The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Feb 27-Mar 2!

I spoiled you already with what’s to come today, earlier in the week, so we’ll tease a little with Friday’s show but let you in on what’s in store for Monday.

In an odd turn, bachelor Billy proposes to Chloe, but it’s pretty smart of him, considering if he marries her, it’ll make it easier for her to keep the child. Meanwhile, as we know, Cane proposed to Lily. It’s all very unromantic, of course, but that is supposed to change when Cane and Lily get intimate, Monday. I’ll be covering my eyes until it’s over. I really got used to seeing him with Chloe, though I realize what she did was wrong. Yada yada, I still like my Chloe. Not only does Billy ask for m’lady’s hand, he convinces her to move into the Abbott manse with him. Will this change their relationship or is he doing this just for his daughter?

We’re getting closer to seeing this mystery PR woman, when Victor’s plan evolves. We still wonder who she is and if she’s somebody from Jacko’s past!

Gloria, after walking in on Jeff and Jill, signs the divorce papers, but is this all a scam? Who’s scamming who, or is Jeff really into Jill? I’m not buying it just yet.

Meanwhile, Kay is threatened by Jill’s rejection of Esther’s offer. Jill’s not paying the ransom money for Kay! That doesn’t sit well with Clint, when Kay and Esther come face to face with his murderous plan.

When Amber discovers the hidden clue in the ransom note, it’s only our guess what happens next. We hear Kevin’s worst nightmare is realized, but is this about Katherine being alive? He’ll have to pay that money back when she returns, won’t he?

In klepto Sharon news, her problems seem to consume her and Nick asks her for the truth. Will she give it? Does she even know the truth? Just why does she seem to be blocking out certain things? You’ll see!

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I hope you enjoyed the spoilers. What are your thoughts on the show coming up this week? Stay tuned when I return Tuesday with more spoilers and check out our Y&R weekly summaries, news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, polls and comings and goings!

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