The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For February 23 – 27!

Gloria gets amazing news, Neil saves Tyra, Cane is on a mission, and Sharon breaks down!

After Tyra ran off with Ana to a bus station, Ana secretly hit Neil’s speed dial number, so he could hear her tell Tyra that she didn’t want to leave! Neil promptly arrived at the station, along with the cops, who were following an Amber Alert, then convinced Detective Gil that he had asked them to meet him there. Thanks to Neil, Tyra wasn’t charged, and Ana was put back into Neil’s custody! Karen finally confronted Neil about kissing Tyra, who assured Karen he was devoted to her, then warned him to get it together – or their marriage would be finished!

When Colleen refused to back down off the Newman Board, Victor knew someone else was behind the madness and suspected Jack, who promised to coach Colleen. Later, Colleen lashed out at Ashley for suggesting that she give up the board seat!

At the end of her emotional rope, and after Jeffrey announced that he’d be divorcing her, Gloria told Michael that she wanted to confess to her crimes – but Michael informed her that the woman didn’t die from the tainted face cream but rather a food allergy! Gloria was released!

Jeffery shocked Jill when he showed up at the mansion to congratulate her regain of Jabot – and to light her firecracker! Jill even allowed Jeffrey to seduce her – and the two had sex! Later, after Jeffery sent Jill flowers, Jill arrived at his room at the club – to tell him their sex meant nothing – then ended up indulging in more of Jeffrey’s charm, and Gloria, who wanted Jeffrey back, showed up in lingerie and witnessed it all, leaving Jeffrey and Jill wondering what she was doing out of jail! In the end, Gloria left, and Jill loved sticking it to her!

Paul found out that Roger had many aliases, but Jill was too late – and couldn’t stop Esther from marrying him during a quickie wedding in Chloe’s hospital room! When she relayed the news to Esther, Esther didn’t believe her – just as Katherine, across town, heard the wedding news from Clint and laid into Roger for using her good friend, who Kay now remembered! Alone with Annie, once Kay heard that Annie admired the real Katherine, she tried to convince her that she was Kay – and Annie admitted that she was Roger’s first wife. Later, just as Katherine convinced Annie to leave the safehouse with her, Roger brought in Esther, who was happy to see that Kay remembered her, then Clint announced that they’d all have to suffer!

After Sharon warned Billy not to breathe a word of their one-night stand, Jack asked her to stop the divorce – but Sharon stunned him by claiming he was too good for her! Noticing Sharon’s strange behavior, Jack warned Nick to stay away from her. Later, Noah and Eden ran into Sharon, at the bookstore, holding a bag of books. When Sharon received word that her mother was in the hospital, she placed a few more books in her bag before rushing off with Noah – but left her bag behind! Eden tried to follow them with Sharon’s forgotten purchase, except the security alarm went off and Eden got busted with the stolen goods!

At the hospital, after Sharon admitted to her mom that she’d been blacking out, Doris reminded her that it was the same thing that happened after her accident – when Sharon blamed herself for Doris’s condition – but Sharon was still confused about everything, even the mysterious ceramic elephant in her purse! After Noah found out that Eden was being arrested for carrying his mother’s bag from the bookstore, he was even more shocked when his mother didn’t remember having the books, blamed Eden for being a bad influence then when she hit Nick for voicing his concern over her stress!

Later, Sharon found herself inside Brad’s house. Holding the elephant in confusion, she dropped it, walked out of the house then broke down!

When Adam called Heather for a favor – to get him into a dermatologist – Heather arranged it but warned Adam that they were through, even though she did love him, then later reprimanded Victor for throwing away his son with no remorse!

Cane asked Michael to not only file for a divorce from Chloe, but to file shared custody papers for her child – and Chloe was shocked to see that Cane had already signed the baby’s birth certificate! When Esther, who now knew about Cordelia’s paternity, took Chloe and the baby home, Billy arrived with a gift – and Cane followed, ended up in a fistfight with Billy then warned Chloe if she tried to keep him away, he’d cut her out of Cordelia’s life! However, Cane had no idea that Billy planned to be a father to the baby – with Jack’s help! While Cane asked Lily to marry him, and to help raise Cordelia, Billy went to Chloe and vowed to stand by her and his child – then asked her to marry him!

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