Days of Our Lives Spoilers for February 26-27.

Paranoia, revenge and romantic advice from Victor.

Sami is back in town and instantly becomes a little too emotional when she comes face to face with baby Sydney. When she attempts to get away, Elvis stops her to ask what’s wrong. Unfortunately, his concern is going to be interpreted as love by Nicole. Pretty quickly, she’ll be threatening to leave him again. Maybe it’s the stress from this repeat attack, but Elvis soon destroys the formula.

Meanwhile, Sami goes to the hospital to visit the bruised and pink faced Lucas. She won’t be the only one either since their son, Will, will also be returning to town. But will Lucas be in the mood to talk to anyone after Kate visits him with news about what she witnessed in the park? Or maybe she’ll keep it secret. She hunts down the wide eyed Chloe and tells her that they need to talk. Is it about the wedding, fashion or the revenge plot she is already hatching against the two people who saved her life but almost ruined her son’s?

Daniel might not be in the need of a lesson though. He’s already profoundly hurt by Chloe dumping him. Maybe he should travel across town where his Godfather is busy doling out romantic advice. Victor has a heart to heart with Philip about Stephanie. No doubt he can turn his caustic wisdom on the next time Daniel comes to visit. And there will be even more to keep romantics optimistic. Hope seems to be having a change of heart, for the moment at least. She tells Bo that she misses him and wants to come home.

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  1. From Precious

    EJ may have feelings for Sami but I highly doubt they will be getting together. I would rather see her with Rafe, who seems to not be “a man with baggage” and having a toxic relationship to endure…please put them together!! Bo needs to take his manhood back from Hope…SHE needs to forgive him! I can’t stand the stupid bickering and her living at Doug and Julie’s over something so senceless as his psyhic dreams that even he has NO CONTROL over! She needs to just GET OVER IT, and stop acting like a two-year-old.

  2. From Cindy

    The writers need to put Sammy with Rafe…they are great together. And as far as EJ and Nicole they deserve each other. They both are lying and cheating people. Please DO NOT put Sammy back with EJ…I can not stand Stephanie with Phillip..there is much more chemistry between him and Melaine. Please put BO AND HOPE back together they belong together.

  3. From April M.

    I still think Rafe will go work for the S.P.D. – where he will get to hang with Roman, Bo, & all them, + be apart of Sami’s life :).

    & I think Hope is going way over board with the way she’s treating Bo. Bo would never do anything to hurt Kayla or Hope, so she needs to get off her high horse, and face the fact that Bo’s “vision” wasn’t as clear or as clean cut as she seems to think it was. IMAO, the current Bo/Hope story is pretty lame.

    &, finally, I’d like to say that I’m tired of everyone walking all over Lucas!!! He is always being cheated on, lied to, and/or manipulated by the one he claims to love. I’d really like to see Lucas stand up for himself and not be so weak or forgiving. :) …. & no, being forgiving isn’t being weak, but sometimes things shouldn’t be forgiven so easly, or over looked….. some acts (like Chloe’s) burn the bridge…. I’d really hate to see Lucas be like “O.K. Chloe, long as it dosen’t happen again”, while Chloe keeps going on with Doc. Dan.

  4. From danielle

    I like Sami and EJ together. They are interesting and it was fun to see Sami with an equal of sorts. Nicole and EJ don’t fit well or the story line does not fit their characters. I’d like to see a sharper EJ again, he is after all a DiMera.

  5. From gloria

    what does IMAO stand for? I’m not real hip on the abreviated lingo

  6. From DClaiborne

    i would also love to see sami and rafe together.. and then maybe they could raise the baby she calls grace (even though she is not hers).. maybe rafe could join the salem p d.
    ej and nicole deserve eah other.
    philip should be with melanie.
    since chelsea is leaving maybe stephanie can get back with max.

  7. From dc

    bo and hope need to get back together and hope should forgive bo.
    and from what i’m reading bo will have another vision (hope with another man, but who is he??).

  8. From patsy

    Fafe looked so sexy with that little bit of gray shineing in his hair.He just may give E.J./James a run for the money on goodlookes and being sexy. go safe

  9. From Cynthia

    Hope has become a real b*tch lately. Oh, you didn’t tell me about your dream that happened to come true so now it’s over! Really? After all they’ve been through and she dumps him over this? How about all the times Bo stood by her side when she was dating Franco, was the evil Princess Gina, cheated on Bo with Stefano and John (while under mind control), then she cheated on him with Patrick and he stood by her through Zach’s death. Yet she dumps him for this?! What, so now we have to watch them be apart for the next year or so so that they can reunite only to have Hope dump Bo for another trivial matter. What’s next, is she gonna leave Bo for forgetting to pick up a gallon of milk from the store on his way home? Hope is an idiot.

  10. From Nina

    I think Nicole needs to lose EJ. I’m still undecided about whether Sami should be with Rafe or EJ, but I have to admit – their first scene together after a long time – it seemed to sizzle!

    And please make it work with Stephanie and Phillip – they have great chemistry.

