Clementine Ford Bio

Name: Clementine Ford
Character Name: Mackenzie Browning
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: June 29, 1979
Career Highlights in Soaps: The Young and the Restless is Clementine’s first Daytime appearance, but she most recently starred in “The L Word,” as Molly Kroll, as well as a few Primetime and film rolls.
Claim to fame: As of yet, there are no awards listed for the actress.
Trivia: She’s the daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd and has expressed how hard it was growing up with a beautiful, famous mother, one who everyone wanted to ‘get with’!

Photo Credit: Clementine Ford

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  1. From kennedy

    I dont care whos daughter she is ..she looks too old for the part and no chemistry at all with Billy!!!!! recast please!

  2. From Kathleen

    I agree…she doesn’t look like she belongs. There must be someone else that would be more suited to play the part of Mackenzie.

  3. From KB

    That’s cause she’s _______________

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  4. From lbl

    could it be because she’s a lesbian ?? I think she is GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!! AND YES, EXTREMELY TALENTED !!

  5. From mary mcclaine

    from barbie bator i am your greatest fan. i mean i type to you guys every every day.please send as many photos as you can. all at the same time and new addresses too thankyou. i live at 710 devonshire fowlerville mich 48836

  6. From mary mcclaine

    who writes the story line of young and restless. i would love to find out.

  7. From Barbara

    Please quit bashing her. I think that she is pretty and doing a good job on the show. It has got to be hard to be an actor. I did wonder though why she wears those sweaters that cover her hands. I like the touch and I used to wear leg warmers, but wonder if she has something wrong with her hands as I don’t remember ever seeing them. Just curious. Wouldn’t make a difference on how much I like her on the show. Good job Clementine.

  8. From Barbara

    The young and the restless is the only soap opera that I watch, but I am addicted to it. Yes, I am glad to be able to comment. Please tell them not to let them run Amber out of town. She is good for Danny and I still remember what a bitch his momma is when she tricked his dad to get her pregnant.

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