Days of Our Lives Spoilers for March 2-6.

It looks like the bedroom could be a battleground next week on Days of Our Lives

Salem’s romantic square is taking form fast as Rafe and Sami settle in and try to lay down some rules. Ratcheting up his protective act, Rafe pulls Sami into his big arms and promises to always protect her. Is he still speaking as a special agent, or is this personal? Since the killer is dead, the only people he can protect her from now is the DiMeras. Maybe that’s why Elvis wants to file a complaint with the FBI against Rafe. Is he jealous, or just out to keep Samanther and her new paramour away? It’s enough to spark Sami to do a little policing of her own. She orders arch-rival Nicole to reign in her man.

Samantha’s love life isn’t the only one that seems to be getting more complicated, and awkward, by the day. Bo is having visions again and, once again, they involve Hope. This time he sees her with another man. Could this be the start of another triangle, or is this something else altogether? And what man would Hope be mingling limbs with anyway? Could she be in the mood to play doctor with a certain surfer? Maybe, now that God has apparently banned him from fireplace romps with a certain brunette. And speaking of Chloe, she and Lucas decide to give their relationship a second chance. Will the diva be able to break away from the excitement of her love triangle, or was a sign from God not enough to keep her on the straight and narrow?

Meanwhile, Lucas’ Machiavellian brother, Philip, calls Stephanie into his office and gives her a kiss. Is this simply what it appears to be, or is there more to Philly K.’s methodical romantic gestures? On a more spontaneous note, Chelsea and Max seem to have decided that they are more than friends, or at least friends with benefits, when they have their own little mattress dancing session.

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  1. From Yasmin

    I want Philip back together with Stephanie they are my favorite fans and real life couple too and Chloe should not with Lucas because he had amensia (loss of his memory) Im glad Kate is back and ready for revenge on Daniel and Chloe that is my favorite parts and Sami shared kiss Rafe make me happy Sami deserve the good guy cop FBI Rafe…Nicole end up alone and let EJ feel fools but wont get Sami back.

  2. From Nicole Kirton

    I want to see Sami happy with Rafe and let Nicole pay for what she did by dealing with a angry EJ and his whole family

  3. From Ellen

    So much romance!If you ask me it should be chelsea&Max,Melanie&Philip,Nichole&Brady,Chloe&Daniel,and Sami&Rafe.

  4. From CMH

    ARE YOU KIDDING HOPE AND DANIEL… Daniel the manslut needs to take his surfboard put it in bis hybrid and DRIVE to MELROSE PLACE.. thats where he and his issues belong!!!!

  5. From Precious

    I agree with Yasmin!! Stephanie and Phillip are a good match, BUT…Phillip needs to do ALOT OF GOVELING to get Steph back, and this time…PROMISE HER HE ISN’T GOING TO STRAY WITH OTHER GALS!!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E Sami and Rafe pairing!!! PLEASE WRITERS…do this pair justice and keep this couple together as soulmates!!!! Sami deserves a real happiness FINALLY in her life..let this be it…and EJ can sit on the sidelines and kick himself for being the fool he is for choosing Nicole and his father over her..(TOO BAD, SO SAD):(
    I don’t know where this story with Bo and Hope is going, but I do hope she’s not going to fall for that pervert Dr. Dan, or visa versa…we’ve had enough of this guy with just about every female in’s time for Kate to put some “ugly” on him. As far as Chloe is concerned, she shouldn’t be with Lucas. Those two together make me want to puke. There’s NO chemistry whatsoever between them. I don’t care who she’s with..her character, since she’s come back, has turned her into the street slut of Salem, not the sweet diva we used to know…I see no endearing qualities or why they’ve bothered to bring her back???
    this show has lost (or losing) all it’s older vets many of us over 40 years have watched faithfully…I really miss John and Marlena, and now Steve and Kayla, Tony, and Chelsea will be leaving for younger people coming on board most of us could careless about, but, oh well…if this show lasts through 2010, it will be a miracle.

  6. From Regina

    Bo & Hope are supposed to have this great love and connection to each other, but it’s strange how almost everytime there’s trouble between them, one or both of them always seem to jump into bed with somebody else.

  7. From dc

    i would love to see sami and rafe stay together as a couple..
    i wonder if mia will come back to claim her baby??
    daniel with hope, no way, that’s just too weird.
    they should not put hope with anyone but bo.. they need to get back together to raise ciara.
    i can’t believe they are putting chloe back with lucas..
    can’t wait to see will and find out what storyline is going to be.

  8. From Cara

    Why did they waste our time a couple years ago with all of the Santo-Colleen flashbacks if they were not going to have Sami and EJ end up together as soulmates? Yes, what EJ did was unforgivable, but somehow Sami and many of the viewers have looked passed that. Let’s get on with this though! Nicole’s lies need to just blow up in her face – I am rather looking forward to that episode! It should be great!

  9. From Julianne

    Yawn. Same ol same ol. Please let’s get the soap back to being interesting.

  10. From DClaiborne

    hey precious, you are right.
    they are releasing all the good actors, john and marlena, steve and kayla, and now tony and chelsea.
    just get something going with rafe and sami (this would be a good thing).
    and boy what i saw today with ej yelling at nicole (WOW).. he put her in her place real fast.
    tomorrow, sami is going to scare her when she says she has come to get her baby (of course she means johnie) but i think nicole will think she means sydney.

  11. From WIGGY


  12. From Mike

    WHY does Lucas ALWAYS have to be Love’s kicking toy? He’s been screwed over by every woman he’s been with. First Carrie, then on again/off again Sami, and now Chloe? Why can’t they find the right person for Lucas and make it work and be a lasting relationship, perhaps even turning into a power couple?

  13. From denise

    i have to agree with Regina, where is this undieing love we witnessed let’s see i think it was only about 2 months ago they were rknewing vows and such… This story line is pretty weak and pathetic not to mention a bit hard to swallow and believe. Come on Hope, make some sense!!!!!! i love Rafe and hope he is the one to have the next supercouple with sami Eat your heart out EJ and get back to being evil which is when he was at his best anyway.