    As for Chloe and Lucas – yuck! Why are they togehter? Lucas needs someone new – someone who appreciates him.

  11. From Missy

    I just hope the truth comes out with Sami’s baby soon and Nicole gets what she deserves.

  12. From Erin

    Yeah…def sami and Rafe and EJ and Nicole and no way should Steph and Philip be together….and for Lucas and Chloe, thats just a ridiculous couple. And I think everybody agrees that the Bo and Hope story line stinks up the T.V. And I also would like to see EJ find out about the Sami and Nicole baby baby thing and set out on a Dimera revenge…it seems his character is getting a little dark anyways.

  13. From carolw

    Sami makes all the guys Sizzle! But not Lucas. That poor guy is so MESSED UP because of all of Sami’s shenannigins.
    I agree that Lucas should NOT be with Chloe. We do need to see them make a “make” or “break” decision. And KATE, MYOB, in other words, keep out of it.
    I said a couple of days ago that MELANIE & DANIEL should ride off into the Sunset! They are very OBNOXIOUS to listen to! He’s always finding somebody to “bed down” & her whiny little voice & personality is nauseating.
    The thing w/EJ, Nicole, & Brady is keeping the whole show interesting, so I like to see that.

  14. From Annie

    Nicole needs to get out of EJ world immediately. Tuesday’s show was nothing less than revolting behavior on his part. You don’t talk to me about my business, you don’t take my son out of this house . . . talk about a man to run away from – fast and far.

  15. From April M.


    IMAO=In my arrogant oppinion


  16. From Maria

    I just love the fact that Kate is going out for revenge and Chloe and Daniel deserve everything that is coming to them! =)

  17. From Cookie

    Am I the only one out here that likes Chloe & Daniel together? He’s hot, she’s hot & they have great chemistry together! Daniel & Kate, yuck. Lucas & Chloe have no chemistry. She is totally wrong for him. Lucas hasn’t had chemistry w/anyone that I can, not even Sami. BTW, I can’t wait to see what happens when EJ finds out that Sydney is his & Sami’s!!!

  18. From avaann

    i think sami and rafe should be together and lucas should find a nice girl who loves him and doesnt cheat. someone who everyone likes and is totally devoted to lucas.someone like mrs horton who can give advice and help hold things together. ej is supposed to be so wise and aware of what is going on but he sure isnt wise to nichol. all of the times she was able to divert from her shenanigans. he needs to find out that sydney is his and samis and kick nichol to the curb. as a mother myself i think sami needs to find out that she is her daughter. what a crazy storyline!!!

  19. From Gladys

    When is the truth going to come out that Sydney is Sami’s baby. I am so pissed that Nicole has sami’s baby, that I stop watching it. So, I TVO it and fast forward the show, if I don’t see sami I am not watching. I saw her yesterday, so I am a little bit happy.

  20. From Gladys

    If the fans were to write a the story line, how would the next show air? I am curious what you all have in your minds. Tell me what your thinking? Sami finds out Sydney is her baby:…

  21. From JO

    Finally we see EJ with some fire under his bum. I wish the writers would stop playing him as stupid as he is being. Stupid is not sexy. I would like some drama between him and Sami but ultimately would love to see Rafe come back into the picture.

  22. From Audrey

    Nicole your days are numbered, i hope sami gets her baby back and soon. According to the show today, sami tells EJ she is living at the Town House of marlena’s so thats where she will be staying with her kids…i just knew it…really glad she has a place to stay with her kids and glad shes back.

    Chloe doesn’t know who/what she wants…i had higher hopes for Nadia Bjorlin when i found out she was coming back to play chloe last year but they have seriously exploited Nadia for her body, clearly she’s beautiful but thats all they are focusing on whereas before, the old chloe wouldn’t be bed hopping like they have her doing now, she has been from phillip to lucas to daniel…seriously the show shouldn’t do that just because she has a perfect body. I hope she parts with daniel and lucas and I hope they bring someone new in for Daniel now that Shawn Christian has re-signed with the show!!!

  23. From Audrey

    I love Shawn Christian, I hate how they have ruined his character and now that he’s staying with the show he needs a new storyline.

  24. From Lily

    I can’t picture Rafe as anyone but Luis… still, sorry. And as much as Sami (Alison) makes the men shine, I can’t get over her and EJ yet, esp. with the stupid Nicole plot, to allow myself to think of anyone with Sami but EJ. And EJ is turning me off now… he was so much hotter with Sami before these stupid storylines…

  25. From Phylis

    Hope is acting like a Diva. Bo, stand up and be a man, you have forgiven her tooo many times for her to be so arragant over something soooo stupid. Nicole needs to get caught real quick by Sami and EJ that she stole their baby. This line does not need to be drawn out where the babies bond any deeper with the wrong parents. Let EJ get revenge on Nicole, the good Doc. and Brady. I hope Kate gets revenge on Daniel (how many docs sleep with 3 of their patients and there is no reprecussions?) and Chloe (Brady, Phillip, Lucas, Daniel). Good job Chole, that’s keeping it the family. Keep her with Daniel and get them off the show! Give Lucas Stephanie and let Phillip and Stephenie be to gether.

