Days of Our Lives Poll: Multiplying Love?

The great Sami-EJ-Nicole-Rafe quadrangle refuses to abate.

Now that there are more kids floating in this square plot, things are sure to get even more complicated. Alot of things have changed since Sami left Salem for the safe house and the convent. Of course, she won’t be the only one returning to town. With Will coming back and chaos with Chloe and Lucas, Lumi fans may be hoping for a reunion of the perpetually dysfunctional supercouple. Could this whole thing turn into a ‘sexagon’? Maybe they should get Max the math genius in to figure it out.

Please vote in our poll or let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you would like to see by leaving your comments below.

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  1. From robyn

    I only want EJ and Sami together with their children.

    Rafe and Sami are just as boring as Lucas and Sami. Both EJ and Sami deserve to be with Johnny and the EJami baby. Nicole deserves nothing but a prison cell.

  2. From dc

    well, sami does not belong with ej (as far as i am concerned).
    maybe nicole deserves to be with brady. and chloe and daniel need to ride off into the sunset. (they will probably be the next ones to leave).
    i’m anxious to see what happens when will comes back.
    since chelsea is leaving, they need to find someone else for max. i don’t think stephanie will be back in his life. and with steve and kayla leaving (i wonder how they are going to write them out).
    will hope and bo be next??
    looks like all that will be left is “young” folk (except for victor and stefano).

  3. From ng

    No rape victim belongs with her rapist. That’s just twisted and sick! And Rafe is as boring as can be.

    Lumi all the way!

  4. From Days of Our Lives Poll: Multiplying Love? - SoapOperaFan Message Board

    [...] Nicole getting custody of Sami’s children None: Just make it stop! Something else To vote….. Days of Our Lives Poll: Multiplying Love? | [...]

  5. From Dee

    Sami and EJ belong together. they aren’t just loaded with chemistry, they are vibrant, fresh, energetic. Lumi is stale and tiring. I think I might like an affair with Nicole and Rafe, tho. Nafe??

  6. From annie

    stop with all these damn polls, so childish and boring. just watch or dont watch, give it all a rest

  7. From safe fan

    Sami and Rafe they are so picture perfect! Oh the Safe love is blooming

  8. From Cyn

    EJ and Sami. It is time nic gets caught and on the recieving end of Sami and EJ’s wrath.
    GO EJAMI..

  9. From clara

    Sammiand EJ together, we all know they belong together. Nicole….I really don’t care.

  10. From clara

    yes, I do from time to time.

  11. From Caroljean

    EJ and Sami NEED to find their way back to each other. After all the romance with Santeen, we need Ejami eloquence, romantic chemistry, and body-language loving!

  12. From anonymous

    Sami has 2 children each with EJ and Lucas. Who should she go to? I’m not sure. I just am glad she seems to be concerned for ALL of her children

  13. From laura

    Sami loves Lucas always will love Lucas EJ and sami were forced from the Beginning Due to Poor Writing that’s all. Once sami sees Lucas they will Rekindle their Love and Nicole and Ej will be together…

  14. From patsy

    Icannot stand another day of Nicole so I,ll just quit watching until Sami comes .But please Ilove Sami ANDwho ever but not every day like NICOLE.

  15. From Tami

    I would love for Rafe and Sami get together and see hows thing going. I can see that Rafe has feelings for Sami and also I don’t mind for Sami and EJ are together again. EJ has strong feelings for Sami, than Nicole. Please god not be with Lucas.. he’s no good for Sami. Will can handle with their parents being seperated. But for little Johnny and little baby needs Sami and EJ. I think Sami should adopt Grace (Mia’s baby) Nicole will have nothing.


    I don’t want Sami with EJ this soap opera needs a face lift

    Out with the old relationships in with the new

    I definetly think that the soap will be more interesting with newer affairs

    Have Sami and Rafe together and raise her children

    I also hope that Will is Mia’s boyfriend so everything does crumble fast for Nicole

    Also when Sami see’s Sydney for the first time she will realize how much she looks like Allie and Johnny maybe she will go back to the convent asap pick up Grace then have Mia and Will back in town

    that should end the whole baby switching ASAP how do you like that idea fans ????????????????

    As far as Chloe goes send her off with Dr Daniel

    Lucas need’s to go especially if he starts drinking again cause Sami will start to feel bad for him we don’t need her to continue on this soap in another circle over and over with Lucas ok

  17. From Millie

    I would like to see Sami and Rafe together. He is the only one who seems to not put on with her spoiled child antics.

