General Hospital Weekly Summary from February 23 – 27!

Sonny Takes Charge. Again.

It didn’t take long for Sonny and Jason to fall back into their former job responsibilities. After starting the week agreeing that they’re done fighting, the only person who needed some convincing was Bernie. When Sonny started giving the orders, Bernie didn’t know what to do. Finally he did what Sonny asked, but warned that the rest of the men liked working for Jason.

Acting on a tip that Anthony was hiding out in Florida, Jason and Sam posed as honeymooners and went to the same resort. Sam proved to be very resourceful in getting information from the staff. They finally made their way down to the cabana where the old coot was hanging out, but he was long gone. (He found out that his bank accounts were frozen, aka Spinelli!, and headed back to Port Charles for a cash infusion of sorts.)

Robin proudly showed Patrick the headlines in the newspaper that touted him as a hero during the hospital crisis. She arranged for a sitter and planned to take him out for a nice dinner, but he didn’t want to leave Emma. Robin was miffed, but served up some Campbell’s soup instead. Next, she told him that she’d like a nanny so she can return to work. Patrick was initially concerned, but said that he only wanted her to be happy.

Rebecca went to Spoon Island to give Nik a chance to explain his love story with Emily. She was touched by it, but couldn’t get out of that mausoleum fast enough. She went to Kelly’s for coffee and ended up enjoying a conversation with Lucky. Throughout the week, Nik offered her work at Emily’s clinic and The Metro Court and Edward pretty much promised the keys to the Quartermaine kingdom, but she wanted none of it. In the end, Lucky asked Mike to hire her at Kelly’s.

Maxie and Johnny had a fun week. They were a splash at not one, but two publicity events for Crimson and Kate knew a good thing when she saw one. She offered Johnny a thousand dollars a pop to escort Maxie to all the in places to be scene. Both wearing couture, of course! Lulu and Spinelli were far from pleased, but Johnny insisted that he needed the money. Spinelli called Jason and asked him to invest in a small business for Johnny, but Jason was too busy to talk. At that very moment, the Feds came and dragged Spinelli away and Jason heard it all through the phone.

(On a side note, one entire episode was dedicated to Maxie’s dream. With all the talk about heart-healthy lifestyles, she had BJ on the brain and couldn’t help wondering what life would’ve been like if she had lived instead of herself. Long story short, Mac turned into an alcoholic with spinster Robin caring for him, Carly and Patrick had a loveless marriage with Carly trolling the bars for action, Johnny is a mob kingpin and Lulu is a cold-hearted waitress at Kelly’s. Maxie woke up thrilled to be alive.)

Carly and Jax stayed on the make-up course and pretty much sucked face every chance they got. Jax moved back home.

The first thing that Anthony did when he reached Port Charles was nab Claudia as his hostage. He made her call Sonny and demand thousands and while they waited, he berated her for being such a pain in his butt all his life. She was confident that he would be made to pay, but Anthony teased her for believing that her husband cared about her.

Meanwhile, Sonny told Jason to get the money around and said that he’d try to spare Anthony’s life for the Feds but he would get Claudia out no matter what. Jason asked when he started caring about her? Sonny said that he doesn’t trust or care for her, but she stepped up and he wasn’t going to let her die. When Sonny arrived at the warehouse with the money, Anthony had Claudia on the roof strapped to a bomb. He told Sonny that there was only enough time to do one thing – nab him or save his wife.

All things said, it was a relief to go back to ‘normal’ life after two weeks of high, smoky drama! Post your comments below and let Soap Opera Fan Blog readers know your thoughts about what’s going on (or ‘going down’) in Port Chuck.

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