General Hospital Spoilers for February 25 – 26!

Anthony’s a slippery fellow.

Anthony gives Sam and Jason the slip, but Sam knows her way around such logistics. She uses her feminine gifts to get a staffer to leak his whereabouts. Jason is impressed with his new/old partner.

Spinelli gets an order from Sonny, but isn’t sure who his boss is now. He decides to do as ‘Mr. Corinthos Sir’ asks and freezes Anthony’s bank accounts. Bernie tells Sonny that it’s not just Spinelli, but Jason’s other men might have a problem taking orders from him again.

Meanwhile, Anthony returns to Port Charles to torment his daughter. He abducts her and demands Sonny to come and get her – or else!

Finally! Tracy finds out where Luke is and she’s happy to leave him there. Ethan, however, she bails out.

Jax and Carly come up for air long enough for a surprise visit from Lady Jane. It seems that she’s in love and is about to be married. Jax thinks that the guy is after his mum’s money, so he and Carly hatch a plan.

Since GH burned down, Rebecca doesn’t have a job prospect in Port Charles. This is something that Edward and Nikolas both offer to remedy, but she’s not interested. When Lucky suggests that she get a job at Kelly’s, she hears him out.

Uh-oh. Kate is so pleased with the buzz that Maxie and Johnny created at the gala that she wants them to go to another one together.

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