  18. From diane

    Get rid of nicole…dump her into the pit of hell where she belongs…

  19. From rock

    EJ loves every part of Sami. The good, bad and everything in between. He’s the only one who embraced every side of her and loved her for it. The others just want her to change into the good little girl … that’s boring. As for Rafe, he fed her childish behavior (locking her in the bathroom without her clothes, staring contests, etc…). Rafe will be like every other goody goody male and want Sami to toe the straight and narrow. Sami is at her best when she’s not trying to be Carrie.

  20. From Amy

    I’m kinda torn…I really like Rafe…he’s seems like a really good guy…but I’ve always liked Sami and EJ together. I think they just click. I’m just ready for Sami to pick one and stick with it.

  21. From Kaley


    They belong together!! And no woman deserves to be with a man that does nothing but choose her last ALL the time and abuse her, neglect her, and abandon her ALL THE D*MN TIME, and that was even before EJ came on the scene that Lucas treated Sami like she was just annoying gum stuck on his shoe, and then when things didn’t work out for him…he wanted to come running back, immediately, to Sami like everything was just okay! No my girl Sami has taken enough of his abuse, neglect, and abandonment. And I’m sick of and absolutely HATE the way Lucas treats my Sami! She’s nobody’s second, third, fourth, fifth choices..and should not be abused, neglected, and abandoned the way he’s treated her for years! Including leaving her on death row for a crime that he committed, turning her son against her, and messing with her twin brother Eric and destroying his happiness! Sami does not deserve an abusive and controlling man to her like Lucas. She’s given him plenty of chances and blew all of them by abandoning her and acting like he rules and can control her, or else he’s just going to throw her to the nearest dumpster. EJ & Sami had one incident between each other, and it was NOT rape…she could have said NO! He asked her and she could have said NO, but she agreed to it the deal and bargain! At least EJ asked her, Sami didn’t offer Austin the same choice she just drugged and raped him! But they had one bad incident between each other, and after that and knowing how she felt EJ did everything he could for her, for their child, and her family to change and be there for her and he was a great husband and father to her. Hell of a lot better than Lucas EVER was to her or the children. EJ loves Sami, and she loves him! Lucas and Sami don’t love each other, and generally can’t stand one another past friendship, and I’m sick of people acting like they should be together and acting like they’ve forgotten what Lucas has done to my gir Sami and how he’s treated her…PLEEAASSEE spare me that bull! They don’t belong together and NEVER did! Sami is much better off without that loser, abusive, and controlling jerk! Lucas has been treating Sami awful, degrading her, disrespecting her, abusing her, abandoning her, and neglecting her for years! Loonng before EJ came along or Rafe. And Lucas still treats her this way even today, and blames everything on her. It’s always her fault never his! He makes me sick in Lumi and I get so sick and tired of him treating Sami like crap and talking down to her like she’s a child! And her begging him. She’s the woman and shouldn’t beg that abusive loser for a d*mn thing, after the way he ALWAYS treats her. All he does is make her cry and feel like she’s some awful person whose beneath him, and like if she’s not the perfect little stepford wife and do EVERYTHING he says and how he says it, then he’s going to kick her to the curb. I hate him with my girl Sami and we’ve given him plenty of chances to treat her right and like a woman, and he does the same thing every single time abuse her and abandon her. Lucas has done many horrible things to Sami than EJ’s one incident between them! EJ is finally the man that loves my girl Samantha and wants to shower her with love, family, money, power, and affection. People forgave Lucas for ALL of his crap that he’s done to my girl Samantha. So, people can forgive EJ as well! As people forgave Sami for ALL of her crap that she’s done! At least EJ changed for her, loves her dearly, passionately, and greatly! EJ did everything for her and her family, and their child together. EJ loves her so much that he turned his back on his own DiMera family, dangerous father Stefano, and his whole DiMera family inheritance all for Sami and their child. I have NEVER seen Lucas do anything to make ANYTHING up to Sami and the way he’s treated her. He gives her some lame duck apology and expects to immediately be forgiven and taken back by her like everything is just okay and like nothing has EVER happened negatively between them! EJ changed his whole life for her, and wanted to be a better man and person for her, for them, and for their family, and hers…Lucas hasn’t changed a d*mn thing for her, not even a fu*king light bulb for her. He would probably make and yell at her do it. And here EJ is…he gets electricuted for Sami from trying to get her and the babies out of the sauna. Lucas would have made her get up there pregnant and get electricuted before he does it.
    I LOVE SAMI and she doesn’t deserve to be with that loser, abusive, abandoning, neglecting and controlling jerk Lucas! He hasn’t changed for her at all! It’s ALWAYS Sami that has to be the one to change for him! And I got sick of the way he treated her, blames her, and abuses and abandons her. She doesn’t deserve that after all the times she’s tried to be with him and put him above anyone else, even a man that she knows she loves and wants to be with, and that loves her and wants to be with her. Sami was willing to give it up, just to be with Lucas and make him happy, while she be stuck and miserable! And all he can do is blame her, yell at her, call her a wh*re in front of her mother, and treat her horribly still…she doesn’t deserve that!! She’s been putting up with his abuse and all of his crap for years! It’s time for her to grow up and be mature, go after a man that she wants and that loves her and wants to be with her, and go after what makes HER truly happy, not what makes Lucas happy. It’s about SAMI, she’s the female! It should not be about Lucas. And I’m sick of him treating her that way for YEARS!! Waaayy loonng before EJ or Rafe ever came along! I LOVE Sami so much, she’s my favorite and I DO NOT want her subjected to the abuse, neglect, and control of that loser Lucas any longer!! It’s time for her to be happy and get and do what makes her TRULY happy, not bow down at the feet of Tiny Angry Dwarf with a little man’s syndrome Lucas. I’m sick of him treating her horribly! It’s time for her to move on to actual and real love and something serious and very real! And that’s with EJ!! He treats her a whole hell of a lot better than Lucas EVER has. Even Rafe treats her better. My favorite girl Samantha belongs with EJ DIMERA!! Her true love! But she can end up with the man down the street, I don’t give a care…I JUST DON’T WANT HER WITH LUCAS LOSER ROBERTS/HORTON or whatever his d*mn name is nowadays! I’m sick to death of him abusing my girl and treating her like she’s crap beneath him! A relationship should be a two way street and the man should adore his woman and make it about her and love her…Lucas has NEVER done that for Sami or treated her that way! If he wasn’t praising Carrie and trashing Sami at the same time, he was sleeping with a bar tender and playboy playmate that he met. It’s always some other woman for him above Sami, and then when things don’t work out for him, he loves to throw Will up in her face, and guilt trip her into being with him! My girl Samantha doesn’t deserve that!! She’s put up with his abuse and crap for YEARS, and its mighty funny how people want to forget that…but want to blame this and that on EJ or Rafe is this and that…but act like Lucas is some saint sent down from heaven. Well, I LOVE SAMANTHA GENE and ALWAYS HAVE and I’ve NEVER liked her with Lucas LOSER Roberts/Horton and I’m beyond sick and disgusted with the way he treats, controls, abandons, and abuses her, a woman/a female…I’m beyond sick and disgusted of him treating her like garbage and making her feel awful and un-worthy! EJ makes her feel worthy and loved and like she’s a queen! And she deserves that! Not some LAME LOSER, like Lucas, who took her for granted for years and abuses and blames her for EVERYTHING! I’m sick of him making her un-happy ALL THE D*MN TIME, and making her feel like crap and worthless, making her pathetic, abusing her, and making her cry ALL THE TIME!! Some people may have forgotten or just try to play like they’ve got selective memories, but I LOVE SAMI BRADY and ALWAYS HAVE and if we are going to constantly throw up one d*mn incident between two consenting adults, that was blown out of proportion and taking entirely wrong, then I’ve NOT forgotten how that Loser Lucas, has horribly treated my girl Samantha for years way before both EJ and Rafe! And she doesn’t deserve it!! I DON’T WANT MY GIRL SAMANTHA WITH THAT LOSER LUCAS! She’s had enough of that abusive treatment! She belongs with EJ and their children!! The man that she loves and that loves her deeply! (Anyone but that abusive and controlling jerk Lucas! Sami doesn’t deserve that disaster! And he doesn’t deserve my Samantha Gene! They are both terribly toxic for one another and are better off with others!) Samantha & EJ belong together! She belongs with the man that will love her and make her happy and be there for her, like EJ! She’s just got to go for it now! It’s her turn!

