The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers For February 23 – 27.

As promised, the end of the week’s spoilers have been included for The Bold and the Beautiful the week of February 23…

Ridge faces death, but is rescued by a heroic Rick. You would think this might end their feud, but Ridge remains unimpressed by Rick’s efforts. Rick then goes head to head with Stephanie again, but this time he gets the last word on the situation. He’s not done there, as Rick then plays his mother like a fiddle by laying on the guilt to make her rethink things.

Rick’s ploy seems to work as Brooke goes to see Steffy to make a suggestion, which leads to Steffy making an altruistic decision. How will Ridge feel about this?

Now that Rick is out of Forrester Creations, Thorne looks forward to being appointed head of the family company. Will he finally get the recognition he so craves?

Stephanie promises Taylor that Brooke will make good on her promise to Ridge, but will that happen? It remains to be seen, as Brooke makes an announcement to the press that shocks everyone close to her. It doesn’t look good for Brooke, as Ridge then turns to Taylor for consolation.

Owen gets in on the action when he rails at Rick for his abhorrent behavior. Rick doesn’t take this lying down and makes a threat of his own against Owen. Is a new rivalry brewing?

At the Soap Opera Mania event this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio, which Soap Opera Fan Blog’s General Hospital writer Julie Robinson attended, Brandon Beemer was asked if his character Owen would be paired up with Bridget. Brandon teased, “There’s more to that…Owen is going the route with a younger woman AND an older woman!” Ooh, sounds juicy!

We’ll be back with more spoilers, but in the meantime, check out our B&B news, cast bios, comings & goings and polls.

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