General Hospital Spoilers for March 2 – 6!

Same heroes, different damsel.

Sonny has his oh-so capable hands full this week in trying to prevent becoming a widower for a second time. Jason isn’t exactly easy, breezy at the moment either. His plate is full and he ends up confiding in Sam.

Claudia won’t listen to brother dearest and his constant pleas to get the heck away from her husband before he finds out her dirty little secret and whacks her. Confident that her situation can work out for her, she makes a careless mistake.

As Nikolas does his best to get closer to Rebecca, she finally comes to see him as something other than a stalker. No matter what you call it, Nadine isn’t pleased with what she’s seeing and ends things between herself and her Prince Charming. (Writing, meet wall.)

Spinelli can’t handle seeing Maxie constantly on the well-toned arm of Johnny so he hatches a plan of his own. (Gee, do you think it’ll go well for him?)

Lulu meets her dad’s newest partner in crime and gets a bad feeling about the guy. (Hey, he’s such a mirror-image of Luke that if she got a crush on him it would be creepy.)

Tracy weighs in on the Rebecca situation. Suffice it to say that she has an entirely different reaction than everyone else. Luke meets Rebecca, too, and gives her some advice.

Robin’s situation hasn’t improved in the slightest and her husband is increasingly freaked out by it.

Brace yourselves…SpinWin hits the road as a duo of sorts.

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  1. From ASHLEY

    I think they need to finish up the Robin PPD story. It’s getting old. Seriously. And I hope LuLu doesn’t get a crush on Ethan, b-cuz I think he is like Luke & Holly’s long lost kid or something. That would mean he’s LuLu’s brother. Although if he’s not they would be a cute couple! I am over her and Johnny anyway. Oh and I love having Sam and Jason back working together…cant wait for them to get back together tho.

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