Days of Our Lives Poll: Bo’s Vision of Hope.

Does Bo see deception or are his visions deceiving him?

Bo and Hope just hooked up again. It seems that they find it impossible to stay apart, but something is certainly askew this time. Before agreeing to move back in, Hope made her husband promise to tell her all about his visions, no matter how gruesome. As soon as she turned her back, he had a fresh one. This time around, it involves not only Hope, but also a mysterious man. What were they doing? Something that involved them getting naked and only wearing that special glow usually reserved for afternoon sex romps in Salem. Is Bo just fantasizing about what he wants to do when he gets home, or is there more to it than that? Does Fancy Face have a fancy man?

Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts on this potentially sticky situation below.

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  1. From dc

    glad to see bo and hope back together. i think the vision he is having is just him and not someone else.
    the new guy playing will is going to be someone to watch. he may break up lucas and chloe. i read where he wants his mom and da back together.
    i would rather see sami with rafe. they make a cute couple. and maybe they could even raise grace. or it would be something if mia came back wanting her baby from nicole (but you know she never looked at the baby when it was born so she has no idea what she looks like).

  2. From dc

    oh yea, forgot to say i’m glad kate is back to her old self. she’ll get even with chloe, just wait and see. i just wonder how she will do it and what she has in store for daniel.


    I’m glad that they are back together please don’t have another story line that will put Hope with another man

    They should have way more interesting story lines than they currently have come on writers they are your Veterans

    I really want Sami and Rafe to raise Grace on thursday show the way that he was holding Grace you could tell that he really has feelings for Sami and the Baby

    The baby switching needs to end hopefully with Will and Mia coming back

    I’m thrilled that Kate caught Chloe this scene should become more interesting now

    I don’t understand why Sami lied to Lucas about Grace

    I can’t wait for the day when everything crumbles for Nicole I have this feeling either on her wedding day or before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. From cr

    Finally EJ&SAMMI back on our screen. Those two are amazing together, their love for each other is undeniable. Go EJAMI!!

  5. From bill

    i love poodles

  6. From Renee

    The baby switching story line is really not exciting. So far I have been able to guess every more. What the tired writers should put a an interesting twist in their simple story. Do you all remember when Nicole was in the process of getting Mia to give her the baby? Nicole showed Mia picture of EJ and Mia told Nicole that her baby’s Dad looked like EJ. They should write the Dad in and let him turn out to be a son that Tony did not know about. Let him be mad when he finds out who he really is. But before all of that let him blackmail Nicole. But as you know the simple writers are going to put Mia and Sami’s son together. On another note they need to let Dan have a dark past having to do with his ex-wife. And let Chloe be the one that finds out the hard way. Maybe Dan can kidnap her and she finally finds out that he is crazy and was fired and his medical license was taken away from him.

  7. From julie

    I thought the storyline of Hope leaving Bo was stupid. I could see Hope leaving if they was not getting along when the big vision happened. It is like everything is great and he made one mistake and I’m gone. I think the storyline with Lucas and Chole is stupid.

  8. From katie

    i agree with julie. to mess with only veterans, is dumb. have a happy couple once

  9. From Grandma K

    Sami should be withRafe. Let Nicole, EJ and Brady, Fight it out. Will Mia Kidnap Nicoles ( Sami’s ) Baby thinking it’s hers? Then Nicole would have to tell her the truth. Bo is having a vision of Gina, not hope.

  10. From sally annise

    I am hoping for the Sami/EJ re-union, they share two childen and Sami can reform him. This will make for wonderful suspense. Rafe is cute but they have no history.

  11. From Audrey

    Bo’s vision’s storyline started out GREAT…i really liked the change but its very stupid for them to seperate bo and hope again…this vision could be totally wrong and could be actually bo himself or nothing at all but given the current direction of days…i wouldn’t put it past this show to royally screw them up too like they have everybody else.

    I must say it was nice seeing Daniel and Chelsea yesterday, i think it was good to see daniel tell chelsea that he hurt someone decent, that person being her and that she was the reason that he was questioning who he is and what kind of man he is. I hope they put them in more scenes before Rachel leaves!!! Once Rachel leaves, daniel needs a good storyline…we need to know more about the character’s history and i would love to see him with someone new along with brady and lucas!!!

  12. From mrse

    I love Sami and Rafe together. I just can’t stand the thought of Sami being with EJ or Lucas. They treat her like she is a child, telling her she can’t have her own children. Gee…EJ raped her and well, Lucas is too much of a momma’s boy. Let her be with someone new who doesn’t know her past so much. Maybe they can have and adult relationship. I know that Sami has been a pain with her scheming but I have watched her since she was a little girl and I just want her to be one of the happy people of Salem. I think she has earned it. Let her get into trouble in good ways.

  13. From mrse

    Oh and the baby switching thing…not a fan of that. I liked Nicole for about two minutes when she lost the baby, now she needs for EJ to find out but keep them together cause they deserve each other. Don’t mess up Bo and Hope. They have always worked.

  14. From Kathy

    I am thinking maybe the father of mia’s baby is Will. Any thoughts
    on that possibility??? So, I also
    hope that Kate’s revenge is not as
    evil as she has done in the past.
    Bo and Hope ~~~ always together.
    Can’t imagine either one with
    someone else!!

  15. From Lois

    Keep Sami and Rafe togeather they really work well, it time for Sami to get a man who really loves her and dosen’t what to control her like EJ and as for Lucas he needs to put Kate in her place if she hadn’t meddle all those years ago Sami and Lucas might have worked but not now. Let Sami and Rafe raise Grace they will do a good job togeather they really care for each other and Rafe knows how Sami mind works after being with her so long and he accepts her for who she is and hasn’t tryed to change her like the other man in her life. Leave Bob and Hope alone give them a new story but leave them togeather to work on it. BRING BACK THE VETS!!!!!!

  16. From Georgia R

    I find it funny that Hope says she would never be unfaithful to Bo – has Patrick completely slipped her mind? She even thought she was pregnant with his child. I think that counts as being unfaithful- and immediately after the death of her child. Bo has been unfaithful to Hope a couple of times also. Hope totally overreacted – Bo said he couldn’t make sense of the visions and even if he told her what he saw, it still would have happened somehow – he can’t stop what is going to happen.

  17. From nancy powers

    I don’t like the show keeping Bo and Hope apart. Let’s keep them together and show a good couple working together to keep their marriage alive. I think young adults and teens watching the show, should see good things happening. our world is in such a mess, but we can look forward to happy couples in soaps. thanKs. I have watched Days since a965, alot of changes, not all bad, not all good.

  18. From pattysue


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