    I want Sami and Rafe together you could see it in there eyes she really has fallen for him and has fallen for her as well

    Put Chloe and Dr Daniel back they have way more chemistry

    Send Lucas on a business trip his story lines are boring and he is done

    As far as Philip goes Steph deserves better put her with Brady
    or bring a new man on the soap asap

    Nicole needs to get caught soon I think with Will and Mia (coming back remember last week she said I’m coming back to Salem ) so hopefully Will is the baby father I strongley feel the baby switching will end way before the big wedding fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope needs to go home to Bo ASAP
    or they should be the next couple going there story lines are so
    boring lately

  15. From Wendy

    EJ what fool!! With his fake love towards Nicole he knows he wans SAMI…. and RAFE and SAMI should stay together she deserves a brake for once… BO and HOPE i hope they work out their deal their too cute together

  16. From Here in Hollyood

    i also agree with some of these people on here about Bo and Hope, they need to be together, Daniel just needs to keep his thermometer in his pants and quit trying to do all the grandmas, moms, and nieces in salem, it’s sick and twisted. And not real life unless you have no respect for yourself. Also i hate this new EJ he is acting like Stefano its so ridiculous with all the threats, i dont like Nicole either i wish she would have told him the truth when she lost the baby,maybe things would be different and Sammi can go either way with Rafe or even come back to Lucas, Chole she needs to get back with Brady and leave Salem, both there roles are not written well, its sick to watch Brady all puppy eyed over lieing Nicole and gets treated bad by all his family members, its just bad.

  17. From Grandma K

    Brady should be with Stephanie, then Philip will realy hate him. Welcome home Sami. Maybe now I will enjoy the show. Sami should be with Rafe. Bo sees Hope with anouther man? or is it Gina? heard she was comeing back. Will and Mia are comeing to get her baby. Stephno will find baby Grace.

  18. From MsRobbieD

    Not Hope and Daniel. Is his man-thing made of gold that he can bag all the women in Salem? Let’s go SAFE (Sami and Rafe). EJ needs some competition.

  19. From missy

    rafe needs a women without children come on every man deserves a child of their own and sami already has 444444444444 come on give him someone else. maybe bring back a different chelsea and put her with him, give me a break people, ej and sami belong together so what if he is bad but look at all sami did to everyone she loved those 2 belong together if she would not have gotten prego in real life than she would be with ej, come on they have the best chemistry, i dont feel she is pretty enough for ej but the chemistry is totally there ej is too hot and so is rafe put rafe with someone we would not expect. give him hopes job and let him find another damsal in distress, bring back an old character like abby or even put him with stephanie.he has only done seens with sami thats why you people think they belong together let him interact with others even nicole, dont tie him down already let him get his feet wet first then find him a mate. maybe he to his stephanos son after all they are leading us in the he was adobted route.

  20. From Spikeee

    Love Rafe and Sami together they have so much chemistry. Leave Chloe and EJ also together. Bring back John and Marlena, Belle and Shawn, put Kate and Roman together.
    Get rid of some of the new people.
    But pleeeaaassse leave Rafe and
    Sami together

  21. From Cindy

    I like Nicole with Dr. Dan, Sami with Rafe and EJ pining for her.

  22. From dona

    It would be great to see Sami and Rafe together. I can see Rafe protecting Sami from EJ. Sami and Rafe will make a great story line. EJ has had his chance and he is going bad. Let Sami find true love with Rafe.

  23. From Michele

    Sami need to be happy but would she really be happy with Rafe? She has liked EJ for some time now but was just afraid..that is why her and Lucis is not together..Every who watch DAys know that EJ has only eyes for Sami..and Nicole will see that too..Cloe need to just head out of town and Nicole needs to be with Brady who she has loved for years…

  24. From JordanMichelle

    I’m hoping for SAFE. I never thought that sami and Ej should ever have been put together- i mean, cmon, can you name anyone in real life that ended up being with her rapist? Rafe is already wanting to protect Sami and he doesn’t even know that ej raped her yet- that protective instinct is only gonna grow.

  25. From Kim

    I love Sami and Rafe together great story line.

  26. From Deanna

    Let Bo, Hope, Sami, and Rafe be happy. Its getting old and boring. Put Chloe with Daniel,
    and send Lucas off into the sunset. The business between Stephano and Victor is getting old, also. Bring some new life into the show.

  27. From lola

    I LOVEEEEE sami and ej they are the BEST couple in the show they have so much chemistry. They make the whole show soooo exciting the show was getting boring with out them together. I hope they end up together. I also love bo and hope they are such a beautiful couple. It is so stupid how they keep leaving each other. philip and stephanie are SOOOOO good together love themmmm. I HATEEEE DANIEL!!!

  28. From Alishia

    Hope is acting like a spoiled brat.

  29. From LindaLu

    OK, so it’s been determined that the gunman that Sami saw face to face was acting alone and now that he’s dead, Sami could come out of hiding… did anyone ever come up with a likely reason for him to shoot the Mayor, if it wasn’t robbery or jealousy or whatever? Rafe and EJ at each other over Sami? that should be interesting. Speaking of EJ, what’s up with his hair? Is he wearing a toupee or hairpiece? There’s no visible part line and it just doesn’t seem to move like hair even when it’s hanging down on his forehead. He’s so handsome, I’d hate to think he was losing his hair at such an early age (mid 30′s maybe?)

  30. From Maria

    I am so so glad that Kate is going to find out about Chloe and Daniel and actually DO something about it instead of just mentioning it all the time like Maggie did. Its time for revenge and I cant wait!!

  31. From from bohope fan

    Bo and Hope need a real story line. They just renewed their vows declaring their undying love. Now Hope doesnt know if she can get passed this? She got passed the Zack issue. Please let her get over this. Stupid writing!

  32. From Amanda Y.

    I really hope they do not put Hope with Dr. Slutty. I like the comment where Dr. Dan needs to pack his stuff up and go to melrose place. Glad Sami is back!

