The Young and The Restless Spoilers for February 24-27!

This week, Genoa City takes us on a ride, leading us up to this huge Sharon storyline I keep yakking about! The twists, the showdowns, the ditsy decisions and emotional reunions. It’s hard to believe this will all happen on just one show, in just one week!

It all starts off Tuesday, when Gloria shares her incredibly emotional news that she’s not a killer, everyone thought she was, and near the end of the week, she’s exonerated! Thank goodness. No more orange outfits and freedom awaits, but when she goes home and finds out Jeffrey has been smooching with Jill, watch for a fight between these two ladies to ensue!

Meanwhile, the four musketeers continue to get cozy with the better half of their friends. While Jana is ever so understanding and complimentary of Daniel’s art, Amber continues to push Daniel away and hang with Kevin. Will we see this foursome swap partners for some long term love, on the greener side of the grass? Is it really greener?

In another twist, as Esther won’t take Jill’s word that Roger’s a bigamist, Esther shields Chloe from Jill’s dressing down, regarding Chloe’s pack of lies! At the same time, Cane and Billy finally have it out over who’s the daddy to Delia, leading Cane to propose marriage to Lily and ask the unthinkable. “Will you help me raise Delia?” Ugh! What’s a prissy gal to do?

When Sharon finds out her mother, Doris is in the hospital, she dashes out of the bookstore, leaving Eden to run after her with some books she thought Sharon purchased. Eden thought wrong, and is accused of shoplifting. The drama never ends! Sharon’s guilt overwhelms her, later, but about what? Does she even recall what happened at the bookstore? She notices she’s starting to experience blackouts of time… just as she did long ago…and is overcome by a panic attack!

Elsewhere in GC, Victor has a showdown with Adam and Katherine and Esther have an emotional reunion, when Kat breaks out of her hostage situation, but will this reunion last?

We’ll have to watch to find out more!

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