  26. From Phylis

    Ooops. Phillip should be with Melanie.

  27. From Mikki

    I totally want Sami and Raef together. That would be much better than the triangle that has gone on far too long. I would love to see Chloe and Daniel together…although, it looks like she will marry Lucas only to find out she is pregnant with Daniel’s baby.

  28. From Stellablu47

    I think the trouble is Chloe doesn’t really have chemistry with anyone (because she’s not a very good actor, but then neither is Lucas). I think Daniel needs to be with a better actor. Love Sami with anyone but Rafe is a good fit and he’s so darn cute. Like the mean Phillip.

  29. From Mindy

    Lucas gets on my nerves but I certainly don’t want him with Chloe.. the little hussy! I didn’t like Kate before, but now that she’s gonna hate on Chloe, LOVE her! :) Chloe and Dan can run away together for all I care, atleast I wont have to watch them anymore! Lucas and Sami don’t EVER need to be together again, boooring! I used to be inlove with EJ, and loved him and Sami together. But move over EJ, there’s a new man in town!(What’s up with EJ’s hair lately anyway?!) Rafe is GORGEOUS!!! Sami and him need to be together for sure!! He needs to hurry up and join the Salem PD already! Yay Rafe!! I hate that Nicole has Sami’s baby, kinda makes me mad! I’d kill her! I like Nicole as longs as she’s messing up other peoples lives, not Sami’s. I’m ready for all hell to break lose when they find out what Nicole has done!! I have a feeling it’ll be a while

  30. From Early Doss

    E.J. brings Sydney to Sami’s and
    the baby gets a whif of Sami’s
    milk and starts to cry. The more
    Sami cuddles her and trys to console her the nore she crys until
    E.J. notices what the baby is reacting. He remembers the lie that Nicole told about brest
    feeding. Sami takes the baby aside
    and feeds her, E.J. comes in and
    a new mystery is begun.

  31. From Mindy


  32. From Lisa (KatLady)

    Bo sees Hope with another man, Maybe Rafe? Maybe Hope and Daniel? How about Stephanie and Daniel. How about Will and Melanie? How about Will and Chloe? Brady and Melanie? Nicole and Rafe? Will and Nicole… lol
    There’s so many more couples to be made and broke. lol Days ain’t done yet. Some of these would be good, others are just funny. I am trying to figure out how the Sami/Nicole baby swapping thing will finally come to a end. Days is normally pretty predictable, Not how we want it to end, but how do you think Days will end it the nicole baby storyline? I have a couple of ideas. Brady will find out and will have to tell Sami. Phillip will finally blab. but I think Days will go about it this way…. Mia will come back demanding her baby and then all hell will break loose at the wedding of Ej and Nicoles.

  33. From Lisa

    Good one, Early Doss. I think the baby should end up back in the hospital because she stops breathing again. Sami should say that a condition sort of like that runs in her family (she had it when she was a baby). The hospital should realize they misdiagnosed that baby and try to find Nicole to specify the condition that is in her bloodline. Nicole should come clean and EJ should rush to Sami to save the baby’s life. Sami makes a simple suggestion that works.

  34. From CMH

    I actually enjoyed DAYS on Thursday and didnt fast forward it as much as I usually do.

  35. From Debbie

    I think Sydney’s real Mommy will show up wanting her back and Nicole will tell her that she’s not her baby. Nicole is vicious and I hate these baby-switch storylines. They are soooo lame. I’d like to see EJ take the baby and kick Nicole to the curb. She needs to be exposed of course. I can’t believe Sami didn’ think Sydney looks just like little Johnny! Also, I think that little Sydney being sick when born will take us to the old medical emergency that will prove Nicole isn’t the Mommy.

  36. From Elaine

    Sami and Rafe need to be together..I would like to see Melanie go her whiney voice gets on my nerves. Even Roman needs a woman…

  37. From rika

    i kinda want EJ and Sami together!! ooh the possibilities!! but i also like her with Rafe! i’m just soo confused!! that girl needs a man.. it’s been a while!

  38. From sally annise

    Sami and EJ are hot together..This un-requited love maybe the reason EJ has been so nasty of late, knowing that he has made a committment to Nicole of which he was leary of and now sorry for. The gas explosion could spread to other parts of salem causing problems with Sydney needing treatment from the parents and Dr Baker could be the one to blow the whistle out of concern for Sydney. Brady not knowing about sydney being Sammi ‘s could be a player also.

  39. From angie

    Sami should be with EJ, their chemistry is Hot!!I they have been through so much in the past, don’t seperate them now.. Rafe is a nice guy but he is quite boring with Sami, Days next Supercouple is Sami and EJ. PLEASE KEEP EJ AND SAMI TOGETHER!!!!!!

  40. From angie

    Sami and EJ should be together!!! their chemistry is HOT.!!! that’s the reason I have been still watching Days.. Rafe is a nice guy but he is or will become boring with Sami. I believe Sami and EJ are Days next Supercouple. PLEASE KEEP SAMI AND EJ TOGETHER!!!!!!

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