  33. From Jenn

    I saw that someone wrote that they want Stephanie and Brady to get together. I don’t think that could or should happen because (if my memory serves me correctly) they are related. Brady is a Brady….(John is Brady because Colleen was his mother—Shawn’s sister). I hope that the writers’ remember that they are second cousins! Euuu!
    I over the whole Lucas and Chloe thing. I still can’t believe that they dumped the vets for this!
    I am also a Sami and Rafe fan! They are cute together! =)

  34. From Swimfan

    I like Steph with Brady…they’re both good people – and no Jenn, they aren’t related…I’ve watched for 20 years and Steph is a horton and Brady isn’t even a Brady he’s Isabella and John’s son…which is how he’s both a Kiriakis and Dimera. Max and Chelsea are boring, Melanie is obnoxious…and in the real world she’d be iced already for her power plays. I’m tired of Days…I miss the Lisa Rena/Bo, I miss the Steve/Kayla…I miss the Frankie/Jenn…you’ve lost a real soap veteran that actually knows who is Isabella (and not Belle, her namesake), is…

  35. From Swimfan

    And one last thing…whatever happened to the Alamains? That was originally who John Black was supposed to be and how he got his money…in fact if any of you remember Mimi and her mother, she actually played Adrienne – Justin Alamain’s wife who was nephew/brother to John Black…and Lawrence…that whole family just \went away\? I’d like to see a comeback…because despite the Bo/Hope \supercouple\ thing, I kind of liked Carly…

  36. From Swimfan

    I correct myself…Steph is a Brady Johnson…but “John Black” is just too compicated…he was with Diana as Roman, (and I liked them), then he wasn’t Roman and he was with Isabella…am I tripping, or is the character that played Mimi’s mother the same one that was married to Justin Alamain, who it was originally thought that John Black was…an Alamain…and who is Carrie Brady’s real mother? And when did Tony DiMera become a “good guy?” It seems to me that Days went down hill after they were all stuck on the island…was there a change in writers???

  37. From Grandma K

    Brady’s Mom is Victors Daughter, Stephanie’s Mom is a Brady. I can’t remember are John and Steve Related? If not Brady and Stephanie can be together. Its Bo that is Victors Son. He and Brady are Related. On this show its hard to remember. If they do not get the Babys right we will never know who is related to who, when they grow up. Yea like the show will be around that long.

  38. From Grandma K

    You are right Jenn. I forgot about Colleen. It would have made a good story. You are also right about Sami and Rafe

  39. From Brenda

    What in the H are the days writers doing letting all the good actors and actresses go, John & Marlena, Kayla & Steve are they trying to get people to stop watching so their ratings will go down even more is this some form of soap opera bankruptcy?

  40. From Elka

    Haha! CMH, I totally agree Daniel is a man slut, I am sooooo sick of him! Chloe and Lucas need to break it off and this story line needs to end.
    Meanwhile, I am so glad that Sami is back.. I am glad to hear that Rafe is going to be back in the picture too, they could be a cute couple.

  41. From Days of Our Lives bSpoilers/b for March 2-6. | » SPOILERSINFO.COM

    [...] Source:Days of Our Lives bSpoilers/b for March 2-6. | [...]

  42. From CARLY


  43. From Najean

    I wish the writers would make an adventurous storyline, perhaps with Steph, like Dimeras kidnapping Steph to get back at Phillip. Rafe and Sami are cute together. So is Sami and EJ. Should have let Lucas slip into his bottle and throw it in the ocean and have it wash up on the shores of GH. I like Dr Dan and Choe.

  44. From kb

    I think Samantha and Rafe have a lot of chemistry and he can protect her from the Dimeras and give them something to wrestle with. Also, I think Daniel and Chloe have the utmost passion and should stay together. She and Lucas have no chemistry what so ever and are rather boring to watch. I like Nicole and EJ together, both coniving. Last but not least Step and Max are a better match.

  45. From Bonnie

    I am sooo sick of Hope!! She seems to me to be a spoiled brat, always so self righteous. Poor Bo, he makes mistakes, and she never, I mean never, lets him forget it. You would think that she never made any. If I were Bo, I would call her bluff and say, fine, we won’t get back together. He needs to stand up and act like he has some self respect. You would think that he did something horrendous for goodness sake. Writers, please don’t make Bo alwasy grovel. As far as I am concerned, they need to get rid of Hope and keep Steve and Kayla!! Probably boils down to the almighty dollar for the big shots at Days. Get rid of the good actors and keep the awful ones!

  46. From Bonnie

    I am sooo sick of Hope!! She seems to me to be a spoiled brat, always so self righteous. Poor Bo, he makes mistakes, and she never, I mean never, lets him forget it. You would think that she never made any. If I were Bo, I would call her bluff and say, fine, we won’t get back together. He needs to stand up and act like
    he has some self respect. You would think that he did something horrendous for goodness sake. Writers, please don’t make Bo alwasy grovel. As far as I am concerned, they need to get rid of Hope and keep Steve and Kayla!! Probably boils down to the almighty dollar for the big shots at Days. Get rid of the good actors and keep the awful ones!
    Wake up Days big shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. From Bonnie

    I am sooo sick of Hope! She acts like she is so self righteous. I used to like her character, but not anymore. Poor Bo, everytime he makes a mistake, she acts like it is the end of the world. Like she never makes any. I wish he would stand up to her and call her bluff, tell her, fine, and not get back together with her. Writers, what is wrong with you? Seems like you don’t care about what the viewers want. Make Bo have some self respect and stand up for himself!!!!!! As far as I am concerned, you could get rid of Hope and keep Steve and Kayla. Guess it must come down to the almight dollar huh? Getting rid of the good or seasoned actors and keeping the ones that aren’t.

  48. From kb

    I didn’t really think about Nicole with Brady…that’s not a bad idea either. I also like the idea of she getting pregnant with Brady’s baby. After all, he’s always cared for her despite her evil ways. Kate needs a distinguished rich character…someone new! As far as Melanie goes, I really don’t care for her at all.

  49. From Candy

    So much for “we belong together” Huh Hope? I hate that they talk and talk about how much they love each other and Hope runs the first chance she gets. What a loser! If I were Bo I would say hey come, go, do what ever the hell you want. Idiot!

