The Young and The Restless Spoilers for Feb 3-6!

This week, on Y&R, secrets are revealed, memories come forward and promises are made. Friday February 5 is the last day that you’ll see Brad…so stay tuned. After 20 odd years of playing Brad, Don Diamont is looking at getting on sister soap, Bold and Beautiful! Good luck to him.

Here’s what you can expect to happen Tuesday until Friday… just a few teasers!

Colleen and JT continue their search for Brad and Colleen reacts to finding his abandoned car. The search is stepped up. Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose at the hospital with little teenage Eden, who sneaks out of the condo (I’ve no idea how that worked, since there’s usually only one door in a condo and Lauren and Michael were in the living room, where the front door is…but we believe, right?) and goes to the hospital, where she dons scrubs and visits beau, Noah. Of course, Michael and Lauren find her there and taker her home – by her ear. Or at least, they should. Brat! Is she annoying to you as she is to me? She certainly is to princess Abby. Meanwhile, Jack and Victor have words regarding Jack’s role as Noah’s stepfather. Like dogs, marking their territory, these two. Victor especially. Phyllis is turned away from driving to the cabin and arrives back at the hospital, where Jack takes her home. There, they commiserate over their failing marriages and discuss whether or not Sharon and Nick are having an affair.

Mid week, Phyllis’s jealousy turns to reality when Sharon tries to tell Nick to give her the note and she’ll burn it. He refuses, and later, they give in to temptation and have sex.

Meanwhile, back in GC, Murphy promises an uncertain Katherine that she’ll never be alone. Are you wondering when these two will step things up? I like how slow their relationship is going. If they were on DAYS, they’d have had sex long ago!

Noah, who still was uncertain as to how he get out of the freezing lake, remembers. Brad saved him! The search for Brad comes to a chilly end and that’s the end of our 20 plus year run with the Brad Carlton character. This causes Sharon to become grief stricken, as they did share quite the bond.

Phyllis, poor Phyllis. Her insecurities and fear that Nick would have sex with Sharon have come to fruition and Nick admits ….yes, he had sex with Sharon at the cabin (in a moment of stupidity). How will she take this? We saw how insane she went over a kiss. Getting together as a couple after you’ve been cheating usually bites you in the butt, in some way, no? Speaking of which, Victor’s motives are called into question, of course, by Neil and Colleen, after a nasty message is found to be left on Carlton’s answering machine. But… Victor didn’t harm Bradly, as we all know. He died a hero. *sniff sniff* I’ll leave you with a moment of silence and will get back to you Friday, to spoil you more.

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