General Hospital Comings And Goings For February!

In the ever-revolving door to Port Charles, people come, go, come, go and some even buy the farm. Here’s what to expect in February:

It looks like Bruce Weitz will be taking his final bow as Anthony Zacchara by month’s end. It’s been a fabulous two years loving to hate him, right? Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

NASCAR’s own Jeff Burton will appear for a scene with Dr. Patrick Drake (played by Jason Thompson) on Thursday February 19!

Stephen Macht’s role as devilish Trevor Lansing is about to meet its maker. His last air date is February 16. Farewell Stephen, thank you for giving us someone so fun to hate since 2007.

Luke fans rejoice! Anthony Geary put any speculation that he’s putting Luke out to pasture to rest by signing a new contract. (That’s got to be good news for Jane Elliot, as well, don’t you think?)

Things aren’t looking as good for Claire Coffee however. She’s now off contract, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the end of spunky nurse Nadine. It just means that Claire probably won’t sleep as well at night in this economy! Reports say that Nadine will be around as needed.

There’s a quirky new character in town by the name of Ethan Lovett. New to TV, actor Nathan Parsons first scene was with Tony Geary of all people. Talk about starting at the top, right?

Since we’ve been seeing so much of Federal Agent Rayner again, I thought I’d remind you that the actor’s name is Mark Pinter. There’s no word how long he’ll be around, but since Port Chuck seems to continually be in trouble, maybe a while!

Finally! They’ve done something with anesthesiologist Dr. Andy Archer. He pretty much dropped off the face of the earth months ago, but now we know where he’ll be – nowhere. The character bit the bullet during the toxic surgery last week and now actor Ron Melendez is officially off the GH roster.

Speaking of that toxic surgery, who played the most unfortunate patient in recent history? That was actor Kelly McCracken who, as Earl Bragg, swallowed four toxic spheres and ended up with a lethal belly ache.

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From Lorrel J Rawlings

    I am so sick of general hospital breaking up all the super couples before they even have a chance to be happy. Please do not put Liz and Lucky back together that is so boring. So is Jason and Sam we are also gettin tired of the whole mafia mess. Now they are killing off some of the characters who didnt even have a chance to grow. I wish they would leave couples like jason and Liz or Nik and Nadeen and Carly and Jax are the most interesting couple they have left.

  2. From Charity N-L Howard

    Alright, they said they’d tell us who’s playing Dante by the end of January. Now, I hear Tom Pelhery is playing some character that is not Dante. So, my guess is that David Lago is portraying the role.

  3. From KDP

    Thank you I totally agree with Lorrel J Rawlings. I’m sick to death of Sam and Lucky! Keep them together. Let Liz and Jason be happy for once!!! They belong together. Sam and Lucky need to butt out and fall off the face of GH. As for an actor to play Dante I think they need to take a look at Matt Cedeno ex Brandon off Days of Our Lives. He’s HOT and would be great.

  4. From Christina

    I kind of have to disagree with the Jason and Sam comment. I mean dont get me wrong Liz and Lucky do annoy me. But i just want Jason happy for once. He is always doing whats best for everyone else. Him and Sam fit only thing missing is little Jake. I liked Liz and Jason together but obviously it isnt going to work. Jason needs a strong woman (not saying Liz Isnt) but Sam is stronger.

  5. From ASHLEY


  6. From Jas

    I agree with Christina, I did like Jason and Liz together. I just wish the writers would let Jason and Liz finally be a couple.

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