  50. From Emily

    The one’s that the writers should really be getting rid of are Abe, Lexi and Theo….they are only thrown in on days that the real actors are on vacation.

  51. From Barb

    Hey, how about Lucas & Melanie, Rafe & Sami, Brady & Stephanie, Nicole & Max, Philip & Chloe……these writers are getting so ridiculous with the storylines and BOOOOOORRRRRING! Mia & Will would be good as parents – Nicole will lose out all the way around – she deserves it! I’m really getting tired of her talking her way out of everything – yesterday’s eruption from EJ was refreshing – he’s not a “yes, dahling” for Nicole, after all!

  52. From Livia

    I love Rafe and Sami together! They make a fantastic couple! I HOPE they keep them together..Rafe is fantastic! Sami needs a real man, not a boy.

  53. From Ashley

    I love Sami with EJ. Yes Rafe is a hottie (I loved him in Passions) but I dont know when Sami was wooing over baby Sydney I just couldnt help but smile when they looked at each other (sami and ej) Nicole shouldnt be with anyone she is such a sneaky *$&*#. I hope she gets caught in her lines and Stephano makes her pay. WOW Mia and Will that makes sense I guess. Lucas should go on vacation and never come back. Chloe’s role has totally changed from sweet and innocent to the town bicycle. Dr.Dan is a pig, I cant stand him send him packing please!!! So whats going to happen with these two poor babies caught in the middle of all this drama?

  54. From kelsum

    What is the point of this show anymore? It’s almost as if the writers have completely given up and know that the show will be taken off the air next year. There is no thought put into the storylines, just enough drama to take the show from day-to-day. The character development is awful and the writers seem to be taking old storylines and recycling them over and over again: Sami gets pregnant, Daniel sleeps with everyone in Salem, Lexi can’t deal with the fact that her son has autism, Philip’s a scum bag, Nicole pulls off a scheme, blah, blah, blah. The only interesting thing was watching EJ unleash on Nicole yesterday. He’s the only character that shows any emotion anymore. All of these actors need to start looking for jobs because at the rate this show is going, it won’t be on the air through next year. Notice there are no new storylines being introduced anymore? There’s a reason for that. See ya, Days of our Lives!

  55. From Jenny

    You know what? I would find it absolutely hilarious if Rafe was one of Stefano’s men in the FBI that he contracted to take care of Sami.

    I think that Sami and Rafe have more of a friendship vibe going on… the push at the romance is kind of fake in my opinion… and I really think that she should be with EJ. They’re a lot more animated together.

  56. From patsy

    Rafe looked so sexy with little bit of gray shineing in his hair I think E.J.has meet his match. Maybe he can bring him down a notch or two. In real life and reel life.

  57. From Bobbie

    I still want Sami and EJ together.
    Rafe is hot and deserves someone not so entangled with problems and 4 children. Nicole needs to be in jail.

  58. From Maria

    Put Rafe and Sami together, AND keep them together. Let Chloe stay with Daniel; they are birds of a feather and belong together. Don’t waste a lot of time and bring Hope and Bo back together and stop rehashing the whole Hope leaves Bo scenario. Brady and Nicole belong together. The writers should listen to this show’s viewers


  59. From AutumnQueen

    Please keep Sami and Rafe together! Who cares if he hasn’t had scenes with any of the other actresses on the show. They have chemistry and that’s not easy to find. They would make a great new super-couple for all of us to root for! We haven’t had a great super-couple in a very long time.

  60. From Amanda

    PLEASE bring someone new in for Daniel!!! I love Shawn Christian and I hate that his character is being ruined like this. He needs to cut his ties with Chloe and wash his hands of Kate…he deserves a good storyline now that he re-signed with the show.

    Hope Sami gets her baby back, Nicoles days are numbered thats for sure.

    Phillip has his hands full with Melanie, the fuel project and Stephanie thats for sure.

    Love Rafe and Brady!!! Still hate that Chelsea is leaving!!!

  61. From Audrey

    I agree with you amanda, after having sex with chloe..within a weeks time they were saying they were in love with one another…i’m sorry but theres a HUGE difference in saying I love you and actually meaning it and having sex one week and then saying you love one another is NOT Love…Please pair daniel with someone new and no one from the show either, you can afford to bring in a new female now that you fired all the good people!!! I really hate that Rachel Melvin is leaving…

  62. From laura

    Days is still better than anything in the evening. I agree with sami and e.J. being great chemistry. they sure light up the show.I love the way days is going.The story lines are interesting.How can you not be interested in will and Mia being the parents of one of those babies? Just like real life.

  63. From Kerry

    The romance with Sami and Rafe is so much like the Marlena/Roman romance…..

    Roman protected Marlena in a witness protection program, and then later, from the Dimeras (Stefano)

    Rafe has protected Sami in a witness protection program, and now he is going to protect her from the Dimeras (E.J.)

  64. From rureallyreal

    I think Sami should be with EJ they got sparks, they are interesting, Rafe is tooo boring for Sami…maybe he should end up with Stephanie….Nicole needs to get busted and have it all blow up in her face and EJ needs to wake up right now I think he is stupid for being with that conniving spoiled dummy. Daniel is a boring manslut I agree and dang falls in love and sleeps with everyone…he mumbles and is kind of lackadaisacal I think..Bo & Hope…come on…they been together forever and went thru so much…how can either one of them fool around just cuz something went wrong? They should be the power couple that can endure through thick and thin. Yes…and I really miss Marlena and John…Can’t believe Chelsea is leaving…

  65. From tracy

    Stephanie is a total idiot if she gives Phillip another chance! He totally humiliated her in front of Melanie.

  66. From Pat

    Hope makes me sick! She is a self-rightous b….! She always, I mean always, blames someone else for her mistakes & then expects them to grovel to her.

  67. From Nancy

    I’ve watched Days since 1969. I’m really sad that the writters don’t care about the fans. Budget cuts at the wrong places with the wrong caracters. It’s a shame. I’ve been fastforwarding the show to only watch bits of it. It’s going down the drain. If the writers wants to keep the show on top they must do better. Very disapointed.