  22. From Trish

    The SUPERCOUPLE SAMI & EJ!! LOVE EJAMI!! They belong together with their beautiful children always!!

    EJ & SAMI!!

    Nicole belongs with tempting in-love with Brady Black, and definitely IN-LOVE with Eric Brady!

    And Rafe doesn’t deserve to be tanlged up in all of this mess. It’s not fair to him! I don’t want to see him romantically involved with Sami. She’s got too much going on! She needs to take care of all this other stuff first and she needs to focus on her children, instead of immediately jumping into another relationship. She doesn’t deserve that and its not fair to her as well! She’s worried about her baby girl, and she doesn’t even know that she was kidnapped! She wants to be with her other children and spend time with them. Sami’s just got to much on her plate to try and deal with 2 families, her children, her men already in Salem, and juggle that and then adding on another man and relationship. That’s just not fair to Rafe or Sami, to have to deal with all of that! Rafe didn’t sign up for that, and it shouldn’t be his responsibility, focus, and purpose to just be in a relationship with a woman who is clearly focused on something else entirely, focused on another man, and her children! Rafe doesn’t need all of that drama in his life. Not like that! Sami’s just got way too much going on for a whole new man and relationship to just come into her life right now, when she hasn’t finished the other ones or cleared that up as she is so obviously still always thinking of EJ, talking about him, just had his baby girl, and is so in-love with him.

