The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 23 – 27.

A life was saved, a press conference was called and lives were changed.

As Ridge dangled from the rooftop, Rick struggled to pull him to safety. Once Ridge was back on the roof, Rick told him he would never let him die. After they came back down to the offices, Rick met up with Brooke and told her what happened and that he hoped Ridge would repay him for saving his life by giving him his job back. If Ridge could accept him, then maybe everyone else would as well. Brooke agreed to keep mum, but when she told Ridge Rick didn’t want any credit for saving his life, Ridge just thought Rick was manipulating everyone all over again.

Brooke pleaded Rick’s case to Ridge, but he was hell-bent on keeping Rick out of Forrester Creations. When Rick learned his saving Ridge’s life didn’t change Ridge’s feelings about him, Rick planted the seed with Brooke that if Steffy left the company, then he could stay. While Brooke went to Steffy to convince her to quit, Ridge made it clear to Rick that as long as Steffy was working at FC, Rick wouldn’t be.

While preparations were being made for the press conference announcing that Thorne would be replacing Rick as president of Forrester Creations, Thomas worried about Steffy to Taylor, Steffy told Ridge she wanted to quit working for the company, Eric learned that Rick saved Ridge’s life and Rick and Owen exchanged heated words.

Ridge was outraged at Steffy’s suggestion that she leave the company, realizing she wanted to make room for Rick to stay. Brooke joined the conversation and Ridge quickly understood that it was Brooke’s idea for Steffy to quit. He was angry and told both his daughter and wife that under no circumstances would he allow Steffy to quit so Rick could stay.

The press conference got underway and Eric started to tell the press Rick was being let go, but Brooke interrupted saying she had something to say that would change the company forever. She hesitated and then announced they would have a new collection for preview in about a month, instead of stating that Thorne would be the new president of Forrester Creations.

Everyone but Rick, Steffy and Eric were furious with Brooke, and Ridge stormed out and headed over to see Taylor. While Stephanie berated Eric for not firing Rick and Steffy for trusting Rick, Taylor and Ridge vowed to not let Rick take Steffy away from them.

Stephanie met up with Taylor and told her she thought Brooke had gone too far and had finally lost Ridge’s trust in her. Meanwhile, Ridge told Brooke how angry he was that she sided with Rick. Brooke told him it wasn’t that easy because Rick is her son and he is her husband, but she wanted to help him heal. She also wanted Ridge to love her like she loved him: more than life itself. She asked Ridge if he could do that.

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  1. From janet

    I am sick and fedup with the snobbish, self-righteous Ridge and Brooke who does nothing better than shedding tons of tears before one can say “Brooke”!!!!

  2. From Mireye byamasu

    i would love if steffy stop lovin rick and i want taylor 2 be back with ridge,,,,,Brook to stop gettin into taylor`s life

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