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Thoughts on Days for the week of February 9-13.

While it wasn’t the most eventful week, it managed to be more amusing than not. Victor received some precious air time and used it for his usual charming string of nasty quips. Hope, still irate about shooting her sister-in-law, left Bo so she can go clear her head. Kayla, who was obviously pumped full of morphine, spent an episode teasing Daniel about his romantic life. He had his hands full. Chloe dumped Lucas, claiming that he is too good for her but not elaborating. He was, understandably, at a loss. His mother showed up to berate him, assuming this is all his fault. She has romantic problems of her own. Aside from lingering feels for Dr. Dan, she also has Stefano still sniffing around her. He even showed up at Chez Rouge dressed as one of The Hives and asked her out. Meanwhile, Brady gave his ex-wife a little comforting. Chloe pondered whether you have to be stupid to be happy. It doesn’t seem to help in Salem. She asked Daniel to run away with her but he refused to budge, basically insisting that her breakup with Lucas has to be her decision and refusing any responsibility of his own.

Stephanie and Philip broke up again this week and then got back together. She finally realized that he’s dangerous, something she apparently never noticed before. They shared a dance together, which is what he does with all of his women. I guess since that amounts to moving without going anywhere, it’s supposed to be a metaphor for his relationships. He’s still heavily flirting with Melanie. He has his own special smirk for her, and even his father can see that he wants to nail her. Philip and Mel spent a few scenes sniping at each other and calling each other ‘pumpkin’. Thankfully it didn’t reach the Sami and Rafe level of naming calling. Sami discovered that Nicole ‘gave birth’ on the same day she did. After saying that EJ would drop Nicole if he knew that she just popped out another of his children, she imagined herself in a wedding announcement with him. Was this a psychic vision, wishful thinking, the product of exhaustion, or a curse mysteriously put on her by Celeste? I don’t think I want to know.

EJ and Nicole brought the baby home. Then they rushed her to the hospital. Sydney stopped breathing while Elvis was ranting at Brady. The baby was fine, but Nicole was more rattled than ever. When they got back to the mansion, Stefano ranted at her for being irresponsible. Elvis defended her but continued to worry about her being with Brady so much. He got so worried that he pushed ahead and set their wedding date without even asking her about it. Is EJ paranoid or is he insecure? I guess if I were a twelve year old with the body of a grown man I’d be unsure of myself too. At least we’ve been treated to more glimpses of his past, more malevolent, self. Much like his father, he can make goo-goo eyes at children and plan to destroy people at the same time. Watching him bartering with Melanie over the blueprints was just plain odd though. I don’t know if it was because he’s twice her size, because they’ve come from different acting schools, or because they seemed to be meeting in the alley/steel cage where EJ used to steal organs, but something was off-kilter about their little scene. He manipulated her easily and she ran off to steal the blueprints. Philip caught her and fired her. She went sobbing to brother Max who informed her that Nick sent him a copy of what she seeks.

Brady floated around Salem helping his ex-lovers. I’m not sure this is really part of the 12-step program the way he claims it is. He stole $10,000 from Victor to help Nicole pay off Dr. Baker. Victor caught him but Brady argued his way out of it. Pretty soon he was roughing the doctor up and threatening him. I’m intrigued, and baffled, by Brady. I really have no idea what’s going on in his head. Maybe there’s nothing. He could be totally transparent. His involvement with Nicole continues to intensify next week… now we move on to the spoilers. For those who don’t want to know, please look away. Brady wants some answers from Nicole, but she’s trying to keep him distant. Across town, Chloe can’t keep her mouth shut and confesses her affair to a priest. Almost simultaneously, Maggie spills everything she’s managed to eavesdrop and cull about the matter to the sulking and confused Lucas. He may soon be distracted when his son Will returns to town, now older and played by a different actor. His mother is dealing with some confusion of her own. She confesses to Victor that she still has unresolved feelings for Daniel. I guess since she broke up with him because she was feeling ‘numb’, her tingly sensation is finally back. And the awkward relationship pairings continue as Stephanie and Chelsea, sorority sisters, cousins, and frequent boy swappers, compare notes about Max.

Lines of the week:

Brady: (to Philip) You blew it. You went bungee jumping without a rope. That never has a happy ending.

Melanie: I left Titan with what I came in with – my smarts.
EJ: We’re all in trouble aren’t we.

Nicole: (to Victor) He’s giving me the money because he lost a bet. He bet you weren’t an arrogant jerk.

Dr. Baker: (to EJ) You know, new fathers become proprietary. Not just human fathers. Baboons too.

Victor: (to Philip) I think we disagree on the definition of nailing her.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From Clara

    I give up! Days has lost its mind. The stories?, actors still on the show, deserve to be cancelled!

  2. From Carly

    Well we can do without Melanie and her fake laugh…..definitely get ride or Kate and move the story line along so EJ knows about the baby …….bring back John & Marlena….keep Rafe and Sammi and let them get together…..Chloe can go and Hope needs to stop whining…..

  3. From denise

    I hate the Hope/Bo story. How quickly (and with such a stupid reason) she forgets all the My Bo, the love of my life, how could i ever live without him scences from such a short time ago. Bad bad writing!

  4. From dc

    poor lucas, dumped again. when will this boy ever learn. maybe when will comes back he can help his old man. they will probably let lucas go anyway.
    hope sami will stays with rafe.
    and nicole, her day is coming, her lies are gonna catch up with her.
    looks like there is going to be a dimera, kirakis war over the fuel project. i would love to see melanie get dumped by both and have to try and find someone else to fund the project.
    i hated to hear chelsea is leaving. is her character going to be replaced by someone else? (hate to leave ax out there with nobody).

  5. From twinny

    Melanie is going to get squashed like a bug, and Philip will not be the one doing it.

    I hope it turns out that she is lying about her age. That she is still a minor and none of the deals she is making are legal.

    Then, Max will be appointed as her legal guardian, and the power that be will have to go through Max to get the deal.

  6. From kdub

    With all the budget cuts going on at Days, and the state of things for us in real life, I would like to see the writers really go off in some crazy, escapist directions with the characters we have left. Let’s have Bo and Hope split up for a legitimate reason (an affair perhaps?), get Kate back to her scheming self and have Lucas take lessons from her.

    I am sick of having every character on the show be lovesick over and/or with their soulmate. I get that soaps are supposed to be about love, but for now I want some shake-ups in Salem!

  7. From Sue

    I watched Rafe in another soap..He’s even worse in this one..Ditch him!!

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