The Bold and the Beautiful Fashion Secrets Revealed! (Aug 2011 – We no longer get these ?s from B&B)

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Fashion, fireplaces and shoes!

Fashion is a big part of soaps and fans always want to know where they can purchase some of the designs. Luckily, our sister site,, gets to the bottom of these inquiries by going straight to the source: the costume designers!

For the latest in B&B fashion information, Emmy Award winning costume designer for B&B, Birgit Muller gave us the scoop on where she finds such spectacular jewelry, as well as some of Brooke, Bridget, Katie, Taylor and Jackie’s outfits.

There is even a question answered about set decoration and a behind the scenes fashion secret Lesli Kay revealed on the 2009 Soap Cruise!

To find out where you can purchase some of the fabulous designs B&B uses, check out the article on! Please note that this article was published February 25, 2009. 

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  1. From Tracy

    Can you tell me where to find the scarf Steffy wore on 1/12/10. I love it and have been looking for one just like it? Thanks

  2. From Helen

    And what about the sweater worn by Sandy Sommers on 1/15/10? Where to find it or instructions for knitting it?

  3. From Irene

    can someone tell me where to find the drape front sweater that steffy was wearing on 2/17 when she got bill to sign over the company? I’ve been searching for it ever since

  4. From Judy

    Can you tell me what brand nude pumps Katie wore when she and spencer made up in bed? They were patent nude pumps. Thank you.

  5. From judy

    can you tell me what patent nude pumps Katie was wearing when she and spencer made up in bed. thanks

  6. From Joanne

    Blue sheer topped pintuck dress Brooke wore on the March 17 , 2010 episode of the Bold and the Beautiful? Where can I get one? Where can I get the silver necklace Brookewore with that dress too. Also, the pink pintuck top Bridgett wore on the same episode?

  7. From Brenda

    On today’s episode Bridget has on a light blue dress with ruffles @ collar & black buttons. Where can I find it?

  8. From Brandy

    I too want to find the light blue dress with ruffles Bridget wore the entire week of April 8! It is adorable.

  9. From Chris

    I would like to know where I can get the white handbag that Jackie M had in the April 30th episode?

  10. From miggy

    who is the designer of that back cut out dress that steffy wore this past week?

  11. From lilnina

    I would like to know about the short white dress that Bridget wore on the June 21st and June 22nd episodes…is it a maternity dress? I loved it, and would like to know wear she got it from?

  12. From Alexandra

    I am interested in knowing more about the navy blue dress Steffy wore on Friday 7-9-10. I it available for public buy? Thanks! great dresses as always.

  13. From k. dean

    Who made the necklace that ‘Steffie” is wearing on the August 4, 2010 episode?

  14. From Vickie

    Can you tell me more about the white top and necklace that Steffy wore on the August 4th, 2010 episode? Thanks!

  15. From Lee Nan

    Please tell me where I can find the following:
    1. White asymetrical t-shirt worn by Stefy and the necklace on w/o August 1? Thanks I have been searching all over the net.

  16. From castro

    where can i buy the bill spencers sword pendant.thank you ,i really like it.

  17. From Chelsea

    I love all of the clothes on Bold and the Beautiful, but my mother and I especially love Bill Spencer’s dress shirts where the collar and the cuffs have a design.I would like to know where I could get them for gifts.

  18. From Deb Forrest

    where can i find the dress Aggie was wearing on Bold & the Beautiful 11/29/10 episode? Its black & white, form fitting

  19. From Katy

    I am looking to find the necklace worn by Hope Logan on the 12/8-12/10/10 episodes…(thanks!)

  20. From Holly

    Can you tell me where I could buy the red wide legged pants and brown tie blouse the Brooke wore on the week of feb 14th episodes?

  21. From nora harrelson

    can you we the public buy any of the custumes(or look alikes) created by birgit muller?

  22. From Walter Barber

    Who Designs Bill Spencer’s shirts they are very cool

  23. From Victoria

    Where can find both blouses that Lily Winters was wearing 04/20/11 that draped in the back and Victoria’s her blouse was shshort sleeved however, on one side it was like a tank top and the other reg short sleeved. Both blouses are dropped in the back. Really nice as if the material was silk.

  24. From jay

    can anyone tell me who made the blouse steffy worse in april 22, 2011 episode. It is a sheer light blue with white trim down the center button up! please let me know if any one knows

  25. From Linda Sh

    where can I find mens shirts like the ones worn by Bill Spencer (Don Diamond) on the bold and the beautiful?

  26. From Tina Langschwager

    June 14th, 2011 – the “necklace” Hope is wearing w/ grey skirt & tshirt. Where can I get it. The necklace… Thanks – T

  27. From babs

    Did anyone find out where to purchase Hope’s necklace on June 14, 2011. I love it!

  28. From kristin

    I’m looking for it too! Gorgeous! Any luck finding out where to get it?

  29. From Margaret

    I absolutely love The Bold & The Beautiful and love the red blouse that Brooke Logan was wearing in the June 24, 2011 episode! She had jeans and a thin gold belt, love the necklace too! Actually, I love the entire outfit, could you please tell me where I can purchase it? or who the designer is? Thank you! :-)

  30. From Margaret

    I absolutely love The Bold & The Beautiful! Please could you tell me where I can purchase the outfit Brooke Logan was wearing in the episode that aired on June 24, 2011? or who the designers are? She wore a red blouse,long necklace, blue jeans and thin gold belt, I love it! Thank you! :-)

  31. From Karen

    Would like to know where to find the necklace that Hope is wearing with grey skirt and T-shirt?????

  32. From Rita

    Would like to know where to find the necklace(s)that Hope is wearing with the grey skirt and T-shirt on June 29th’s show and June 30th show.

    Thank you

  33. From Victoria

    I am interested in two necklaces Hope Logan has worn on the show. The one from the June 14 episode (with the grey skirt and shirt) and from July 1 (with the green dress). Please tell us where we can purchase them.

  34. From Victoria

    I want to know if you have ever considered making a blog about the fashions featured on B&B? I think we all love so many items we see and it would be great to have a site to go to showing where we can purchase the items or some alternative options.

  35. From Dianna

    where can I find shirts the ones worn by Bill Spencer (Don Diamond) on the bold and the beautiful?

  36. From juliet

    where can I find shirts like the blue one worn by Bill Spencer (Don Diamond) on the bold and the beautiful week of july 18th 2011

  37. From jc watts

    tried to get an answer from u — i’m done

    This piece is old. We don’t do Fashionista pieces for any soap but GH. Try emailing us questions instead of posting in comments. You’ll get a quick response. Calling us foul names only makes us want to ban you for life. We have sent a warning email out. ADMIN

  38. From LJ

    Watching the Bold and the Beautiful (25th July 2011) and have fallen in love with Hope’s necklace. After searching the internet for hours I still can’t find name or designer. Can anyone help?

    We do not get B&B wardrobe questions answered and haven’t in years. This article is a few years old! Admin

  39. From AP

    Hope’s necklace is from J. Crew!

  40. From patty rose

    who makes hopes red and white checkered shirt?

    We don’t get these questions from the show anymore. Please read the article. :) Admin

  41. From patty rose

    looking for Hopes red and white check blouse on B&B

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