  68. From soapsfan25

    Shawn Christian is very talented, I hate how they have ruined his character and now that he’s staying with the show he needs a new storyline.
    PLEASE bring in a new woman for daniel and give him a better storyline, PLEASE let him cut his ties with kate and chloe and don’t have him involved with hope or any other female on this show, give hims someone new!!!

  69. From Amy

    I don’t think Stephanie and Brady would work…if i’m correct, stephanie’s grandpa Shawn Brady and Brady’s grandmother Colleen Brady/Dimera are brother and sister, John was Colleen and Santos Dimera’s son so that would make stephanie and brady related..whether if its maternal/paternal cousins they are still related…this show seriously needs to quit pairing these people with their own…cousin or not, these people are still related!!!

    Stephanie isn’t related to lucas though, he’s not an uncle or a cousin to her…Kayla is a brady..she belongs to the late shawn brady and caroline so there would be no reason why steph and lucas couldn’t hook up…i mean chloe has slept/been involved with both phillip and lucas now so it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to pair steph with lucas!!!

    I hope the show will bring someone new for daniel. I’m tired of seeing him and chloe have sex and then tell each other a week later they are in love…sorry but thats not realistic…saying I love you and actually meaning it is two totally different things!!! Kate needs to get a life and chloe needs to dump both lucas/daniel and concentrate on herself.

    I will miss Rachel Melvin, i really wish she wasn’t leaving because she is a great actress…she’s very talented!!!

  70. From Audrey

    I totally agree, please pair daniel with someone new and NOT someone on this show, bring in someone from his past, now that he is staying, we need to see some history about his character!!!

  71. From nancy

    sami is back i didn’t even know she was gone. please don’t put hope with dr player she should be with bo

  72. From Emily

    Sami is back and making the show!!! Woo hoo you go girl!!!

  73. From Kari

    Brady is Collen Brady’s and Santo Dimera gradson Brady Black is a Brady and Dimera and a Kirakis’s some of you really need to check the family trees for Days of Our Lives. So Stephanie Johnston and Brady Black together not a good idea seeing how they are cousins.

  74. From Liz

    Why do people want Will to Mia’s baby daddy? Can you really picture Sami as a GRANDMA?! That’s ridiculous!

  75. From Pam

    I can’t see how any of this will be right no matter what they do because the show has already went downhill without the great ones.
    John, Marlena, Tony, Chelsea, Kayla, Steve. Soon this will be a show about a bunch of rich spoiled young people who have no clue.
    But in the meantime, put Sami & Rafe together, Nicole & EJ deserve each other/evil & evil, Phil & Stephanie, not so sure about them,
    Perhaps Stephanie will go back with Max after you take out Chelsea
    Lucas, poor Lucas..he is always getting the shaft. Melanie, just get rid of her, there is no storyline or purpose for her..I am nnot even sure why you even brought her on.

  76. From eva roseley

    i hope you put sami and rafe together she need a nice man for chance that dont have alot crime in his life and mama boy like lucas

  77. From joyce

    Istill want sami & EJ back together Nichol is such an evil person,I thank that EJ should find out very fast that Nichol stoled Sami’s baby & lost her’s & Brady should tell him & Dr Baker will back him up Phillip & Stephaine needs back together,& Daniel & Chole are so very much in love & should be together,leave Bo & Hope alone but Kate & Victor together

  78. From Di

    I’m surprised to see so many postings as just a few weeks ago almost everyone was going to quit watching if there was a baby switch! Hmmmm! I guess I’m in the minority because I love EJ and Nicole together as well as Daniel and Chloe. If you really want to give the Dr. a new love, I guess the only woman left for him would be Maggie. I don’t want Lucas to go just find him someone else until Sami is through sewing her oats (then put them back together.). I would hate to see him with Stephanie. ( Why does everyone want to put the older guys with the way younger girls?) Maybe Will can get with Melanie, remember everyone, she is just 18. Quit trying to hook her up with 30 and 40 year olds. I say good ridance to Kayla and Steve. ( Talk about mega boring!). Also let Hope act like a spoiled child…….that’s what she does best. It would be great if Bo just moved on with someone else, like Chloe,Nicole,Melanie ( good one!), oe even Kate. Love Raef!

  79. From LorrieK

    ok, i was just thinking, wouldnt it be weird if Grace turns out to be Rafe’s biological daughter? Stranger things have happened…and Nicole needs to get caught, she is such a fraud!
    I really hope Chloe and Daniel do their thing and just LEAVE Salem altogher!!!

  80. From Barb

    I so love Nicole freaking out with Sami being back – you can tell EJ’s heart still belongs to Sami – the body language between the two of them is HOT! It wouldn’t suprise me if Rafe was working with Stefano – I still can’t believe that HE doesn’t know what’s been going on with Nicole! I really liked Daniel but I don’t like what they’ve done to his character – Kate really has no room to point fingers…she’s been in everyone’s bed too!

  81. From Renee

    ok ive been watching this show for a long time and yes brady is a brady/demiera/kiriakis so hookin him up with steph would be bad because they are cousins but then dont forget shawn and belle that makes them cousins also and they have a kid together traveling the world now an interesting storyline would be the fact that e.j. and brady are actually cousins if you think about it so brady would actually be in the middle of this fuel project but the writers are not even touchin on that at all question is why not? furthur the storyline with the recently developed john is a dimiera

  82. From beth

    I’ve never posted anything about Days but all these anti-Daniel/Chloe comments are finally enough to make me post. They’re the first exciting couple in years – I’m actually watching everyday! It’s too bad they didn’t just pair them together last year when he was introduced, maybe there wouldn’t be so much hating.

