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I’ve had enough life-threatening drama for a while.

It’s mind boggling how people survived a biotoxin, several explosions, a raging fire and a few raving lunatics running around free. Let’s let it be known what we’re ready for now!

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Fun fact! Julie Clark Robinson wrote this story just for you on February 20th, 2009 |

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  1. From christie s.

    I want Jason and Elizabeth to finally be together and for Jake to have his father. I want to see Edward hold is great, grandson! I won’t watch until I get Liason!!

  2. From Donna

    I want Jason and Elizabeth to be together as a family! Jason has always loved Elizabeth and always will. Elizabeth and Jason need to raise their son together!
    I will also not watch GH again until this happens!

  3. From christie s.

    I don’t know why there isn’t one GH fan who isn’t ticked at still pointless character of Sam McCall is getting the royal treatment of being not only whitewashed but given all the stories while the rest of the cast continues to be backburned?? She’s just a pretty face, she’s not even that good of an actress to deserve this much attention? I want more alexis, more Monica, and def more Elizabeth, but wait…these actresses won’t strip every week, so of course they won’t get scenes!! DUH. SILLY ME.Tricks aren’t just for kids anymore, apparantely there for General Hosptial too.

  4. From MISSY


  5. From melanie

    I would love too see Jason raise his own son with elizabeth and for them two to get back together and have the wedding all the LIASON fans are waiting to see. LIASON 4EVA

  6. From natalie

    I wud love to see LIason back together and jake with his father once and for all and to see them get married

  7. From New General Hospital Storyline Poll SoapOperaFan com | Weak Bladder

    [...] New General Hospital Storyline Poll SoapOperaFan com Posted by root 1 day 22 hours ago ( This is a poll for general hospital fans asking what they 39 d like to see now that the biotoxin storyline is over comment added february 23rd 2009 at 6 56 am 2009 soapoperafan com sheknows com blogs powered by wordpress Discuss  |  Bury |  News | New General Hospital Storyline Poll SoapOperaFan com [...]

  8. From MISSY

    love to see jason bk to be the father Jake,& happiness w/ Liz. they need to be bk to getting married & out fm Sonny’s world. bring Sonny down so hard. let Jax adopt his children.I, think He,is the great being the father is Jax.thank’s,

  9. From JaSam Forever

    What is wrong with you guys? Definitely, I would love for Jason and Sam to get back together somehow. Lucky and Elizabeth should stay together. There is no way for Elizabeth and Jason to work. Jason is in the mob, and once your in the mob, it is nearly impossible to get out. Anyway, Jason has been so dehumanized by the mob, that he although he would be able to care for his beautiful son, he would not put up with much of Elizabeth’s whining. Yes, Sam went a bit overboard on her love for Jason, but she REALLY loved that man, and in a twisted way, it is a bit admirable. Elizabeth says that she loves everyone (Lucky, Jason, and now Nicholas)and with no true conviction. Besides, I really hate her for putting her children into danger just so that she could get some.

  10. From Missy

    Love to see Jason & Elizabeth bk together as in a supercouple get Jason out of Sonny’s world. & Dante, bring down Sonny, for good this time Don’t let know 1 save him anymore. his trouble mob war ends for him def. dante, throw him the key, but Don’t want Sonny, to know it was dante turn him in. bring claudia’s event be solved.
    & franco, to witness the whole thing.

  11. From japan818

    i am sooo happy with the jasam reunion, i can watch gh again!!!!! they belong togather!! ♥

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