  23. From Betty

    For as many years that I have been watching Days of Our lives(43 years) I’ve never seen it so messed up.Sami and Rafe is a refreshing change.Chole looks more like she fits with Daniel better than granny Kate. Nicole and EJ fit better they are two of a kind they are both sneaky and underhanded to get what they want.Leave Melanie and Phillip together thats another match made in hell.Only ones left are Lucas and Stephanie and that might be another refreshing change.Personally Melanie is the one that should go not Chelsea.She looks great back with Max……….

  24. From rachelle

    Ejami all the way. I feel like I have been waiting forever for these two to be together.

    I can’t nor I want give up now!!!

    Reunite EJ and Samantha

  25. From cc

    I was just reading Ali’s book, and I also ended up looking up the day’s of our lives archives, and has anyone done the math on how old EJ is really suppose to be? Granted I know it is Soap & TV magic but if this was real life he would only be 10-11yrs old. However I have always liked Sami, and totally think she and EJ belong together.

  26. From Amber

    I think Sami and Rafe are the supercouple. They have a chemistry just one that is hidin. I think Ej and Nicole both need to go cause he is a fool to pick her and leave Sami.
    Chloe and Daniel need to go to. They are boring as hell and so is lucus. Time for the three of them to go. Days really needs to spice it up cause its getting boring.

  27. From Sheryl

    I am relatively new to watching DOOL. I’ve only been watching for a couple of years. Over that time I have definitely decided that Sami does not belong with Lucas. There’s no excitement or spark there. I used to like her with EJ, however, EJ has totally Lost my respect as a result of his time with Nicole.
    I am extremely intrigued with Sami and Rafe. I think they would make a fabulous couple! I have looked at some of the “spoilers” and seen mention of Rafe with Hope or even Nicole. UGH. I truly hope that neither of those combinations happen. I would really LOVE to see Sami and Rafe build a relationship. I think that they could become the next Bo and Hope!!

  28. From Stephanie

    Sami belongs with Rafe!!
    He shows her respect. He is Hot!!
    He is Sweet!! And they look so good together!
    Ej is a rapist!!
    Lucas is abusive!

    It’s time for her to move on with Rafe.

  29. From jackie

    Sami and Rafe!!!! Thet are HOT together. Screen sizzling!! Loving it.

  30. From Lindsay

    I’d like to see Sami & Lucas back together. But I do like her & EJ, too.

    However, with the rape that occurred, the writers really should have addressed their issues and having to work through that and get past it before having Sami fall in love with him. There should have been a lot more torn feelings and needing to find forgiveness after an event like that.

  31. From MISSY

    bring ej & sami, bk together they have too much chemistry,then any 1 else. Let Mia,bring down Nicole,
    So Ej & Sami,can get their baby
    bk Grace,so they can be a family for ever. Let Sami,bring down Rafe,so Sami,start a family w/ Ej.
    they belong together let Rafe,go thanks.

  32. From MISSY


  33. From Angi

    EJ and Sami only. Accept no substitutes.

  34. From Missy

    BRING THEM TOGETHER GO EJ SAMI, WELCOME,FOR THEM RECONNECT & ROMANCE IN THE AIR FOR THEM. BRING THEM TO BECOME AN SUPERCOUPLE DEF PLEASE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. From Missy

    bring them together EJ & SAMI, to become 2010 Supercouple in Salem.
    PLEASE, remarry them, leave Nicole,
    w/ Rafe, I, see them connecting. bring them to be a supercouple this will bring them in a romance storyline, they already bonding push them more bonding this will be a good storyline something need to celebrate them together for 2010. thanks,

  36. From Missy

    bring ej & sami together please they the wonderful chemistry together love for them to have another chapter anniversary, for them. bring him bk to normal & change for def for his darling samantha. rafe w/ carly quickly before it gets out of hand.

  37. From Missy

    bring ej & sami, bk together.
    they belong together. let rafe,out of salem for good please. ej & sami
    are soulmates, for def. not the other way around. please give them a chance, to become supercouple.

  38. From Missy

    rafe & nicole deserve to be together as a supercouple in salem. ej w/ sami let him be free & anna, also bring the case to a dead stop DEF PLEASE ?

  39. From Missy

    bring ej & sami more involved into soulmates, they belong together. let them remarry soon & be a family. love for them, to become soulmates in salem bring their love shine through as thick & thin.
    let them have a reunion together, & let ej get away fm everything, give rafe another wild goose chase & let anna, go free & as for ej as well make it happen this wk & next wk & many more to come PLEASE ?

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