  83. From shari

    i want sami with rafe, nicole to get found out soon and get her tail beat by sami, ej to totally ditch nicole, and brady to get a little more respect. the poor guy has people on his case left and right he’s not hurting anyone! Also i’m so OVER stephanie’s bitchy little i need attention my god she ALWAYS always the victim! yeye (eyeroll

  84. From lina

    stephanie always feels like she needs to boss everyone around and is the one who is always getting hurt but what about her ratting on melanie for trents death even though she had no solid proof?? i think max was right to dump her she makes me sick; and so does nicole, you cant just go around stealing peoples kids :(

  85. From lina

    hope is really ticking me off, after everything bo and her have been through together she’s acting really immature i mean he said sorry how was he supposed to figure out that vision??? get over it. and i can’t wait for nicole to get caught! karma’s a bitch so it’s gonna hit her hard and poor mia thinks her baby is safe with that backstabbing jerk but was really traded for another… talk about betrayal

  86. From Vivian

    My take on the baby switch..Mia will come back and want her baby and Nicole will kidnap the baby from the convent and give it to her…sending Rafe and Sammi out together to find Grace. Really getting tired of the on-again and off-again couples: Phil, Stephanie, Max, Chelsea, Chloe, Lucas, Kate…and I thought Stefano proposed to her…twice as I recall…wish they would bury that horse!

  87. From milinda

    hope is really ticking me off, get over it already after everything this man and you have been through you’re risking your marriage on something as petty as a vision he couldn’t understand? and i can’t wait for nicole to get caught! karma’s a bitch so it’s gonna bite her hard, and poor mia better found out what nicole did as well becuase i’d be furious to know that i trusted someone with my child and they traded it for something “bettter”

  88. From Helen

    Sami and Rafe are the next super couple! We haven’t had a really great super couple since the Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla days. Sami and Rafe make such an awesome couple! He brings out the best in Sami. Lucas is a whiney idiot, EJ is an evil Dimera and she should be with neither one of them.

  89. From subby4687

    i am so glad to see sami back in salem.things are always so much more interesting when she is around.drama follws her wherever she goes.i absolutely love her. i would really love to see sami and rafe together.they are too cute together.sami deserves to be happy for once.i thnk things are going to blow up in nicoles face ad i cant wait to see that.she hasnt seen stephano mad yet.i loveit

  90. From DSG

    I’m tired of Nicole and Dr. Jonas. They both seem to think that the world revolves around them. Maybe they should end up together? It’s fun to watch Sami, EJ and Nicole in the same room though. I think maybe they know that Every one wants to see Nicole’s deceptions fall apart so their putting it off as long as possible.

  91. From Emily

    I agree with everything you said Di!! I love rafe too but I have this funny feeling we don’t know everything about him just yet!! Guess we will find out.

  92. From Nia

    Did I miss something? How is Will baby Grace’s dad? He wasn’t even in the same country as Mia! And Mia showed Nicole the picture of the dad. Wouldn’t Nicole recognize him? Even if she didn’t they said the dad looked so much like EJ and Will does not look anything like EJ. Does anyone else agree?
    I also have been watching this show for a long time and I was bored with Marlana and John and a lot of the older characters. It just seems like the storylines are boring.
    Yes, Brady and Stephanie both have Brady blood now. Coleen Brady is Brady’s grandmother and Shawn Brady is Stephanie’s grandfather.
    I too love the Rafe character. Please do not cut him off the show!

  93. From Nia

    I would love to see them bring back Shawn, Belle, Claire and maybe even Mimi. They were such a huge storyline and then they just suddenly were gone. I agree with everyone that said that they should cut Daniel. I am so sick of him! Him and Chelsea was a cute storyline until they made him sleep with Kate. That just ruined everyone’s perception of him. He is such a male slut but supposedly he’s soooo in love with each woman he sleeps with. Yeah right! It’s not believable no more.

  94. From Allie

    I’m so very glad to see Sami back home. I know we will have a love triangle with Rife/Sami/EJ shortly. We just need to get the baby switch over with. And I really look forward to that. So we do have the potential for some good story lines to come. I just hope the writers put it together right.
    I will always keep on watching! I LOVE Days:)

  95. From Nia

    To Renee: Just read your post…Shawn and Belle are not biological cousins because Shawn’s connection with the Brady’s is his dad and his dad Bo is not a Brady by blood. Bo’s dad is Victor, he was only raised by Shawn Brady. I know this gets confusing and it’s sad that I can remember all this stuff. LOL

  96. From Melissa

    I am LOVING having Sami back and watching her scenes with EJ, man those two got chemistry!! They are soooo hot for eachother, its ridiculous, I really really hope they’ll get back together and all of Nicoles scheming will BLOW UP in her face!!! Shes so full of lies and her and EJ’s relationship is sickening. I hate them together, I keep waiting and waiting for the day them two are over for good! Please please Sami and EJ get back together soon, you two MAKE the show and are just too hot together!!!!

  97. From barb

    Well, think of the irony that if Hope got together with Dr. Hornball that he was the one who saved Bo for her when he had pancratic cancer. Didn’t she say then that she never wanted to lose Bo? gee, if I can remember that why can’t the writers? Seriously, they have no clue. At least keep Bo and Hope together, they are the only veteran couple left. I never saw it before but when Stephanie was in the park and Brady came to console her, I thought WOW now there’s a couple!! I don’t like Phillip anymore for her far as I’m concerned he can have Melanie. I love how EJ is showing his more menancing side and maybe now Nicole will quit cowing him around. He was stupid for too long. I like him scaring her a bit, she deserves it. When Sami and EJ first looked at each other the other day, it was priceless. I like them together but really am feeling torn because she and Rafe are just too dang sweet together too. Chloe and Dr. Dan should stay together, they are both sluts. Lucas should leave the show. Some people are commenting about Tony and Chelsea leaving— Tony I can see but Chelsea who is Max going to be with?


