘rafe’ wont be staying around DAYS?

  15. From almondjy

    PLEASE, please keep Rafe on Days. I enjoy watching it because he is on. Sami and Rafe make a great couple on the show. I look forward to watching DAYS, hoping Rafe will be on. He is sooooooo cute.

  16. From sheila

    I would like to see Rafe(Galen) stay on Days and he and Sami together. They just fit together and she can’t get anything over on her. Do you know if galen was at the Country Music Awards april 4. I thought I saw him on t.v there in the audience.

  17. From Lissie

    You can’t get rid of Rafe. He’s the best thing that has happened to Days in a very long time. I dream of this guy all the time. He is sooooo good looking and the best actor~~==!!

  18. From Gail

    They need to keep Sami and Rafe together and not separate them after a few months. He is definitely the BEST thing that DAYS has had in ages!!! The writers need to step it up a little with the storylines, tho. Some of them are getting old. At least I am glad to see that now its the Kiriakis and Demira families feuding instead of the Bradys and DiMiras.

  19. From barb

    Rafe is the most handsome actor (man) I have seen in a long time.. He makes my heart race every time I see him. Please Keep him on Days..

  20. From Erin

    OK….Ken Corday has all these plans for Rafe/Sami/Nicole and EJ….so why would he make plans to leave DOOL here in the next couple of months???? that doesn’t make any sense…..I mean for crying out loud, Viewers have been waiting MONTHS for Sami and Rafe to FiNALLY be together….now that they are….He’s leaving the show? What’s up with that storyline?……..I am NOT liking that one bit!!

  21. From Erin

    IF THIS:\Gering will be appearing as a character named “Dale” in the second episode TBS’ “10 Items or Less.” The episode is scheduled to air in January 2009\ IS the Fret people are talking about…..Hello!!!!!! this is May 2009 and he is STILL on Days of our Lives….So, WHat else is going on that Us viewers don’t know about???? Is he Staying or Leaving? all I know is that he Better not be leaving and he better be staying!!!!

  22. From Kathy

    I love Rafe. I think Sami and Rafe or great together. They compliment one another well. He takes her for how she is and she
    loves him and he loves her as may mother in law would say trouble and all that follow Sami. Yea Rafe.

  23. From dee

    i watch days mainly because of rafe too. he’s a great addition to the cast.

  24. From Robin H

    I am so sick of the Bo and Hope story line. They are BORING. I use to like them as a couple about twenty years ago when they first started out, now I can’t stand them. The way they just PUSHED the Billy and Chelsea story line right away. It was as if Chelsea doesn’t mean a thing to Bo, but Ciara is the only one who does matter. Get rid of Hope. She makes me laugh when she attempts to be Miss Tough Guy.

  25. From Robin H

    I love the Chloe and Daniel story line. When is Chloe going to wake up? Kate needs to get what she deserves and that is Life in prison for attempted murder.Phillip needs to make up his mind and stop using Melanie. Okay Days writers you need to spice things up and stop making this show so boring. I have been watching for about thiry years now and it was more exciting way back when as compared to now.

  26. From Lois

    I agree about Galen Gering, he’s the best thing that’s happened to Days and I hope they keep their wits about themselves and don’t let him escape. He’s a great actor, he and Sami are good together and they should keep it that way. The EJ and Sami story is worn out. The twin story sickened me that went on with Sami and EJ, one was EJ’s and one was Lucas’s. That’s as bad as dogs. Come on writers, let’s get real about these story lines. I’m tired of ELVIS D’Mira, and Kate getting by with her shenanigans, Stephanio, we’re used to him and he’s likable, but let’s do be realistic about some of these things!

  27. From tessa

    I HOPE GG leaves Days. He’s got to be the most boring character on the show and his scenes with fiery Sami are just painful in their dullness.

  28. From lev erne



  29. From mary smith

    the character rafe is just like most fbi guys they are all so arrogant he accuses sami of all the same things he does in the relationship only it seems ok for him to do it. i hope he does leave the show and that sami and ej can finally get together. until rafe comes back in the show down the road.

    anyway, thanks for a great show i have been watching days off and on for 45 years.

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