Days of Our Lives Poll: The Hardest Plot to Take?

Here is a picture of Brady in a moment of disbelief.

Is this because he is the soberest person in Salem, or has he simply not been acclimatized to the lunacy that seems to run through everyone else’s veins? Days of Our Lives has a lengthy history of pushing the bounds of belief. At times this seems to have been the source of much of its success and, at others, the bane of many fans existence.

Why not vote in our poll or let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you like, why not tell us which plot you find the hardest to take in the comments section below.

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  1. From Diana

    Personally, I LOVE the storyline with Nicole! I find it to be the best part of the show right now! I think Ari should get an Emmy for her performance as of late!!! Fabulous acting on her part!! Why shouldn’t Nicole be happy?!
    Get rid of Melanie…everytime she appears on the screen, I want to vomit!! Love Philip & Stephanie together. Daniel & Chloe both make me sick….they deserve one another! Lucas so deserves to be happy…used to think he & Sami belonged together, however, I am liking Sami alot more with Rafe!


    I hope Brady tells EJ the truth soon

    I would like see Nicole to get caught soon

    I also want Sami and Rafe

  3. From Charene Watson

    I hope Brady will tell the truth about Nicole. I did not use to like EJ but now he is ok. He does not deserve to be lied to by Nicole. This whole baby switch is so ……..Get rid of it. They need to bring John and Marlena back. I think Sammi and Rafe should get together, which I think is what the writers are leading to.

  4. From Amanda

    This crap with Daniel and Chloe is ridiculous…seriously…they first became aquainted in march of 2008 and then they didn’t talk or cross paths for 6 whole months and then BAM…they are hooking up and telling each other they love each other!!! Seriously…WTH is what that??? I like the twist with Bo…i actually like the vision’s however…i don’t want this to keep him and hope apart. Melanie starting a bidding war…i am not at all surprised at that…WHY….because she’s only 18…she has been put in adult situations and she grew up in her father’s shadow…learning the tricks of the trade and because of all of that…she has a tendency to be money hungry…she does a soft spot in her but she has got a LOT of growing up to do…personally, she is WAY too young to have the rights to the alternative fuel project, that should go to Max, he deserves it and he and nick were best buds. The babyswitching storyline…i’m not surprised one bit…WHY…because days can’t be creative and come up with better storylines…they have to use recycled storylines that have been done over and over and beat to death like a dead horse…its so predictable. Sami and Rafe…i don’t think they should be romantically involved. Sami needs to depend on herself before getting involved with another man…she needs to get a place of her own and take care of her children and become independant then decide if she truly wants to be with lucas, ej or become involved with rafe.

  5. From robyn

    The baby switch s/l is horrible. Each character has been sacrificed to make the plot work. EJ becoming the dumbest person in Salem is truly the most difficult to fathom. This was the guy who knew that Sami was pregnant when she was only a month and now he doesn’t know that Nicole was faking and she didn’t just give birth? Puhlease! I will enjoy watching Nicole go down in flames though! I hope it’s painful … just like this plot!

    And Sami and Rafe are so contrived. They’ve been literally thrown together with no outside influence. Up until a few weeks ago all Sami could think of was EJ and now that she has their child all she can think of is Rafe? Seems like Stockholm Syndrome to me. “Safe” is beyond boring. Sami should never be in a relationship with anyone who’s like Roman.

    Bo’s visions are dumb … is this the best that tptb could do for a story line for Bo and Hope? And Melanie pitting the Kiriakis’ against the Dimeras is just dumb. I personally hope both sides eat her alive!

  6. From BringBackJohnBlack

    The whole show has become hard to take. I DVR and then fast forward through 99% of it. THere’s very little worth watching anymore. And once Steve & Kayla are gone…and TOny is gone…well, I’m just not interested in the current characters

  7. From patsy

    Love, love love Sami and Rafe.Can,t stand E.J. and Nicole they,er sicking together.They maybe in love off cramera but on cramera they stink

  8. From Barbara Miller

    Please get this ridiculous story line over with. I sure wouldn’t want EJ defending me. He is a complete idiot. There is no way anyone with a speck of intelligence couldn’t find so many loopholes is Nicole’s story. Whatever the motive for this foolishness is, I beg the writers to end it!!