    Hi everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t beleive today show when Sami told Lucas that the baby was still born

    I do agree with some of the fans about EJ and Sami the way that they look at each other but all and all SAMI NEEDS TO BE WITH RAFE OK when need a change on this soap

    Also Kate told Victor she will find a way to bring Chloe down so this scene should be more interesting

    I have a feeling that Bo and Hope will work things out if not they should leave there role really isn’t interesting any more I feel that it should be

    Chloe and Dr Daniel will end up together I’m sure on that one

    I don’t understand why Sami lied to Lucas

    I hope the baby switching ends soon especially with Mia and Will coming back soon

    The way Rafe was holding Grace on thrusday show I’m sure that he will tell Sami that we need to raise her together especially next week they are supposedly settling in together

    Find someone new for Steph with everyone leaving the producers should have some spending money!!!!!!!!!! the scences with her and Philip are very boring

    I hope Melanie leaves soon if not don’t be surprise if she ends up dead somewhere over the fuel project

    Have a Great weekend Fans

  99. From Renee

    I fast forward anything with Chloe, her acting is not good at all. Daniel can act, but his storyline has gotten too weird, and is unsalvagable. Lucas was ready to go some time ago, though his a acting with Chloe was good. Her actions with him were not believable. EJ is out of character with his new dark side. Rafe should get a 5 year contract; he is way better on this soap than his last.

  100. From Renee

    I have watched Days since I was 16, nearly 27 years! Marlena has always been my favorite, and I hope she and John make it back at least for holidays. Sami is always awesome, of course. The new Brady is the best yet; I hope he and Nicole get together and he straightens her life out. I would love to see Will as Mias’ baby’s father, and that whole baby scene explode with genetic testing. I fast forward anything with Chloe, her acting is not good at all. Daniel can act, but his storyline has gotten too weird, and is unsalvagable. Lucas was ready to go some time ago, though his a acting with Chloe was good. Her actions with him were not believable. EJ is out of character with his new dark side. Rafe should get a 5 year contract; he is way better on this soap than his last.

  101. From barb

    My daughter wanted to me to ask whatever happened to Nicole’s beloved dog, POOKY. Any guesses? She was such an important part of Nicole’s life then poof, it’s gone once all this baby stuff started happening. Maybe, Cook made it for Stephano’s dinner one nite, Pooky a’la orangeor creme dela pooky.

  102. From Melthatsme

    I loveeeee Sami, She really is the most interesting character on day. Pleaseeeeeeeeee get Sami and EJ together. They have never really been together as a couple. Give them a chance! I cant wait till EJ finds out Sydney is his and Samis. please dont drag that out too long…..

  103. From Pam Cummings

    Leave Bo and hope alone,we seen this story line toooooooooooo much already.
    Have Zach alive and have them find their son or something

  104. From Bonnie Lou

    Please do not break up BO & HOPE!! Thank You.

  105. From Lana

    ive got an idea let sami and rafe get together and rafe say thats his baby that his wife died and him and sami raise it together let bo and hope stay a couple and in bos vision the man shes with be HIM i like chelsie and max together i hate stephney shes not ever been good with max i feel their related and thats sick

  106. From Vivian

    Well, I guess Kate has plans for Chloe :-) Wait till EJ gets chatty and talks about Nicole giving birth to her baby at Dr. Baker’s clinic. Sammi already knows that the two babies were born on the same day. Think we can anticipate some cat fights in Salem. And then Chloe will tell Nicole that Sammi’s baby was stillborn and Nicole can’t let her know that she knows different. Melanie is fiesty and she always seems to land on her feet. So gonna be some interesting things happening! Now to figure out why Will came home…maybe to find Mia and see why she walked out on him??

  107. From yandrfan

    well, i never thought of Dr lust-sick daniel and hope .. well, Bo, tell hope your vision and then if it is daniel, DEAL TO HIM! banish him to exile on some planet!

  108. From dh

    I disagree with most, i love nicole and ej together, i think they should let them be happy and we could use a wedding. the baby should stay a secret for awhile. leave bo and hope alone, they are the only couple we can always count on. i dont miss john, marlena, steve or kayla they were all boring, boring. phillip and steph make a great couple. lucas should not be with chloe, no chemistry. sami needs to get a life, and move on form ej and lucas

  109. From Grandma K

    The writers never fallow through with things. Rafe was in EJ’s house once and they have him on tape. Brady is there with his wife all the time, and he doesn’t have him on tape? Bring Mia back. Have her and Sami become friends, then things will start to happen. Sami should be with Rafe.

  110. From ivy

    I have to say yesterdays show was good, I loved seeing Kate grill Chloe about why she was at Dr. Dan’s and than Kate talking to Vic about revenge!!!! now were back to the stuff that makes me want to see what’s going to happen next…good job Dool I love the plotting when Kate gets mad remember you don’t mess with her kids….

  111. From bonnie

    I would like Sami & Rafe together, they would make an awesome couple. She deserves to be with her soulmate and be happy. I want everything to blow up in Nicole’s face. She can get what she finally deserves. Mia to come back and get her baby. I want Sami to get her little girl back so her and Rafe can be a family.I don’t really care about anybody else.

  112. From Tashia

    I love Sami and Rafe. But then i also love Sami and Ej. I hate Nicole she’s rude and i can’t wait until all of her lies blow up in her face. I hope there’s going to be a love triangle between Sami, Rafe, and Ej. The only reason why i watch days is because Sami.

  113. From FROM DOROTHY I

    Well I do agree with some of the fans saying that Rafe and Sami will pass Grace off as his baby from his wife or maybe they will say a young women wanted the convent to take care of there little girl for fiancial reason’s
    or something on that line

    Don’t forget though I personally feel that the baby is Will and Mia’s otherwise why have him back and write a contract for Mia so eventually the baby switching will end soon

    I can’t wait for Kate to mop the floor with Chloe

    Also for Nicole finally to fail

    Again bring in a new male actor for Steph the producers should have some money with all the veterans leaving

    Let’s have Bo and Hope role be more interesting there are your veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. From yandrfan

    well .. its great to see rafe coming to salem to meet all the nutters there and glad he’s with sami and p ….ng e.jerk off! and to see kate scheming; hope lucas remembers and dumps chloe .. dr lust-sick daniel will probably be after hope!! and can’t wait for that b…ch nicole to get her dues …

  115. From missy


  116. From Juja

    They cant put Stephanie and Brady together. They are related. since Colleen is Shawn’s sister and Johns mother it means that John is Kaylas cusin. And kayla is Stephanies mother, and John is Bradys father that means they are second cusin. thats would be discusting.

