The Young and The Restless: Marcia Wallace Joins Cast!

Could Katherine be in any more trouble?

Great news for all of you Young and the Restless fans who also tune in to the popular “Simpson’s” Primetime hit! Soap Opera Fan Blog is excited to announce that Marcia Wallace (voice of Bart’s teacher Mrs. Krabappel) will be joining the cast!

Though the specifics of her role as Annie Wilkes have not been released, some say that this new woman will be a danger to Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) – who’s already in danger from herself! Stay tuned, as Annie will show up on the scene on Monday February 16!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to welcome Marcia to the show! If you have any ideas of how Katherine’s life could become more complicated, please leave us your thoughts below!


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  1. From Deborah

    Katherine could fall in love with her male friend, and move him into her home and he falls in love with Jill (smile).

  2. From gabi

    Marcia Wallace! Yes! What a bright bit of talent on an already blindingly talented show!

    A thought on Kay’s DNA test results:

    Jill’s not really Kay’s daughter!
    I wasn’t watching Y & R when the Baby Mama discovery was made — was there a DNA test then, or was it before DNA testing and Kay simply figured out via (faulty)deduction that Jill was hers…?

  3. From laura stick

    marcia wallace! i hope she will be comic relief. not a y & r fan, but i am thinking of kalliope from another world, with eugene and cass, very funny. there are so many things she could do to spice up the melodrama with her wicked and brainiac humor.

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