  9. From Tina

    Dan and anyone makes me ill. I can’t stomach any of his love scenes, his character is such a perv. Lucas and Chloe were a bad match. Sami and Lucas had a great chemistry. I loved their banter. Rafe is great but he isn’t right for Sami. Brady and Chloe should get back together. Stefano and Victor going at it would make a great story line. More drama is needed, less silliness. Melanie is absurd. I could like her but her story lines make her act ridiculous. Max is being wasted. Bo and Hope fighting…again..boring! Maggie looks great these days. Lots of fire and spunk. Julie and Doug should come back on. Julie is always wonderful and I love it when they let Doug sing. EJ is quite brutish these days, but I like that Nicole is putting one over on him as he has dished it out himself in the past to Sami. Miss John and Marlena. What a loss.

  10. From Judy Tracy

    I think the story line on the baby
    switching is Getting very boring
    and I can’t believe that EJ is that
    DUMB and hasn’t caught on. I think
    Brady story line is boring also be-cause he is so goulable to Nicole.
    I sure do miss John & Marlena – Bad
    move. Chloe and Dan story line is
    also BORING.

  11. From Mystisch

    These are all made up, untruths, only MY (being silly) thoughts!! Let me know what YOU think about all of this.

    Also, I think it would be a total disaster if they bring Billie back to break up Bo & Hope. Especially after the big to-do about Bo-Hope getting remarried recently!! What the Heck are these darn new writers thinking for crying out loud!!?? – Don’t ANY of the *Higher up’s* give a crap any more!!!???? E-GADS!!!!!!!

    Thank God for DVR’s and Fast Forward!!!!!!!

    ANYWAY ……….

    Seriously, I just got bored and made some stuff up here. Have fun reading & groaning!! lol

    Will/Mia (Mia comes back to town to get her baby back from Nicole, She and her boyfriend (Will, who is on his way to tell Lucas he is a Grand-Father) are going to marry and raise the baby together. We will also find out that Mia is Nicole’s daughter!! Making Nicole & Sami related… OMG what a mess this will be, especially with as much as Nicole/Sami hate each other!! Let’s move them ALL into the mansion!! – Including Rafe who is still in charge of keeping Sami safe for some reason??)

    Sami/EJ/Rafe (EJ & Sami find out about the baby switch and realize they really do still love each other, but Sami feels like EJ probably had something to do with the baby switch and so she tells everyone that Rafe is her new baby’s Father – Causing a love triangle.)

    Nicole/Brady (Nicole will finally realize how much she still loves Brady and how he has always been “there for her” and she will begin to fight to get Brady back.)

    Chloe/Lucas (After realizing that she only had cold feet in fear of “child rearing” and seeing Lucas in such pain from the explosion… She begs Lucas to forgive her. Lucas, being SO in love with Chloe, forgives her and takes her back, but secretly vows to kill Daniel!! I would love to see Lucas finally getting to be Happy again for a change!! Even if the writers have to bring in someone new for him. I am SO sick of the poor me crap and I can’t stand to see him “off the wagon”!!)

    Daniel/Kate (After we all find out that the only reason Daniel was after Chloe in the first place was because she reminds him so much of his late wife … He’ll break up with Chloe and break down, but Kate will be there for him and they will reunite. — Hey, Maybe Billie can be a clone of his late wife or his … (OMG!!) …. Not dead – late wife… And Stephano & Kate could get together??)

    Steve/Kayla and John/Marlena (Have all gone away to “recover”, but will return this summer after a lot of the other storylines are wrapped up)

    Chelsea (Chelsea will go to live with her Mother (Billie) In the UK… If Billie comes back to Salem, maybe it will only be for a short time?? Maybe she will come to town just to tell Daniel that HE is actually Chelsea’s Father and NOT Bo?? Then some time soon, they could leave back to the UK or somewhere else together??)

    Max/Stephanie (Stephanie being distraught over seeing Melanie & Phillip kissing passionately, slaps Melanie, breaks it off with Phillip for good and will later run into Max, who is upset over Chelsea leaving town. Stephanie & Max will reunite finally and things with them will heat up “romantically and adventurously” thanx to something they find out about Melanie. )

    Phillip/Melanie (Phillip and Melanie decide that they are perfect for each other after all and decide to “work together” to get the everything back from the Dimera’s… They are both Biz savvy, conniving and work very well together in just about everything else and so why not try a relationship together too?? Is this just Phillips way to keep Melanie in line?? — Yes!! And Melanie of course know’s it … But, Will Phillip fall for her anyway??)

    More later, gotta get to bed!! It’s 4 am here in Georgia and I don’t think I am making a lot of sense anymore!! – lol

    Have a Safe Weekend!!
    **** Mystisch ****

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