  117. From smoore

    I just want to see Nicole get busted. I am sooo sick of her lies and schemes, all she does is play games with Brady. I think she should get what is coming to her. As for Sami, I think she should be with EJ their love is undeniable!!!

  118. From April M.

    I’m guessing E.J. isn’t going to dig Sami & Rafe….. cause he’s still in love with Sami…. & when he finds out about the miscarriag/baby swap he is going to be very mad. I guess its a good thing Nic. has Brady.

    Why is Hope going to be with Doc. Dan? Whats up with that?

  119. From Amanda Y.

    I enjoyed Thursday and Fridays show for the first time in a long time. Sami was GREAT- As always, i just love the way she fights with Nicole. I also loved the way EJ yelled at Nicole, that was funny to watch.

  120. From ivy

    to missy, i watched the episoded when ej raped sami he had justed shot john and was on the run, sami and lucas had went for a romantic get away at a cabin when there was a accident the roof came down trapping lucas under a beam, sami went to get help and that,s when ej happened to show up and he would only help her if she had sex with him….so i would like to see sami & lucas to find there way back together or see her with rafe i think ej deserves nicole…..

  121. From shinning star32

    CAN WE PLEASE MOVE THIS ALONG!!! Let EJ find out wat Nicole has DONE!!! There r times i want to jump through the screen and freakin beat her down!!! She deserves wat is comin to her!! Sami needs to have her REAl baby girl back!! She also looks cute wit FBI dude!! As for Chloe Please destroy that lyin slut!!! And daniel needs his wee wee CUTE off. And if Hope Ends up in bed wit him Thats it!!! The show is killin all the super couples!!! thats a shame!!

  122. From dool fan

    I’ve watched this show for 20 years now, and I must say that the writers are turning all of the strong, independent women in to spoiled brats. Hope, give me a break. Get over yourself.Marlena and John are gone. Get rid of some of the new people you’ve brought in and bring back the power couple.Stephanie gets on my nerves, some one give her a bottle.She deserves Phillip, they are both spoiled brats. At least melanie brings some life to the show. Chole was once someone to admire, now she is a winey hoochie. The Nicole baby switch thing is getting old. The writers have always dragged out story lines way too long. As for Sami, I really like her and Rafe together, but I also liked her and E.J. together. I’m pulling for Rafe. I would like to see Brady hook up with Nicole and straighten her out. She has a sweetside buried under all of the years of hurt. Will being Mia’s baby daddy would be the bomb!

  123. From Delores

    There is absolutely no need to write or say any thing any more about DAYS screwed up and ignorant story lines. Obviously, the writers do not ever come here to read what we all write any way, they are all busy just trying to earn their weekly paycheck by throwing every thing and any thing they can get to pop in their (brains ?) on to a script. SO THERE!!

  124. From karrie

    Rafe.. about as exciting as watching paint dry, get rid of him already. Sami needs fire, put her back with EJ, what sparks!

    Stephanie, gag, her folks are gone it’s time for her to lit out of town after them. Philip could use a good knock down, he’s such a piece of work; Him and Melanie together might be a great villan type couple.

    Lucas, poor Lucas… not a spine in sight, whine, whine, whine, isn’t it about time to let him too ride off into the sunset yet? Yawn.

    The only reason I’m still halfway watchign this show is to see how all the baby switching plays out and watch Nicole’s downfall.

    Didn’t get the stillborn thing with Sami, she’s eventually going to be found out, this does nothing other than prolong more un-needed agony.

  125. From Olive

    I find it so funny that people actually still think EJ and Sami have “chemistry”. Now, I’ll give you that Sami and Lucas didn’t have much, but even they had more than EJ and Sami. But now that we’ve seen Rafe and Sami…smokin’ hot! Those two have supercoupledom in the wings…ala Marlena/John (well, there was that whole mistaken identity thing…) but Rafe and Sami are great!

    On the other hand…Phil needs to go – he’s boring with everyone and Steph isn’t much better. I don’t like Mel’s character all that much, but at least she has a personality. And don’t get me started on Chloe…she’s beyond boring and she and Lucas…blech!

  126. From Pika~

    oh hot damn. Raff and Sami need to just confess their love for each other. I hate Nicole. Stef, and Chloe. Why?
    Nicole = Back-stabbing-gold-digging-bitch-from-hell.
    Stef = cause she is just bitchy. She should have know that Max was going to defend his flesh and blood. chloe? I hate cheaters.

  127. From Maria

    It’s about time that Sami and Rafe are getting together. For once, the writers should give us a story to follow and not abort or terminate the relationship prematurely. It’s frustrating not to have a happy couple in Salem and Sami and Rafe should be it. They have chemistry!

  128. From Nurse Betty

    Sami and her story is what keeps me coming back but when they make her character act like she did when she was a teenager it disappoints me. Sami and EJ are good together because they both love to plot and plan. If the two fell in love and worked through their differences it definately make things interesting.
    What about EJ’s father another character that is wasting away, here is a character they brought back and what is he doing sitting in his living room being totally clueless. What? This Stephano is the mastermind of the century and he can’t see through Nickoles lies. Really? Lets bring this man to life, give him a love interest and a some one to plot against. Stephano does not sit at the side lines, he acts and acts fast.
    Ultimately he loses but we the viewers love to watch him try.
    I watch the show not for the good guys but for our hot bad boys who do and say the things we really want to hear.

  129. From Vivian

    What are the chances Chloe may be pregnant now by Dr. Dan???

  130. From laurajill

    I am a HUGE Sami and Rafe fan!!!! The electricity just flows off them. I think it is so funny that EJ is going to be jealous of Rafe. Why else would he file a complaint against Rafe out of the blue except that he saw him kiss Sami. I love it!! I got goosebumps when I saw him show up at her house and how she ran into his arms right in front of EJ.

  131. From melinda

    chloe i hope u are pregnant by dan i think u guys make a good couple i love u both cloe your very pretty lues is no good

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