Days of Our Lives Poll: Slap Happy in Salem.

Now, I’m not a violent person, but sometimes I just want to slap some of the people I see on Days of Our Lives.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’m sure that most of us have characters we hate, or who annoy us unspeakably, or who we adore and want to slap when they are acting like morons. I also know that I will inevitably burst out laughing whenever anyone on the show gets a slap on the face which is, when you think about it, surprisingly often. It’s a nice, if slightly naughty, reminder of who I care about and why.

Please vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know who you think deserves a little slap happy action. Feel free to elaborate on why in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. From dc

    glad to see melanie got what she deserved, a good slap in the face. stephanie should have used her fists. but philip needs the slap too. he just playing melanie for that fuel project.


    Philip will loose the project soon

    When he tells EJ about Nicole’s baby EJ might have the baby tested he will find out that he is the father but Nicole isn’t the mother lets hope . Then the baby switching ends soon especially when Sami arrives in Salem and Will

  3. From acc

    I hope philip loses the fuel project and both girls and victor. He need to grow up.

  4. From Amanda

    Ok, seriously, the person that I think that needs to be slapped is Kate…why was she not a choic??? I have never been a fan of Kate and i loathe the character especially after her horribly portrayed cancer storyline not too mention all the things she has done. It seems as if person that has done something bad or made mistakes on this show has had to pay for them except for Kate and of cource unless your name is stefano but seriously, kate being diagnosed with cancer was such a horribly portrayed cancer storyline and very distasteful to all those people out there with cancer, she treated her own granddaughter like crap and now that she is in remission from the cancer, in the next 2 weeks she will be plotting with victor for revenge against chloe!!! So again, why is she still on this show after several good actors/actresses have been fired and Rachel Melvin who plays chelsea practically had to be forced into quitting…it was either quit b/c she has no storyline or get fired which totally sucks, kate needs to go and more importantly she needs a good dose of karma for all the things she has done…cancer didn’t and won’t stop kate from being kate!!!

  5. From Mary Ann

    I can only vote once!? I voted for Nicole simple for the lying/switiching Sami’s baby. (Ironically, both Nicole and Chloe have constantly complained that Sami is the root of their problems when it seems to me that their problems are their own.)
    Honestly, I HATE to say this: they all need to be slapped! Except for Chelsey. I loved the way they turned her around and brought a great maturity to the character. But this is the land of Day’s and a good character doesn’t stay long. So long Chelsey/Rachel – it was honestly nice watching you.

  6. From Ann

    There are way to many that need a good hard slap/wake up call to only vote once! Hope, EJ, Melanie, Philip, Kate, Chloe to name the top 6.

  7. From GottaLuvSami

    Why does EJ not rate higher in this poll? I cannot understand that. Considering that he has been so freakin’ dictative to his “love” that he tells her where to go, what to do, and whom to talk to (or not talk to.) Granted, Nicole deserves it, but he doesn’t know that! I would drop him like a hot potato……… least Sami brought out the NICE side to him.

  8. From Stephanie

    Too bad I can only vote 1. I voted Nicole, because she is a liar and abuducted a child. I hope Sami slaps her so hard it knocks her head off.. Lol I also think Melanie deserves to be slapped she is a snobby little brat who doesn’t know who she is messin with. Chloe needs to be slapped a couple hundred times. She is so selfish. She puts on this act like she cares about Lucas, Yeah Right, that’s why she sleeps with any man that will have her. Dirty little Hoe

  9. From Katie

    But EJ is a Dimera – he’s supposed to be like that, right? Maybe a nice slap would be good for him though. I was really liking him there for awhile, but he’s just being way too rude to Nicole (not that she’s such a great girl…)
    There are a lot of stupid people on the show right now though – Daniel and Chloe confusing lust for love, Stephanie being a whiny brat, Nicole thinking she needs to fake a pregnancy to keep her man, Hope overreacting to Bo’s “lie”…maybe the writers need a good slap?

  10. From kb

    Looks like Sami is planning to trade Sydney for Grace not realizing she trading her own child out. Hm…should be interesting. What does everyone else think her plan is?

  11. From Katherine Roberts

    O.K. I think NIcole and Melanie deserve to get slapped in the face Nicole is a big ***** and Melanie is also a big *****!

  12. From Kelsey

    Why wasn’t Kate on the list? She is soooo sanctimonious about Chloe and Lucas but is the biggest Wh*re of all. Just get rid of her already. Tired of her ‘breathless sighing voice’ which sounds like she’s been running around the block before speaking. Lose her already!!!

  13. From Sally


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